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    three more years than elena kagan... she's very qualified for the supreme court. the ABA rated her as well qualified.
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    They're going to pretend that Thames has won the job, and then at the last minute they will just give it to Higginson.
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    I have to admit, I teared up a bit watching this. I miss this feeling (with all of our local teams).
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    Twitter and Facebook decided to put controls in place to limit disinformation.
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    oh I thought we were at least attempting to address something someone said, my bad
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    who said anything about communists? nobody, but mtu brought it up as we engaged in our battle of hyperbole.
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    Seider and Veleno made their SHL debuts today. Seider is supposed to be on the top defense pairing. He doesn't touch the puck here but you can see his skating: Berggren is still on a tear in the SHL, this got called off for goalie interference though (???): Kivenmaki is back after last season's gruesome injury and playing well with more minutes, goal here:
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    it was an exaggeration. kind of like this: Big business is great and all those liberals are evil socialist communists who want to end America..
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    1) yes. yes it is. 2) its not my fault you asked someone who wasnt QUALIFIED to answer....
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    I didn't ask you. I asked Shelton. But it's always about you!
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    big business is the ultimate evil and markets are naturally unfair and biased....until they do things liberals like and then its "well, its a private business and it can do what it wants, if you dont like it, dont use it."
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    You really don't see that much of a complaint on citizens united anymore now that the money is rolling in for democrats.
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    Do you use "Car Tape" or "Long *** wire"?
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    they should do it on inauguration day
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    it is good to know that the board definitely agrees that no supreme court judge should ever vote to overturn the precedents set by previous courts. so citizens united, heller, and shelby county should never be overturned. got it.
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    I set forth my qualification standard. It’s very objective and clear. I think being a lock to overturn well established precedent is disqualifying.
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    she's more than qualified. people here dont like her politics, which is understandable. but she's absolutely qualified. she was rated as "well qualified" by the American Bar Association.
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    If everyone on the right and in the Republican sphere is going to blow up over a Bursima story based on alleged gifts received, which Senate Republicans have I believe twice looked into and found no wrong doing on the part of Vice President Biden, why not blow up over the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution and the repeated violations of it by this President? If Republicans and conservatives are the Constitutionalists and good government champions they claim to be then the President's refusal to not only divest himself from his business interests, but also his refusal to put them into a legal blind trust should concern them. More than concern, they should be outraged that at least two members of the White House, including the President himself and his daughter and White House Aide Ivanka Trump, have repeatedly profited off of their business interests while holding office and working in the White House respectively. For the President, these business interests include people staying at Trump-owner properties, including hotels and resorts. These are foreign dignitaries, heads of states, and Republican political operatives and strategists who have been pushed to stay at Trump-owned properties or have chosen to do so on their own accord to ingratiate themselves with the President. We know that members of the US Air Force stayed at a Scottish Resort owned by the President's company for over a cost of $200,000 to US taxpayers. We also know of events that the President himself has held at both his Bedminster Estate and Mar-a-lago property. Reports indicated he himself was advocating for the next G7 Summit of world leaders to be held at his Mar-a-Lago property. This was something he was alleged to have pushed while a sitting President. As for Ivanka, his daughter and White House Aid, she continues to operate a clothing and shoe line with her name and likeness on it, and she herself, as an official white House Aide, has not divested herself from her business line either. Not only did Ivanka, his daughter and White House Aide, get the position of White House Aide based off of the nepotism of her own father, but she also continued operating her clothing line after her father was sworn into the Presidency and after she accepted a position as White House Aide. Emoluments Clause, Shmemoluments Clause I guess!
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    Fidrych essentially said the same thing but in a more humble manner. Higgy is still my favorite Tiger from that era.
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    We’ve lost the thread a bit here. ACB sucks, and they can go **** themselves.
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    wait wait wait, my employer is going to tell me what to do, based on what they think is best for their business? Sounds ghastly. Hope I can learn to cope with that 🙄 what next, they give me a higher salary if I do what they tell me to do rather than not doing what they tell me to do?
