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    On the topic of the world wars, my grandmother was on track to make the Canadian Olympic team in figure skating but the olympics were canceled.
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    This would be a good time for Cameron’s first major league hit
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    he's the guy in the upper-right image of the quoted tweet.
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    White male domination isn't going to end because of immigration, it's going to end because the species is doomed by its own stupidity. And also just as an add on freebie, try to reimagine this stop if the kids had been black.
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    Projection doesn’t skip generations.
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    They are real people.... the RVAT people post videos everyday of people like this on their Twitter acct
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    Oh god, please be real people and not stock photos of models.
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    You control my vertical, you control my horizontal ...
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    This game is a complete dart toss. I can easily envision a blowout, a tight game settled at the very end, or a total meltdown where someone gives the game away. I just have no clue which team does what. The refs making an outrageous call that directly impacts the result of the game is the only scenario where I know which team.
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    I hope they sold out so the Bears game will be televised.
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    I love the fact that he didn't just rely on his splitter as the out pitch. More sliders and curveballs. That bodes really well for his future. This was during the game:
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    Got an alert that the Oxford trial has resumed. That’s good news.
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    When you’ve got his wheels, you are always ready to go.
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    I've been waiting for him to pass a palindrome name. Bout time.
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    quinn snyder has different political opinions! he should be fired and never work again!!!!! i bet good money that reporter has a "tolerance" bumper sticker on his car.
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    Its funny I'm so used to Tigers starters being out by the 4th inning this felt like it was the 7th or 8th.
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    This tiptoeing around a guy that has five no hit innings is kind of ridiculous.
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    I would like to hear Jack intone on what you do when you’re pitching a great game and you have to sit for 20 minutes while your team scores runs
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    He's a Mormon, likely doesn't drink much. Probably has a lozenge or hard candy in his mouth. Mize finally looking like he was supposed to. Like it.
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    Actually, Lee, that’s me asking that same question. 🙂 The article ends at the ====. I just totally messed up the formatting, and can’t seem to fix it, so I left it... *shrug*. Been a long day. lol But, yeah, what’s his parameters for throwing the military at everybody? And my other question still is - who is putting these ideas in his head? Miller? Hannity? It’s not originating in his head.
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    What if there are riots if he loses? Will he still send in the troops? Edit: Oh, the article asks the same question.
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    I was listening to him when he was on Rogan and I literally laughed out loud at a traffic light and the guy next to me looked over.... not to make it political but he was talking about Hannity and Colmes.... he was trying to remember the names. "The one guy... looks like an astronaut.... the other looks like a dying rooster..."
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    I expect he will hit 75 HR and hit 0.450-ish each of the next 4 seasons. Give or take.
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    Those of us who are of a certain age remember our fantasies about Emma Peel. Hey, she was also pretty sexy on GOT RIP Diana Rigg https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-27986272
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    This is some desperate stuff for this guy to be claiming

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