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    The main reason I got into photography was for storms! These are a few shots from a week of storm chasing around CO/KS/WY/NE a few weeks back. The last one was from Arizona last year during the monsoon.
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    I would really love it if all through October, Biden surrogates would run a sort of "remember" ad campaign reminding voters of many of the horrific things about Trump that we've all forgotten: "Remember when Trump allowed Russians to put bounties on America soldiers?" "Remember when Trump asked a foreign country to smear his political opponents?" "Remember when Trump looked the other way when an American journalist was murdered by a foreign country?" "Remember when Trump told congressional reps to 'go back' to countries they weren't even born in?" "Remember when Trump publicly asked Russia and China to interfere to get him elected in 2016?" Something like that. They could legitimately get 50 or more different executions of that same theme.
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    The thing about the Russian bounties thing is it's really a local issue to be handled by governors.
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    New ad from another front.
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    Pretty much everybody can take photos with their smart phone which is something most people have. Some people even have a real cameras. If you’re interested in posting photos of where you live or where you’re at — in town or country — post them here. I would love to see where you live or at least where you are. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. I was in Central Idaho in today in or near Donnelly, Idaho today visiting a friend that I met at Purdue 50 years ago when I was a freshman in college. These first four photos were taken at the abandonEd golf course of the Tamarack Ski Resort that was a victim of the financial collapse 2008 as well as of various criminal acts of embezzlement.
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    Nobody is going to mention the most obvious suspect? I mean it's known that he likes young girls.
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    I mean, couldn't it be Prince Andrew? Him and Dersh seem like the ones who have ended up in the news the most in connection with Epstein.
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    I don't get the "civil liberties" claim from no mask fanatics. If I own a business, I can say "no shirt, no shoes, no service" can't I. I can require that patrons not be naked.
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    Deuce got a large sum for hooking them up with the Tigers. It's another example of him profiting off the game without actually playing.
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    I don't know the extent to which the feelings were baked in prior to COVID off-hand, but there's a lot of reason to believe that COVID lowers his ceiling a great deal. Especially if reelection requires something other than a referendum on himself.
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    That last bit is ultimately what sinks Trump, I'd think. Alternately, absent: a. significant polling / methodological error, and/or b. a third party candidate pulling a large number votes from Biden, and/or c. widescale election fraud I can't see how Trump wins even if everything else falls his way (i.e. he wins every close state, all polling error favors him, etc.) if 50% of the population truly will not vote for him independent of what happens over the next 4 months.
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    My biggest problem when visiting my in-laws there was the general sense that this was God's country with little in the way of supporting data. It was my version of ****: random goobers showing up to eat up your time by visiting and making small talk.
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    Yeah, we get it. We've all seen the photo.
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    I really dig that tune Zakk, nice work. While I was quarantining, much to my surprise, I had a "record drop" as well haha. Something we did all of the tracking for in the studio but never mixed wound up getting mixed. https://blackoutlion.bandcamp.com/releases?fbclid=IwAR2hNGsU40L2NOVM7U52YKLrvtWRV7ljP4gjUGPFJgudyIXfe6OUiOn1kCc
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    I think he gets wiped out.
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    well, if your mind is made up...
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    I just donated to Biden's campaign to kickoff July. First political donation I have ever made.
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    Oh I was trying to, but this year was a very down year for tornadoes. They were almost nonexistent. I got a tiny one which was just a landspout but you could barely see it. Besides, artistically, being a couple miles away to capture the whole structure is better, like in the black and white photo. It looks small but those tiny white dots on the horizon are car lights. It's hard to get a sense of scale on such flat land. That was a massive supercell.
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    If you want some good tips Bert, follow this guy's YT channel. He's a great photographer but an even better teacher. Some really informative stuff from him and it's always pretty simple to understand.
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    It can become pretty addictive. To me it's less about taking the actual photo and more about the adventure to get there. Being outside around the ocean, wilderness, wherever it is you happen to be shooting. And there's so much more to it than just point and click. Focus stacking to get your whole landscape in focus, exposure blending to being out shadows and highlights, long exposures to smooth out water and blur the clouds, it's crazy how much creativity you can put into one photo.
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    I took a number of photos in Wyoming last July on a cross country trip, but distance shots of big skies looks so pathetic compared to the real thing. The two photos to follow were taken on July 26 near Fort Laramie. One is of an endless field of grassland set against an endless blue sky, and the other is of one of those iconic red-tinged asphalt highways that Wyoming is famous for.
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    I should. My son is becoming quite a photographer and I should probably start taking real photos with real cameras. It’s something I enjoy.
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    Something just stinks about all of this. 51k new cases in the US today. We NEVER REACHED 40k in the first wave. And yes, a lot of people stopped wearing masks and social distancing. But a lot of them still are. Back in march we were doing none of that. Concerts, sporting events, ect. And we still didn't hit 40k. And the daily deaths continues to decrease. It just doesn't add up. What am I missing? edit: I want to say its an inside job, an attempt to kill Trumps re-election attempt. If that's the case, disregard. Nothing to see here. As you were.
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    A couple other shots from around Long Beach:
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    I live here. Took this a few nights ago.
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    Great topic. Those are amazing man. I have to say I'm pretty jealous.
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    Tuberville better lock up his horses, Sessions has decided to play hardball.
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    They are going to be watching TikTok videos. ‘Beavis and Butt-Head’ Reboot Headed to Comedy Central With 2-Season Order
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    Nope. 6'4" lefty with a fantastic swing.
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    Would be great if he’s short
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    Hey guys, this is the new musical project that I've been involved with. Sort of a garage rock kind of deal. Hope you guys dig it.
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