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    Debt relief to the middle class theoretically could boost the economy because then they would be able to buy stuff. Trickle up.
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    it was always and remains a grift
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    Yep! Biden and Democrats need to realize that Republicans have largely killed any idea of bipartisanship and that McConnell has zero interest in working with or cooperating with him on anything. Biden and his political allies need to be a ruthless mother****ers against McConnell and start branding Republicans as out of touch with regular working people and showcase that they are nothing but sycophant's whose brand is solely about one man, not your personal welfare. Democrats also need to demagogue big business and corporate America the same way Republicans do with people of color and immigrants. We need to sow mistrust in business and Corporate America to win votes the same way Republicans have sown mistrust in public intuitions. I'm not saying harm should be brought to CEO's and corporate executives, no one should ever be in danger of physical harm and violated in that way, period! But CEO's and corporates executives they ought think twice when making future business decisions for fear of retribution from their workers. When that happens, you'll know Democrats have done an effective job.
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    The best government is likely one that isn't bent towards any one ideology, but one that uses the full range of options to solve societal problems, that allows capitalism and independence to flourish, while protecting against it's excesses and shortcomings. No one argues the role of government to provide enhancements to the free markets, police, military, consumer protection, banking regulation, infrastructure, etc. If you extend that to other areas where the marketplace has so obviously failed, like health insurance, why would you rule it out based on some antiquated idea of ideology? Choose the best option based on what will provide the most benefit to our citizens.
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    I'm a recovering libertarian since 2013. You can read hundreds of my prior posts here from 2008-2012 that I would no longer stand behind and am not proud of as proof. My father worked at AT&T for nearly 30 years and retired damn near a millionaire with his 401k, savings, mutual funds, etc. He lost his house due to foreclosure in 2014 and lost every dime he had after retiring from AT&T due his 401k going up in flames and multiple crashes in the stock market wiping out everything else he had. I finally came to a harsh realization that Fredrick Hayek, Ludwig Mises, Milton Friedman, Tom Woods, Murray Rothbard and all those other classic liberal/libertarians would tell someone like my father to kick rocks. They'd tell him it was his fault for not pulling his money out of the market sooner or would falsely proclaim if we just tied our money to gold again all his troubles would be gone. Worse than that, they'd call him a bum, tell him to get a job (at 71 years of age no less), and allow him to eat rats in the street if that's what it took not to have to raise taxes and have social welfare programs. These capitalists would burn down social security, get rid of Medicare, and scrap any last vestiges of food stamps and the welfare state that are keeping my dad subsisting. Beyond my own father, I just stopped reading libertarian literature and think tank research 24/7 and realized how inhumane a lot of what these people were researching and writing about really was. I traded Heartland and Mises Institutes for Economic Policy Institute, Demos, and Center for American Progress. I traded Milton Friedman and Murray Rothbard for Robert Reich, Elizabeth Warren, Sarah Bloom-Raskin, and Noam Chomsky. It's pretty clear that our current casino capitalist system has consumed itself with greed, corruption, and has put profit ahead of the needs of people. We've become a corporate oligarchy in America and as a result of our harsh economic reality intermixed with the racism and phobias that still exist in this country, become a breeding ground for people like Donald Trump to take power. If we don't addressing the underlying economic problems, like widening income inequality, an exploding wealth gap, a working class that continues to fall further behind, deregulation that has ravaged entire industries, a crumbling K-12 education system that fails to actually educate and enlighten, and a host of other problems that casino capitalism has created we're going to keep getting Donald Trump's in office. We're going to keep getting autocratic, nationalist-type people in office. Only next time, that person will be worse than Trump because they will be more politically skilled and not nearly as feckless and incompetent. Like it or not, conservatives who hate Trump/autocracy and anyone who wants to save democracy in any form needs to accept drastic reforms to the casino capitalist system. They need to accept a Scandinavian model to social welfare, tax rates, education, and economic regulation. Taxes need to be drastically raised on the upper-middle class and top income earners of this country. We need to accept levels of taxation that the Danes and Swedes pay so we can invest in social welfare at a greater rate as they do. We need to prevent people, families, and entire generations from falling through the cracks of