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    I'm thinking of Alex Jones supporters who harass Sandy Hook families.
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    I'm thinking of anti abortion protesters who yell at women and girls going into a clinic.
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    The esteemed Mr. Liston is, I believe, downplaying the importance of a good relationship with local "decision makers" like Deuce. Getting along gets along. Not getting along has some significant downsides. The other variable here is to what extent these minor leaguers have appealing sisters or mothers that visit.
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    and the westboro people... if they still exist? ****... even guys like Tucker and Hannity and the Seth Rich family.
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    https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMp2026913 good article in New England Journal of Medicine about how wearing masks in some way is helping with immunity by decreasing the viral load leading to a lot of asymptomatic cases.... in some ways inadvertently doing similar things a vaccine does. It triggers enough of a response. So it’s not just about prevention but minimization. It’s just a theory but they are studying. Seems intuitive to me but it’s enough to warrant being published there.
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    Kansas City Royals vs Detroit Tigers Game 47 20-26 Detroit Tigers oddity: May 31, 2019 What happened: A goose flew not well https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/26863193/remember-goose-crashed-tigers-scoreboard
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    They could have done the work themselves and not waited for Putin and the GOP to do it for them.
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    Good...will this be enough?
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    I haven't done this before but I just made the rounds of my Representative, my two senators to call for Caputo to resign.
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    Jeimer Candelario(big bright spot this year) won AL player of the week.
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    The Patriots defense got better when Patricia left and the Lions D got a lot worse when he arrived. He's never done anything well. A fraud who thinks his **** don't stink. Hindsight and all but they made a big mistake zoning in on Patricia and not making a run at Vrabel.
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    A person came into the Albertson’s grocery store where my son works in Boise, Idaho yesterday saying they had been given this bill as change at a Walmart and that they wanted to break it at Albertsons. Front and back are as he described it to me. But first she wanted them to run it through a “verification machine” and if that failed to at least be given partial credit for the bill. Even after being told by one checker that this was obviously not real currency with or without a machine they went to several other checkers, all of whom relayed the same information until they finally went to the courtesy desk where they were studiously ignored until they left. Of course everyone knows that the reverse side of the bill should’ve been in green.
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    This is old school Mike Valenti today. Absolutely going crazy against Patricia.
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    Matt Patricia is not a good Head Coach. He does nothing well. I even question how good of a Defensive Coordinator he is since all of his past success was on the coat tails of the greatest Head Coach and Quarterback combo in history while playing in the easiest division in the NFL.
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    The frustrating thing is that there were so many opportunities for this game to have been handled. Make the 55 yarder. Don’t get sacked on 2-8 before that attempt. Punt instead of attemptOmg the 55 yarder. Convert on 3-5 instead of throwing an interception. Throw an incomplete pass instead of an interception. Run the ball and convert. Run the ball and fail and punt them back to their own 20. Hold on to the ball you caught at the goal line.
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    Exhibit A, the 1976 team, one of the most entertaining ever.
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    True, generalizations are never going to apply to the specific circumstances that pertain to Jim Adduci, who always occupies 5-star accommodation and never pays. That's a fair point about attractive female family members too.
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    I hope he hits Trump hard in his face.
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    You’re painting that same old picture of everything being a BLM problem. It is as if you don’t/ can’t acknowledge that most BLM supporters have nothing to do with, nor accept/condone the violence and criminal behavior seen under the reporting of “BLM”.
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    It was literally shrugged off here as people say dumb ****.
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    One additional thing about Biden and his strengths or otherwise at debates: Arguably his best debate during the primaries was his last one, which he pretty handily won over Sanders.... it may be possible that he just does better when he's one-on-one versus being on stage with eight other people.
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    I still say the Clippers can. Which means Denver was just guaranteed to win game 7.
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    I did chuckle you bringing up feelings since you are still hurt over a misunderstanding that probably happened over a year ago.
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    I think him more of as a rabid monkee. Some native intelligence, cute to some, but the mange has set in and he's unable to crash the cymbals together like he used to.
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    Reminds me of those things you see where cops order starbucks with "PIG" written on them or whatever and it turns out they did it themselves to play victim.
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    Serfdom and biological gladiatorial combat for the rest of us.
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    The Q wear ban is only for optics. Until he riffs on them like he does on other things, Donnie from Queens is still a member in good standing.
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    Totally agree... I mean, there were plenty of moments you can point too, but this is certainly one of them. run-run-pass... very original... very effective. 🙄
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    My guess is no better than yours but this has to be a better deal for the minor leaguers who are there. In one of Dirk Hayhurst's books he talks about being in Triple A and sharing a place with 2 other guys, and someone always had to sleep on the floor.
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    Unfortunately, it’s not three division winners and five wild cards. It’s three division winner, three second place teams, and two wild cards. So the Astros are not relevant to the tigers. The Indians and Yankees are in line for the two wild cards and and comfortably ahead at 26-21, 5.5 games ahead of Detroit.
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    LeBron laughing at him is priceless. Westbrook was terrible in this game. I'd rather have Blake than Westbrook. I mean, Westbrook can't shoot, plays selfish, and doesn't play much defense anymore. Harden wasn't much either, which is par for the course for Harden in a big game.
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    I admit we are crazy. Stir crazy with Covid and all the fun stuff cancelled. So we've been doing at-home events with just us and the dog, sometimes my mom who is in her 80s. Currently planning a Covid Oktoberfest. Grill brats, make German Potato Salad, drink imported beer. Swear to god, paid $90 to have a custom dirndl made by a seamstress for the bulldog. (Mine was cheaper and off the rack.). Anyway, my husband has been putting together a setlist for the music to stream through our bluetooth Bose speaker. This one is just the funniest thing ever. Though, a search of Polka Floyd gets some funny stuff as well. 2020 has sucked. But we are sure accumulating a fun photo album anyway.
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    Not only that, but what is the media going to talk about if Trump loses? They want him to win.
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    Don't have a yard sign but do have this nifty welcome mat. If this mat offends you, then you need not enter my home.
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    To me the game was lost when they ran the ball two times in a row after Chicago pulled within three.
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    Such a Westbrook thing to do. https://streamable.com/nfrboe They owe him something like $41M, $43M, and $46M over the next three years.
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    and the only thing as bad as this society's failure is its unwillingness to face it.
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    He's Johnny Unitas 2 games a year.
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    Not much difference between 1957 and 1984 at this point. Both are pathetic.
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    I think @Biff Mayhem is a little busy these days.
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    “This is a Laptop. Think of it as a computer that you can take with you.”
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    Article today in the Athletic about the goings on with all of the Tigers employees and as of now there hasn't been any paycuts, furloughs or layoffs unlike some other teams. Avila also said that coaches and scouts have been spending time taking classes on analytics and technology.
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    Nikola admits prototype was rolling downhill in promotional video The good thing is they are now partnered with a trustworthy company like GM. I'm funny.

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