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    What would the political and legal mechanism even be for a state to split and remain part of the country? I assume this has to be decided first in a state legislature. But you also would need agreement on the federal level. Somewhat interesting to talk about for a few minutes, but zero chance of happening. Granting statehood to one or more US territories seems a lot more realistic.
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    I said it was sneaky elite. Plebes like you just don’t get it.
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    I'm sure I told the story before on here but I watched the game at State Bar on Woodward, sometime after the game Higginson and Gibson show up there. I don't know why I said this to him other than the fact that I was completely trashed but I said to Higginson something like "Does it bother you that you had to play on all those terrible Tiger teams but the year you leave they go to World Series." To which he responded with "I made 50 million dollars off that team, how could I be upset?" Lol atleast he was honest.
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    Because they resent any media—any thing, really—they don’t control. Conservatives have an entire media ecosystem dedicated to them and their ****ty ideas, including the #1-rated news network on the planet, and what is it they complain most about? The “mainstream media” that they don’t have complete control over. They are oriented to grievance, and Twitter is part of that grievance orientation. It doesn’t matter that right-wingers have a humongous presence on Twitter. It matters that liberals do, too, and they would like that to stop.
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    Obviously depends on where they draw the line. The various proposals put forth in California were usually led by the rural folks so those wouldn’t really work out for the Dems.
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    Not to mention splitting California would more than likely add two additional GOP Senators to the mix.
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    A lot of people were caught off guard about 15 years ago by the sudden unacceptability of Oriental. Including the Oriental Blood Brothers, a mostly-Vietnamese street gang here in Hamilton. They changed to Original Blood Brothers, keeping the "O" so that they would not have to re-spray all their tags.
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    Seems like he should manage the Royals.
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    Split California into two states? As long as we are coming up with dream scenarios, can New England become part of Canada?
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    I was at a birthday party for my friend's kid. I don't remember how old she was. I do remember that he put up a canopy in the backyard with a TV and some chairs. It seems like they always overbooked birthday parties, but he (a die hard White Sox fan) had the TV set up, so I was fine. Somehow with all of the sports fans there, it ended it up just being me and two other guys watching out there at this time (probably the cold & damp weather). Ordonez hit that pitch, it flew out, and all I could do was laugh out of absolute joy. I can still feel that heart fluttering thing when I hear Dickerson's call of it. Such a magical season, even with the disappointment against St. Louis.
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    I'm definitely not kidding. I definitely think the media is biased toward Republicans and have posted many examples of why I believe so. I don't watch CNN so IDK (too biased toward republicans), but has Wolf asked Republicans why they don't take up the bill that the house passed 5 months ago? Isn't this a thread for when the media melts down, not when a pol melts down? Why are we expecting Auntie Nancy to tell Wolf what's in Trump's offer that Wolf thinks Auntie should take?
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    I've donated to a homeless shelter, a food bank, a battered women's shelter, my alma mater, a volunteer medicine organization, a bar/restaurant employee charity... probably some more, I should gather receipts since we can itemize next year. Anyways, donating to politicians on a small scale is a waste of money.
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    Who let Robert Reich in there?
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    That doesn't look like they're censoring Republicans.
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    Wait Facebook doesn't agree with Trump? That's news to me... that's a weird way to say "literally helped him win in 2016"
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    He's going to use it to fund some construction on his hotels in Azerbaijan...oh wait, thats the other guy. Oh wait, that guy owes that much money to the Russians and Saudis.
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    you can add members to the HOR, which will reverse some of the tilt of the EC away from the mountain west states and help keep coastal control of the presidency. 500- would be a good number. House districts are too big anyway.
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    I think you attribute way to much impact to Twitter and also twitter
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    The most amusing survey results are the ones that show that there are people who approve of the Affordable Care Act, but disapprove of Obamacare.
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    I'd love to see a Tampa vs Atlanta WS. Eff the Dodgers
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    I haven't been paying attention for a while, but believe there will always be a strong market for Mantle. As generations pass, potentially things could dip, but I feel he's the gold standard in the vintage hobby. Those other guys are all-time greats and their vintage cards will continue to be valued, but with a wide range depending on grade. Even commons from the 50's should hold good value if they're high grade. I always found eBay to be a good temperature check of that sort of thing; completed sales as well as current listings.

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