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    I’m betting that your wife and her colleague are super vigilant because they get to see just how horrible this virus is - up close - daily. A few nurse friends of mine who were involved in the first months here are still scared ****less. In the beginning, there were really no effective therapies, adding to the despair. And exhaustion. (Did I mention exhaustion?) God bless all these healthcare workers, who are STILL working their asses off, while the rest of us debate about how awful it is to not be able to sit at their local bar again.
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    The example you’re quoting isn’t rewarding negligence. Both examples did the right thing.
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    If you live your life constantly worrying about the fact that someone somewhere benefited from something you didn't, you are going to be an unhappy person. If you made that choice you had the security of not worrying about it for 15 yrs. Or take some joy that someone who wanted to do the best he could for his wife and children when they were young got a break. jeez - people with cramped souls hurt my head. We'd all still be running around in loincloths hunter/gathering if no-one ever got a break the guy before him didn't.
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    Rich real estate developer gets bailed out by banks because foreclosing on the property would leave them stuck with losing even more money. (725 5th Ave, NY NY)
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    Your assuming people in debt got a bad degree and are in debt due to bad choices. Your little story seems dishonest.
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    I sort of doubt the majority wear them the majority of the time. UM has been tracking its cases as well as anywhere, and they are not seeing any spread in places were mask discipline is enforced - i.e. classrooms and labs. The spread has mostly been in residential settings where either contact is very extended and masks are almost certainly not worn consistently (people have to eat!). This why the US (and also some euros) blew it by not working hard enough to stop it before backing off. We got to moderately lows rates and tried to go back to business as usual, compared to most of the East Asian nations who took a bigger initial hit to drive it to essentially zero before letting off the throttle. They understood that until rates were so low you could track every single case to ground it would get lose again, because people do have to live together (and eat!) and they had the cultural cohesion to do it we lack.
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    None of this matters..........Trump is plotting military action. I wonder what our Veterans think of this on Veterans Day. A sitting President refuses to accept the result of a legal American election and is firing people who would protect that result. This ************ is going to pit our troops against each other, isn't he? I think he might even try to have Biden and Harris arrested. On what charge? It doesn't matter. If you think "No way he can do that"...............How many times have we said this about him in the last 5 years?
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    True confession: I can't name a single person on the Supreme Court of Canada, and I don't remember the last time they ruled on something that was of any importance to society as a whole.
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    Well... Although not everything these days. Probably.
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    I am qualified. I am sure there are a lot of qualified people for a job like that these days. Anyway, I am old and already have a good career and wouldn't want to take a massive pay cut.
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    Doesn't it become a cyclical problem though where younger voters and voters of color become apathetic because they feel like the issues most important to them go unaddressed or are underrepresented because they might offend suburban white people and then Democrats lose votes when those voters don't show up? If you're an African-American voter or just any young progressive voter between 18-40 and you're sitting there watching another George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, etc. unfold on TV and then some candidate comes along and refuses to address the underlying problems of police brutality, doesn't that in all likelihood decrease voter participation from those demographics? If you know things like ending qualified immunity statues for police, increasing mental health screenings for officers, increasing non-lethal force training, taking away firearms, hiring social workers, etc. are the real solutions to the problems and the candidate you're being asked to support stands for little, if any, of those policy points, apathy tends to set in at some point.
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    Definitions: A) Socialism: The government communally owns and operates the means of production. B) Social Democracy: The government uses tax collection, transfer payments and social programs to enforce a level of equity in society that free market capitalism will otherwise eventually destroy as a matter of its very nature. any questions?
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    I think we should all agree on definitions. Taxing citizens in a capitalist society, and using those resources to provide for the common good, is NOT Socialism. It is the good and proper function of democratic government. The term is being intentionally misused by the far right as a stigma inducing pejorative against it's opposition.
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    probably about a large as the sector of the GOP that are white supremacists. Both sides are tarred by their lunatic fringe. The difference is that Donald Trump won a GOP presidential primary (and continues to have massive GOP support) while a leftist did not win one on the Democratic side.
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    Rec softball for my daughter was cancelled. Rec basketball is going to try to make a go of it. But she has plenty of dance to keep her busy and, quite frankly, I just don't want to be in charge of a team of kids right now given the circumstances. I'm a hack as it is. Now COVID gets tossed in? Nah....
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    really. We can write this story a lot of ways. Farmer knowing relations are souring with China plants soybeans anyway. Negligent decision rewarded by taxpayers bailout, likely now to be repeated. Or Wall street investment banker's negligent decision on mortgage swaps leaves them under threat of collapse when housing economy turns. Negligent behavior rewarded and likely to be repeated. I could go on..... but it's funny that it's only the regular guy trying to get by that engenders the wrath of other white middle class conservatives. Chalk that up to the great success of the conservative media propaganda campaign of the last 30 yrs.
