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    Btw, in case anyone is actually paying attention anymore, over 190,000 are dead. And, as opposed to the contention now being preached that this number is inflated, I believe it is vastly undercounted. But the GOP, led by their abomination of a president, doesn’t even acknowledge the pain that every family out there has lived with, and continues to live with. We’re dismissed. We’re called names. But more to the point, it’s IGNORED It is agony. Perpetrated by this beast of a man and his enablers, and now also by people who formerly were our neighbors and fellow citizens. It is agony. Every day.
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    I don’t recall the protestors in that DC park throwing anything at police before they were tear gassed to make way for that Fat Orange ****. Please don’t lump protestors with looters.
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    Strange how those protesters aren't throwing objects at police, looting stores, or burning cars and buildings.
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    Who wouldve thought that the Blue Jays could potentially be the team from NY to make the playoffs.
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    Interesting data point for your Trump supporter who claims that the BLM protests were superspreader events https://www.nber.org/papers/w27408
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    It would be fitting if he stiffed all the vendors on his way out of the White House.
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    Let us all take a moment to recognize how little ROI the one billion investment has returned. Its impressive
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    It’s simply logistically impossible to have a legit vaccine before mid November be properly vetted. The phase 3 trials take time. It’s not paperwork. You need to get all the samples vaccinated, which we aren’t there yet. You need the virus to work it’s way through that population and the evidence documented and studied and peer reviewed. Manufacturing can occur in parallel, at a risk of waste, but distribution is also a factor. One of the candidates has to be stored at -94 F. That complicates things. Will it require two doses?
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    No indeed. Few if any of us in the dominant culture were ever taught what has been done in our name. To me this is what "woke" is all about. Most of white American has lived, and to too large a degree, prefers to keep living in blissful ignorance of how we have gotten to where we are.
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    Then how come Michigan State can't do it?
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    Not sure if we have any fans of The White Stripes in here or not, but here is our live off the floor cover of The Big Three Killed My Baby from band practice last week.
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    The ones tear gassed in DC weren't done by the Metro Police. Those were feds. Please don't lump Metro Police with Trump's Gestapo.

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