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    I would never blame her. She took the heat and didn't pass her responsibility to someone else. And what she was doing was trying to save lives. All the GOP in Michigan did was fight every step she made. The GOP doesn't care about our lives, they crave power. It's pretty obvious if you look at the situation with your eyes and mind open.
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    "Twenty-four thousand people did not vote in the fall; either they did not vote absentee because they were told by the president 'don't vote absentee, it's not secure,' " Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) said in an interview with WSB-TV, an Atlanta-area ABC affiliate. "But then they did not come out and vote in person. He would have won by 10,000 votes. He actually depressed, suppressed his own voting base.
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    I didn't misrepresent facts that don't go my way. Shift delayed because staff couldn't get there: https://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/local/michigan/2020/04/16/lansing-hospital-protest-caused-delays-shift-change/5144812002/ Looks like you lied about "no one was stopped from getting to the hospital" Sorry about the bull**** you hate. You should stop doing what you hate as well. Like when you come here and lie repeatedly about her EOs like you undeniably do. Or when you say no one was stopped from getting to the hospital which was googled in 2 minutes. Or when you argue that the GOP shouldn't be blamed for what the GOP does.
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    I understand all the arguments about free speech, but that doesn't mean the that liars and charlatans responsible for leading people literally down a garden path to a painful death don't deserve every kind of scorn a society can muster toward them. They are as morally reprehensible as any serial killer.
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    Lock them all up. This is crossing into treason
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    I was looking for actual evidence supporting your implication linking the protests with a spike in COVID cases. This isn't that. Goose-gander complaint is not evidence, nor are cutesy-poo assertions about Whitmer's non-public science, whatever that is.
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    The death threats will do that.
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    To be honest, people need to be a lot more upset about this.
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    Not obstruct? Encourage professional medical guidlines? Trust in science? Use their platform to encourage tolerance and cooperation in the throes of a pandemic, rather than use it as an opportunity to belittle their rivals?
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    Rudy Giuliani is the Barry Zuckerkorn of Saul Goodmans
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    Canada can have Alaska, but we can split Hawaii or something, not giving that paradise up.
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    Got to love when the side that supports emergency financial managers, which was voted down by the public, that can be appointed by the governor and circumvent local officials wants to talk about the Democratic process. How did that work out for Flint?
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    Whitmer had to clean up his mess at a state level. Fighting his stooges at a state level all the way. The Michigan GOP had/has no plan, they just wanted to moan and groan about her attempts to save lives. They succeeded in blocking her efforts and now here we are, in another crisis mode. And we're still waiting to hear a GOP plan. But hey, have a Happy Thanksgiving.
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    So now the MI GOP wants to impeach Whitmer? During a ******* pandemic. **** them and **** their supporters. They are showing their true colors. That tells you their priorities.
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    Then get off her back. Be a help, not a hindrance. Let's all get through this together.
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    This just isn't true, she tried and was met with nothing but obstruction. Facing an ugly pandemic and the clock ticking, she did what she had to do to protect the citizens of Michigan based on the best medical evidence at the time. The constitutionality is debatable.
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    You literally blamed posters here for Whitmers EOs while absolving the GOP of blame for the GOP's behavior right in the same paragraph. Here's the quote. I'm even nice enough to bold it for you. So tiring. After this kind of thing you come here and lecture?
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    Imagine arguing in the same freaking paragraph that posters here are responsible for Whitmer's executive overreach but GOP isn't responsible for GOP behavior.
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    Trump should have passed the pandemic over, but to Fauci, not Pence. As for Whitmer, stop blaming the state GOP and supreme court. She never showed any interest in working with them. She pulled out the EO's just like Trump has, but since you agreed with what was being done, you were complicit in the executive branch power move. Remember when the emergency manager law was passed under a democratic governor, and used by democratic governors for years, and then used by a republican and "OMG, what an abuse of power!!!". If you let one position overstep their bounds because you trust them, don't be surprised when someone you don't trust does as well.
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    Oh youre now defending the one where they literally tried to harm people by blocking the hospital. You should be proud of what you're doing here. I remember them filling the state capital building. That others were in the cars doesn't change that fact.
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    of course it was a ridiculous ask. one of the best prospects in baseball who had success at the major league level for a guy who had 1/2 a decent season and then promptly went back to being a pumpkin. the story is probably apocryphal so it doesnt really matter, but the idea that torres wouldnt be a ridiculously good get for matt boyd is silly. the next thing you know, people will try to justify jd martinez for dawel lugo because "markets".
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    This video is a nice pick-me-up, puts a smile on my face.
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    I still have not officially heard from my boss yet. I can easily remote from home. Did it for 3 months back in March with no issues, but I have no idea what is going on yet. I got more done at home then I do in the office. You would think it would be the opposite, but I worry about my kids while at work and do not have to worry about them when I can hear them running around the house.
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    Maybe the Lions can draft a stud QB and ruin his career?
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    I basically have decided to retire from the board - just too much of my time was spent on posting and being on the board in general. I am doing really well and I appreciate you were thinking of me. Thank you for that. PMs go to my email, so I can be reached that way should anyone wish to reach me. Best Regards, Sean P.S. I hope one day to be in the position to potentially hire a Rajai
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    Probably more upset about this than I should be.
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    I call bull**** on this too. While I don't agree with the folks that went to the capital, to compare them to the charlottesville folks isn't fair.

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