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    I only joined up in 2004 so I am a mere pup. This is the only place where my addiction issues regarding this team are honored has an expression of authenticity instead of hilarity. Having never lived in Detroit the only time I have ever been around other Tiger fans is when I lived in Tucson and out of pure serendipity had a cluster of friends from Detroit and Ann Arbor. Total diehards. Patriots. Men of the cloth. Other than that, I’m the only one I know. Aside from people here. I’m grateful for this place.
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    Things never change. A message board fails, some refugees show up here, and immediately tell us how much better their old board was. It happened again about 2 years ago.
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    Breonna Taylor did not live in a "known drug house". There was no reason for the Keystone Kops to burst into her apartment. They did so because they were looking for her ex-boyfriend. Her death has nothing to do with the pros and cons of no-knock. Nothing whatsoever.
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    So let me get this straight...... Our sitting president endorses a 17 year old gun toting vigilante that is carrying out his video game fantasy and kills a couple of people. Our sitting president well wishes a pedophilia ring mistress after her arrest. Our sitting president calls fallen soldiers "losers" in private, and publicly admonishes a war veteran turned senator as a "loser" as well for being a prisoner of war. Our sitting president calls for oral ingesting of bleach and using really bright lights for a pandemic cure; a pandemic that he had under control after he had isolated it to one guy from a foreign land; a pandemic that has cost well over 100,000 lives (I happen to count the older folks that were going to keel over anytime, your math might vary) and has lasted well beyond any of his dartboard guesstimates. Oh, and he also deconstructed the organization that was in place to deal with these sorts of things. Our sitting president promised a wall to keep foreigners out; our first lady is foreign born. Our sitting president captures the imagination of some organized religion zealots; our first lady is his 4th wife that he had to grab by the p-u-s-s-y and pay off to marry. Our sitting president is against absentee voting, then suggests voting absentee and then trying to vote in person, just to see if it works. (Keep in mind, our military vote absentee in many cases..... but our sitting president considers them losers, so maybe that's a moot point.) Our sitting president only hires the best for his cabinet and advisers, yet many of those roles have been a revolving door over the last 3 plus years, and we've seen some of those characters under legal issues. That's a helluva resume.
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    I still enjoy reading here, I just don't have quite as much time as I did as a twelve year old middle school student in 2004. Good memories!
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    Out in plenty of time as a stocking stuffer for your favorite uncle, neighbor, or boss.
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    This is right.... almost as good as a confirmation. Because Trump cannot help himself
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    Stewie and Bonafacio should be relegated to the bench for a while and let Hill get some ABs....he couldn't be worse than these other 2.
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    Yet again Donald Trump manufactures a crisis only for him to swoop in and save the day.
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    We didn’t find out until nearly 40 years later who Deep Throat was. I’m sure the higher ups in the Atlantic know the sources.
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    I know we are screwed as a nation. In what other industrialized nation can someone become a billionaire after failing at every business venture he ever started and then go on to become president based on this business record and no political experience and losing the election by 3 million votes?
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    Chuck defends Nash. https://streamable.com/0mkhu5 I'm more upset an immigrant stole another American job.
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    That buy-in is hampered when the pied piper of idiots publicly endorses bleach and bright lights rather than consultations and understanding what the subject matter experts have been researching and learning.
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    Small tangent. Mulan must be one of those brave hollywood movies which stands up to China's dominance of the movie industry. I'm sure it will include many cleverly coded messages against Xi. There are some interesting articles out there about how much Hollywood has to thread the needle to get China to show their movies: e.g., they don't like time travel themes because the Chinese CP believe history is on a linear path to their dominance of the globe.
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    I'll try one more time. Multiple patients at the office of Dr. David Acer in Florida became infected with HIV and one young woman died from AIDS. It sent shock waves through the medical and dental community because it went against all current medical evidence about transmission. As a result, multiple changes were made to infection control. None of it was because there was any evidence that any of these things caused transmission. Most were basically CYA because no one had any ******* idea how these patients contracted AIDS at the dentist office. Of course the general public became frightened to go to the dentist. Finally, it was discovered that Dr. Acer was deranged and disgruntled and thought that no one was paying enough attention to the AIDS crisis because it was afflicting mostly gay men like himself. So he injected his own infected blood into patients, mostly young women, to draw attention to the disease. Long story short, you were never at risk of getting AIDS at the dentist. As the article Melody posted states, there are zero documented cases of high speed hand pieces transmitting HIV/AIDS, it was only theorized that it *could* and that most dentists were already heat sterilizing their high speeds anyway. They now recommend low speeds are heat sterilized as well. It is relevant to the current situation about how *dangerous* it is to go to the dentist. While in theory, with the aerosols produced, it should be higher risk, but there are no documented outbreaks happening in a dental setting. Much more risk to go to a wedding or a college party.
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    So will Adduci...whereever he is
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    Mad Max is fun. His second Tweet is old, but still funny.
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    Questioning a man like Donald Trump's motives is entirely rational. To not do that would be irrational. It's only pretzel logic to people wishing to be contrarian in an attempt to defend the president. There's going to be enough skepticism around this without him jumping in trying to push it through for the sole motive of electoral benefit rather than a health benefit. His history on this pandemic is quite clear that it's all been about how it affects him personally not us. There's no pretzel logic.
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