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    Chances are that Johhny's expenditure has a much bigger positive impact on the wider economy than someone who doesn't spend any money but pays the lender back. The auto repair shop, the nursery store, the DIY store, the money spent on mulch. The multiplier effect of all that feeds the local economy much more effectively and creates more wealth and more jobs in the local area. Who did the right thing?
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    Student 1 is admirable for having the discipline to pay off his debts. That kind of discipline will probably help him in other areas in his life and should help him earn the trust of family and friends. He even started his own small business. It's struggling though. It might do better if student debts were forgiven and more people could buy his products.
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    Student 2 getting a break is not hurting student 1. He/she is just lucky that new rules came at the right time. Student 3 is born into wealthy family who pays for his college education and doesn't have to work a job. Student 4 is born into poor family. Works all the way through college, takes out a loan and accumulates a big debt. That's not fair either. Life is not fair. You fix what you can.
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    You honesty think a large amount of people on the left want to abolish the police. It's a case of loud people on twitter and activists that get media attention, especially the conservative media.
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    People suck. One of the great things about messageboards is that you get small doses of people, but you don't have to deal all with their BS! If people become a pain in the ***, you can just leave without feeling guilty or awkward.
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    That is my problem. "Too bad you did the right thing". Reward negligence and just print money...........................
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    I have a feeling Trump will load a bunch of intelligence on a thumb drive before he goes and mail the drive to Tucker Carlson.
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    we send out two girls to dance classes in person. a few weeks ago someone at the location tested positive so they did everything virtual for a week, now its back in person. i figure thats how most things will go for a while, even after we get the vaccine out.
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    if you had voted for bernie, trump would still be president.
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    That is so true. I have met 1 PhD in industry (30 years ago) and he was a top 10 executive at a multinational manufacturing company (before he got fired) that was a Dow stock (Westinghouse Electric, I worked for the Canadian subsidiary) and he irritated the **** out of everybody by wanting to be addressed as "Dr". The market for a PhD in manufacturing engineering, or a PhD in any engineering discipline in a manufacturing company, is pretty close to zero. Maybe it's different in petrochemicals, I haven't any experience there (never lived in Sarnia). Maybe every steelmaker has room for 1 PhD in metallurgical engineering, I don't know. Maybe automotive could squeeze in a couple. And those are just the PhD degrees that have some remote connection to commerce. What about some of the other PhD's...music, art history...don't your earnings top out at about $65,000 unless you are in the top 1%? I teach at a community college, there are a few PhD's there, not many, and they top out at about 115K. So the idea that you are going to make a big pot of money as a PhD is way off base, you're probably worse off than an MBA. Here is what you said, "their passion is the subject matter and the potential to make a difference in the world". That is precisely correct. They know that they might starve to death. To think that a PhD makes 140, never mind 200, is to be detached from the real world by a considerable distance.
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    Maggie Lizer helps out daddy's lawfirm. I'm sure there's been more motorcycle crashes with people out and about for them to chase down ambulances.
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    LaRussa’s jersey now available in the MLB store
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    https://brief19.com/2020/11/10/brief Some important info.... basically that 90% figure isn't really clear enough to draw firm conclusions. Does it mean 90% aren't infected and can't spread? Or do they get infected but it's very mild? The key is whether they can still spread it. That does not necessarily mean that 90% fewer people became infected with the coronavirus itself. That's important because if a vaccinated person can still be infected, they might very well be able to pass along the disease to others who in turn may develop life-threatening covid-19, even if they themselves are at far lower risk of developing symptoms, let alone a bad or life-threatening case. Moreover, the fact that 90% fewer people who received the vaccine developed symptomatic disease could still end up being a kind of statistical mirage. We know that overall fewer than 1 percent of persons die as a result of being infected with SARS-CoV-2. If it turns out that those people are all among the 10% of the cases that still develop symptomatic disease despite vaccination, then today's results will have been highly disappointing in the final analysis. This isn;t to say that this is what happened. Rather, Pfizer released one piece of information—"datum" not "data." We are waiting and wanting more. But perhaps the single piece of information we most need that could signal that we are truly closer to being able to cast our masks aside and end our physical distancing efforts is whether or not the vaccine prevents infection and spread of the disease.
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    He drastically changed after the Bad Spot game vs. Ohio State. Something in him broke and I am wondering if maybe he had some kind of health scare because the guy before that game and the guy after it are totally different.
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    If you're going to trade a QB, trade him as a starter, not a backup to a rookie.

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