society. Entire industrial monopolies need to be broken apart and re-regulated to give workers greater control. Unions need to regain power and strengthen collective bargaining power. More than that, workers need to make the workplace more democratic by having majority seats on corporate boards, being involved in major corporate decisions like mergers and acquisitions, and more. At-will employment needs to be ended and firing an employee should require a long, lengthy process in which any employee, white or blue collar, is represented by a union/labor rep to negotiate on their behalf. Military spending needs to be cut some 10-15-20% in favor of more social welfare spending. Education systems need to be reformatted and funding structures need to fundamentally change to produce equitable results across districts and communities. A climate that is literally melting, burning, and flooding around us needs to be saved with stringent regulations on energy production, what we consume, how we live our lives, meat consumption, human population numbers, and more. If you think just getting rid of Trump, without having to enact sweeping reforms, solves the problem, then you'll just keep getting autocrats and nationalists rising to power. Only the next time one does take hold (Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton, Steve Bannon) they'll be a **** of a lot more effective and a **** of a lot worse. Reaganomics, Supply Side economics, classical conservative economic ideas around capitalism, they are dead. Greed, treating workers as nothing but a burdensome expense, and a lack of concern for human welfare killed them. A Scandinavian model with a robust social welfare state, a more cooperative model based around Democratic-Socialism, MMT theory, that's the future if you want to maintain democracy. If you're not willing to trade Milton Friedman and Stephen Moore for Robert Reich and Elizabeth Warren, then get ready to trade for Donald Trump for Steve Bannon when the next economic collapse happens.
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    The vast majority of Operation Warp Speed is funding and fast tracking build out of facilities to support production...mostly secondary facilities that produce components like viles, syringes, etc. That's the largest part of Warp Speed, not the development of the vaccine.
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    ive been voting since 1992. ive never voted for a republican for president. up until recently, ive never voted for a republican for ANYTHING. now i live in cook county and its almost impossible to vote republican because no republicans run in local races. however, i will vote for republicans now on occasion, sometimes as a protest vote and sometimes as a vote against the corrupt cook county democratic machine. i voted libertarian for governor last time around. i voted green party for senator this time around. i voted democrat for the us house rep. i also voted for the republican for cook county states attorney rather than vote for kim foxx's corrupt ***. i dont like the excesses of the democratic party, but i dont like the excesses of the republican party more. and i think the democrats have a better economic agenda. so i continue to be a democrat even if their judges are crap.
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    Biden wants to compromise but I wanna see more schadenfreude. As much as possible...
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    Hey you guys, stop ignoring me. I'm just as stupid as Giuliani is.
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    Would it be nice to add good players to the team, of course. Does it make sense for the team that just finished with the third worst record in baseball and had the worst pitching in baseball to sign a 30 year old catcher to a high dollar long term contract? Of course not.
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    During my lifetime, the GOP has been the party of the rich and powerful. Most of that time they were indifferent to abortion. Think Barry Goldwater or Alan Simpson. Then one day, they looked around, and noticed all those poor people in the Bible Belt and said, we can get those voters on our side by being the pro life party. You can make similar arguments for gun rights and gay marriage. Over a few decades, the GOP absorbed all of the Bible Belt. I used to be a moderate republican, but now I have nobody to vote for in that party.
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    I am paying over 50K per year for my mom's healthcare. If Medicare starts paying for dementia, I will get nothing for my receipts, but I still hope other families will some day not have to go through that. Student loans are different because your education should have a lot of value to your future, but I don't want other people to experience bad situations because I did. Ideally, college education should be more affordable. While it does have value, I believe it has become way over priced.
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    I think a candidate like Katie Porter in California and the fact that Florida passed a $15/hr minimum wage sets templates for how progressive candidates and progressive ideas can win in red-leaning districts and states. Katie Porter won re-election by a 6% margin in a district that once had Duncan Hunter and Dana Rohrabacher (obviously post gerrymandering) as it's representatives and hadn't had a Democrat elected to it since at least 1982, maybe prior to that.
