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    I don't remember anyone asking Canada to talk.
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    Not random, the preferred bible verse is 2 Corinthians.
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    Beto needs to realize that even with Gretchen Whitmer, Tom Wolf, and Tony Evers in office, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin are still red states until they are not. As far as I am concerned, and a lot of Democratic and progressive activists and elected leaders, we are a Trump state until we actually prove we vote for Biden. If Beto is so concerned maybe he should have been the one to take on John Cornyn and not feed his own ego and run for President.
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    Are you saying that Kavanaugh's debts weren't paid off? What part is fake news?
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    I know analytics are what brought TB to the dance but they aren't fool proof, sometimes you need to just go with the old fashion eye test and that test showed that Snell was at the top of his game and the Dodgers couldn't touch him. Even if it was the 3rd time through the order, when you're featuring the stuff he was featuring its going to be a struggle for a hitter. On top of that Nick Anderson hasn't looked sharp all postseason so you're totally playing with fire taken out the proven guy for the unknown.
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    So, since this board likes to consistently say anything about Hunter Biden is fake news, guess i'd like to point out that if the Hunter stuff is all fake news and no substance, this is even faker. Why do you guys peddle this?
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    No more of these loyalist hacks after January 20th.
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    The Oakland county dashboard has nice map where you can view by zip code or by school district instead. The clarkston school district is the biggest offender. Romeo and South Lyon look pretty bad, too. Also royal oak and Madison heights. For the school district number, it says it represents “the combined number of confirmed and probable cases in the community mapped by school district within the last two weeks” so it’s a bit more current than the zip code number which goes by 30 days. I could maybe draw some conclusions from this.
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    We should be good by Easter, just like he said. Easter 2022.
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    Well, if he's the Detroit Lions than the new Trump SCOTUS will just make up or use an obscure rule or law, that's never been applied in the history of the United States, and make him President because of it.
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    lots of people are preparing stern public remarks starting next Wednesday
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    Good. Social media is the worst thing to have happened to news media in the last 10 years and has only served to polarize people further. I'm of the belief that everyone should log off social media, but media can use their websites to publish nonsense if they want.
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    The fake news is the implication, just like you guys scream when someone points Hunter got paid by Burisma. That isn't fake news, but you claim it's fake news to imply that Hunter was paid that to influence Joe Biden and subsequently the Obama administration. And you can point to the fact that Joe Biden, along with a full coalition removed a prosecutor that wasn't doing his job and say 'see, nothing happened'. Even though, you can't deny the intention of putting Hunter on the board was to provide some safety. I mean, you will deny it, but deep down you know it's true. I can't remember the full specifics, but I remember the numbers were varied greatly, from something like 50 - 250k in debt which I think was initially reported as credit card debt, but then stated credit cards and loans. I don't remember Kavanaugh ever saying it was only season tickets for the Nats, but did point that out. Were those initial debt numbers from when he became a federal judge 15 years ago as well, or does he have to report each year and they were more recent? Regardless, it was well known that right around the time he came up for Supreme Court he (and every other federal judge) got a large deposit representing back pay (I want to say it was about 150k for him). His wife went back to work, and they remortgaged their home. Many people remortgage their homes to pay off debt. His financial documents he submitted for Supreme court showed he still owed a significant amount on his house too, it was never paid off.
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    I don't think a ****ty team/organization like ours should be taking the moral high ground if we can improve our team. Hire Hinch, who is the best available managerial candidate, and have him help bring in Springer, who might be the best offensive player in free agency. Fills a need.
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    I'd play 5 games for $88. Where do I sign?
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    yes; she's great as the clueless Trump supporter
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    The Hill: White House science office says Trump ended COVID-19 pandemic as US hits record cases Well, that settles it, Covid is over. We can all go back to our lives now.
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    I’m glad this asterisk season is over. From here we’ll see what Manfred has in mind for the game. I’m not optimistic. Looking forward to getting a manager hired in Motown and very interested in seeing where MLB decides to locate the minor league franchises and everything that goes with that.
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    could a moderator please close this thread ASAP? Pandemic is over! He did it!
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    Better to go off someone else's eye test and gut feeling that seems so much more real because they put a numerical value on what their gut tells them.
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    This will only become a clarified rule after is screws the Lions running back somehow.
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    this reminds me of the adrian peterson signing: getting a guy for next to nothing who used to be good 5 years ago but who can no longer cut it. unlike peterson, the lions dont really have any young talent at DE since julian okwara is injured.
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    Yes, to recover the onside kick.
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    What I'd like to know if how Golladay wasn't ruled a defenseless receiver on the catch at the 1-miunute mark of this video.
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