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    Glad I didn't see these games. Even with this downer I'm still gonna eat 2 helpings of baklava. And maybe buy a new pair of shoes. Or an Atari system. Or both. Or neither. But definitely the baklava.
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    That's a given. The Joint Chiefs already drew straws to see which one of them gets to drag Trump out and throw him onto the lawn.
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    This is EPIC. You have captured all the great Tiger era's and the essence of Baseball in one picture that tells way more than a thousand words...Thank you.
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    Yeah, just saw and shared that.... it's just too on the nose to help laughing at, but glad no one appears hurt
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    Out on a bike ride today. Up in the distance, I could see someone walking. As I got closer, I could tell this person was pacing back and forth rather than walking ahead. Once I got to this person, I noticed she was attempting to walk a cocker spaniel. However, the doggy was lying flat on it belly, head on the ground, all four limbs extended away from its body. Clearly the 4 legged walker was in charge of when breaks were to be taken.
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    This should be in the Louvre. Bert, we're just not worthy of you.
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    I rode my bike 21 miles today. One mile for each baserunner the Tigers will have this evening.
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    Yeah those teams were loaded, probably their best ever. If I had lived then I also would have loved to see Satchel Paige pitch in the negro leagues, and maybe hang out at the House of David
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    I have newfound respect for the Milwaukee Bucks. At the start of all this I teased and made fun of them. But even with everything they have to lose they have stuck to their convictions and successfully boycotted the first three games of this series.
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    Ah, thought perhaps you were poking fun at Lowell, MI. I think I was conceived on the Thornapple River. Fun fact about that area - Mickey Stanley used to have a house there (maybe he still does) and I once played cards with him on his porch as a lad.
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    Cash is one of the most underrated or at least under-recognized players of all time. His career was considerably smaller than Al Kaline's, though still substantial, and his career OPS+ of 139 is five points higher than Kaline's. That OPS+ has him in a tie for 81st all-time, and there are a whole lot of heralded players below him. Pus I've read in a number of sources that he was regarded as a fine defensive first baseman as well. He is also, of course, the answer to a pretty good trivia question: the only player in Major League history to have a full-season batting average of .350 or better -- his famous .361 in 1961 -- and no other season in which he batted .300.
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    The mainstream media needs to report all the times Biden has called war heroes losers so as not to appear as biased against Trump.
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    Kelly oughtta let it rip
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    ESPN put out their top 100 yesterday, in 2019 Darius Slay came in at number 100, he had a terrible 2019, got a year older(at the position where age matters the most) and somehow vaulted up 40 spots and ranked in the top 4 for DBs. I wonder what changed?
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    Took a pic of myself and the cat, but I couldn't get it to look good in color, so I tried it out like this.
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    Looks like the speaker tower in County Stadium.

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