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    https://brief19.com/2020/11/10/brief Some important info.... basically that 90% figure isn't really clear enough to draw firm conclusions. Does it mean 90% aren't infected and can't spread? Or do they get infected but it's very mild? The key is whether they can still spread it. That does not necessarily mean that 90% fewer people became infected with the coronavirus itself. That's important because if a vaccinated person can still be infected, they might very well be able to pass along the disease to others who in turn may develop life-threatening covid-19, even if they themselves are at far lower risk of developing symptoms, let alone a bad or life-threatening case. Moreover, the fact that 90% fewer people who received the vaccine developed symptomatic disease could still end up being a kind of statistical mirage. We know that overall fewer than 1 percent of persons die as a result of being infected with SARS-CoV-2. If it turns out that those people are all among the 10% of the cases that still develop symptomatic disease despite vaccination, then today's results will have been highly disappointing in the final analysis. This isn;t to say that this is what happened. Rather, Pfizer released one piece of information—"datum" not "data." We are waiting and wanting more. But perhaps the single piece of information we most need that could signal that we are truly closer to being able to cast our masks aside and end our physical distancing efforts is whether or not the vaccine prevents infection and spread of the disease.
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    I remember basically an entire episode of John Oliver's show being dedicated to "defund the police", which involved him explaining what the term actually meant (or how he perceived it) and how it wasn't as nefarious as opponents were making it out to be. But isn't that the problem, that you need a liberal talking head to spend 20 minutes explaining what the term actually means? Put another way, if you have to go to length explaining what a term means in order to defend it, it's probably not a good slogan and you probably need to retire it.
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    Yes. Their stupid Defund the Police cost suburban Democrats. If it wasn't for Trump, this would have been a red wave. The lack of messaging and message discipline with Trump is remarkable. Instead of telling us the celebrities he doesn't like, he could've played up the jobs not mobs attack. It's malpractice the Republicans didn't use that more.
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    I agree with this, I think if they were going to smash farmers with tariffs they had to do something, but tariffs aren't particularly capitalist either. To me it's a question of whether the tariffs should be happening.
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    After reading this, I tried doing the alphabet backwards. I failed at "v."
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    i would argue to you that you are not representative of the majority of gop voters. and as evidence for my assertion, i would direct your attention to all the republican house and senate nominees who are supporting trump in his lawsuits and his call that the election was fraudulent. trump is extremely popular among republicans. he always has been.
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    Sorry, I missed a lot of this. Who's saying what about Norway and Sweden? Is there even a hint that someone's suggesting that these northern European model social democracies are in any way "socialist"? Because that would appear to lack a touch of understanding of the subtlety of European political models. And socialism.
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    don't soil my reputation
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    I'm ok with where I'm at. Its refreshing to be able to jettison the baggage of constant partisanship. I can look at AOC and see an attractive lady whose politics I might not like, rather than a symbol of every vile nonsense uttered by the fools who sold out to Trump.
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    To my knowledge, Warp Speed construction efforts are focused more on the support materials and supplies needed to mass produce and distribute, not develop. Example, the projects I'm aware of more closely have barely even begun substantial construction and have not impacted the development timeline.
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    and government very non-transparently picking winners and losers ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR PPP program?
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    LOL - I know the story. I was radicalized as a Dem by Nixon, but if Carter had been re-elected the economy would have collapsed. He had no clue. It's funny, the historians seem to overlook it because everyone loves the nice old uncle Carter has become, but you have to live as an adult in 15% inflation and you will understand why Reagan won that election so easily.. Then came a period when the GOP just had some good people. GHWB was one. Even John Engler in his 1st term did some good things. And them came Clinton, who was another lying' SOAB, so I couldn't vote for him either. So my tendencies are always to the Dem side but sometimes they are just too stupid.
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    pfife never likes to pile on. He is a gentleman.
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    I worry about myself first: I'm for collective security, the rule of law (amended to include equal justice for all), and free trade: The bedrock of the GOP since WWII. What of those who wish to get in bed with Russia to find dirt on Biden, crush civil protest, and generate ill conceived tarifs? I have to reject that.
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    I'm conservative but I detest this group of vichy republicans who went along to get along.
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    Pfizer didn't get any money from the US government in developing or proving out this vaccine. It would have happened even without the purchase order to buy it. If Operation Warp speed never existed this vaccine would exist as it does today. When I buy a beer I don't brag about how my work in making the beer great.
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    It is weird how people read things differently. This seems partisan to me and if it was Obama or Biden the response would be something along the lines of this being "no big deal, he did not try to take credit for it, but they DID dump a ton of money into trying to fast track a vaccine so of course they should get credit" something along those lines. But the biggest difference; I guess, is that you most likely would not have a tweet from Biden or Obama about it in the first place.
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    Warp Speed itself is a good thing.... it is the typical work that gets done by thousands of anonymous government employees that keeps us safe. The kind of people often denigrated by politicians as being wasteful. The question on pfizer's involvement was the cheap way Pence tried to take credit for the work of a private company who did their work with no involvement from the US government. It's not that complicated... yes once the vaccine proves out then Warp Speed will buy some. That's different than saying they played a role in developing it. I buy a TV from Amazon and Amazon delivers it but Amazon didn't make the technology that drove me to want/need a TV possible.
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    Some of these states (PA, I believe, is one of them) have laws on the books that the winner of the popular vote in the state is awarded the EC votes. And would require an act of the PA Legislature in order to change the law in order for that to be changed (which would be vetoed). I understand everyone is on edge, but on the other hand, it seems like there's a lack of understanding of election law in all of these states that makes people's fears run wild. And it's not clear that it's warranted. I would be far more concerned about how Trump appears to be trying to "birther" the results of a pretty decisive win for Joe Biden.
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    is RCP the one that was not even including some polling in their average? I'm pretty sure they were and pretty sure they've been exposed as partisan.
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    Somewhere, a team of writers is working on the pilot episode of a new sitcom, Four Seasons Total Landscaping. They've already chosen the theme, Let's Hang On To What We've Got.
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    that is probably my favorite thing to point out..... and the very people benefiting from that socialism because they were prevented from "pulling themselves up by their boot strap" will cling to their belief that they can pay their bills not because of socialism.
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    And he did more socialism when he bailed out the farmers after screwing them with Tariffs.
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    PS: Remember the earlier conversation about PA margin reaching 3%? Funny question but... were they talking about PA or the National? Because PA is still tight, at 0.7%. While in national voting it's Biden at 50.75% versus Trump at 47.57%. That's > 3%. And Biden just got there today I believe... Just an educated guess: the earlier message got mixed up somehow.
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    It’s amazing how unimposing it has turned out to be. Biden won, everyone but trump and the GOP goon squad accept it. They are powerless to do anything. Democracy reverberates around the globe. January 20th trump will be former president.
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    Hunter applied but they lost the email
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    If Barr is attempting to be Trump’s Cromwell, he forgot to read the end of the story
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    I've read that Barr asked to play Ned Beatty's role in the Deliverance remake.
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    I did. If you point was to disqualify your entire post with your second part than why make it at all?
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    The last time I tried to play it I really sucked. I’m mediocre on the sax
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    I agree with this. I think the President has very little to do with the market. Trump manipulates the markets with his tweets short-term (a day or 2), but long-term the market is going to do what it wants regardless of the president.
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    now i'm a republican and romad is a democrat. strange days indeed.
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    Do you really think that? I mean I think people on both sides are going to be a little leery of it to begin with...these things usually take years and years. Listening to the radio and they reported about 60% of Dr's would take the vaccine (when it comes out) right away and like 40% of nurses...that is not good and would cause a little nervousness in anyone.
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    We're in a very tense time right now as a country not only with the shameful actions of our temporary President, but also waiting to see what the President-elect Joe Biden will do with his administration. One of the most important things Joe Biden will do over these next several weeks is appoint a transition team, announce a policy team, and line up potential leadership to his cabinet departments for future Senate conformations. It is our job as Americans, as progressives, and as Democrats to stay engaged, focused, and ready to challenge a new Biden-Harris administration on any and all potential cabinet appointees should these appointees be individuals who have ties and connections to Wall Street or corporate America and big business. We need cabinet leaders and department heads who will represent the people and move forward a bold, progressive policy agenda for change. We cannot afford more cabinet leads who will protect the status quo and serve the interests of big business, corporate America, and Wall Street. If Joe Biden sticks with the status quo and changes little about the economic direction of this country, he will face the same apathy from his own party and ultimately the same electoral bludgeoning that Barack Obama and Democrats faced from the Tea Party wave in 2010. Barack Obama and Democrats chose to bailout Wall Street and big corporations as opposed to homeowners. Joe Biden and his new administration need to bailout workers, the unemployed, home owners, college graduates, low-income people, those in poverty. If he does more of the same and ignores helping all of those individuals 2022 is going to be an ugly election season for Democrats. Perhaps the most important cabinet appointment is that of Treasury Secretary. Treasury Secretary is a position that will drive the economic future of this country and the well being and quality of life of every American. We cannot afford to have corporate business leaders, Wall Street executives, or people of centrist or conservative thought, who do not believe in investment, stimulus, and social welfare running the Treasury Department. We need people-focused leaders, focused on investment and social welfare programs to improve the quality of life of the working class and poor, investment in communities, and work to end poverty as an economic goal. The culture of corporate socialism within the Treasury Department must end. We cannot continue to socialize the risk and reward the maximization of profit. Below are my personal rankings for potential Treasury Secretaries in a Biden-Harris Administration. All of the listed names are not individuals who I personally have chosen for a new Biden-Harris cabinet. Rather, these are individuals who currently or in the past have been affiliated with Joe Biden and/or have been rumored based on inside sources and media reports to be on the short list for a cabinet positions. This is not my personal wish list, but rather a list of realistic names who could potentially be appointed. I'd pick Dr. Robert Reich if they asked me, but no one is and Reich isn't on any list for Biden I've ever seen. Should Joe Biden appoint a corporate business or Wall Street Executive it is our responsibility or organize and rally against it. We must take to the streets in mass protest and outrage, call our Senators who hold the power of appointment for each of these cabinet leaders, and demand that Joe Biden select a new, better nominee for the cabinet position. Treasury Secretary Rankings: ✅ Best/Very Good candidate ☑️ Acceptable, but we should demand a better candidate ❌ = Bad/Unacceptable candidate MY CHOICE FOR TREASURY SECRETARY: Dr. Sarah Bloom-Raskin, Progressive, Economics Professor at Duke University ✅ Senator Elizabeth Warren, Progressive, Senator from Massachusetts ✅ Felicia Wong, Progressive, Policy Advisor on race and economics at the Roosevelt Institute ✅ Julie Siegel, Progressive, Policy Advisor at the Consumer Financial Protections Bureau ✅ Dr. Sarah Bloom-Raskin, Progressive, Economics Professor at Duke University ✅ William Spriggs, Progressive, Chief Economist to the AFL-CIO and former Assistant Decretary for Policy at Obama Labor Department ☑️ Jared Bernstein, Liberal/Progressive, Chief economist to Vice President Biden. and now at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities ☑️ Ralph Bostic, Liberal, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta ❌ Anne Fanucaine, Corporate Conservative, Chief Executive at Bank of America ❌ Austan Goblesbee, Centrist, Former Obama Administration Economic Advisor ❌ Don Graves, Corporate Conservative, Chief Executive of Corporate Responsibility at Key Bank ❌ Jamie Dimon, Corporate Conservative, CEO of JP Morgan Chase ❌ Lael Brainard, Corporate Centrist, Corporate Executive at McKinsey & Company and on the Federal Reserve Board ❌ Larry Fink, Corporate Conservative, CEO of Black Rock Investments ❌ Larry Summers, Corporate Conservative, Former Obama and Clinton Economic Advisor, former World Bank Economic Advisor. architect of the deregulation of the 1990s ❌ Lloyd Blankfien, Corporate Conservative, former CEO of Goldman Sachs ❌ Mellody Hobson, Corporate Conservative, CEO of Dreamworks Pictures ❌ Neel Kashkari, President of the Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank and former Republican candidate for governor of California ❌ Robert Rubin, Corporate Conservative, Former City Group Executive and Clinton Administration Treasury Secretary ❌ Roger Altman, Corporate Conservative, Founder and Senior Chairman at Evercore Financial ❌ Roger Ferguson, Corporate Conservative, CEO of TIAA-Creff Financial ❌ Sonal Shah, Corporate Conservative, Goldman Sachs Policy Advisor and Analyst ❌ Tom Nides, Corporate Conservative, Managing Director and Chief Officer at Morgan Stanley ❌ Tony James, Corporate Conservative, Blackstone Financial CEO
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    Oh, and I forgot to mention a GM that is OBSESSED with bringing in Patriots players and I have said this before, and got ridiculed, something I think is flat-out lazy. We saw it before with Randy Smith and the Padres and Astros. Just going for guys you already know is lazy. A couple of players I would understand, but it's been ridiculous. I will always believe that someone from the Patriots talked up Tavai and scared this Glorified Gopher into taking a 5th round player in the 2nd round............A player so low on the radar of the NFL that the guys who are paid to study every single possible draftee on ESPN had absolutely NOTHING to say about him, had no idea who he was and had no video on him................To me in the modern era of the televised draft, I have never ever seen that before. Isn't it clear that Quinn was probably just an errand boy for Belichick?

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