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    This may be an unpopular opinion, but I don't know that I care much about the 2020 season after all of the back and forth between management and the union. And with all of the COVID crap that has gone on and still not knowing exactly where that's headed, I wonder if a season should be attempted at this point in time anyway. I can't lie and say I'll turn it off completely. I suppose if the season does happen, I'll pay attention to it to some degree. But I doubt I will be "scheduling my days around trying to follow the games" as much as I normally do.
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    I do sometimes. That's what the bottle says.
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    Seriously. Use common sense. Just because ******* Florida says it's ok to go party at a ******* bar does not mean its ******* ok to go part at a ******* bar you ******* idiots. STOP!
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    Just thought this was worth its own thread so that people will see it. Players expected to sign off tomorrow. Training begins July 1, Tigers expected to train in Lakeland per source. 60 game season, 10 playoff teams.
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    One thing that won't work is shaming people for not wearing masks. That just makes them double down. I agree that there is not much more we can do since it is so politicized.
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    We already have an empty lot to build our summer retirement house. Wherever our winter house ends being will also be built. Either an empty lot or knock down what is there. After renovating both houses I have owned/lived in, I'm done. I have no desire to fix old stuff and even worse, fix problems caused by terrible attempts at repairs by previous owners.
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    I was going to say this is hard to believe, but a very non-Trumper GOP administration did pretty much the same thing in Flint around the lead in the water. It would argue the commonality is more than just Trump. He's just a symptom of a deeper political corruption in America.
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    64 out of 347 division 1 teams. That is 18% of the teams. If baseball let 18% of their teams in the playoffs, there would be 5 teams.
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    This could have been us. So glad he was moved.
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    I hope all Biden does during the debate is chug a glass of water.
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    I'm still pissed at Huff for sucking after we traded for him at the deadline. The fact that he's a doucher in his non-baseball life is just the cherry on top.
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    Cheney was begging for a Scooter Libby pardon the morning of Obama's inauguration. Trump could resign at 1100, and Pence could spend an hour making Trump bark like a dog.
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    I know what you are talking about. I am 46...
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    I think Biden's ads have been effective. He has too many other hoops to jump through than TLP and these pirates can slash and burn because they only care about one thing: destroying the collaborators in their party and creating the ashheap upon which they can build anew.
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    Also up by 10 on the economy... but down on everything else, including "law and order", which I was assured was pure GOLD for him OTOH, it's one poll. And not a great one at that according to 538
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    I hope they start with the budget stuff. Should have played this card from the beginning of the Dems running Congress.
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    Wife hoping longer than 3 minutes...
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    Found out what we got at the summit.
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    players reject the proposal citing "health concerns". chas immediately blames the owners for starting covid19 as a plot to reduce player salaries.
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    That's right. A walk off home run by McGwire is more meaningful than a three-run home run by Tony Clark in a blowout.
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    But is it fair to expect some people to have to wait for hours, while other areas have a 10 minute wait? is that supposed to be some freaking test about “how much you LOVE your country”? How patriotic you are? Why only ONE day, for on average 12 hrs. I’m sick of this bull****. It’s voter suppression. Plain and simple. Find a damn way to make mail or online voting secure. It’s 2020, for god sakes.
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    He should be called Tres Cruz as he is the third Cruz. I always thought his grandfather was underrated with the Astrodome suppressing his power. Looking at his career numbers, he hit 80% more home runs on the road, but his OPS was actually better at home. Still, he was an excellent all around player who could do a little bit of everything. It's funny. I was just thinking he was a lot like Amos Otis and it turns out that Otis is his closest comp using similarity scores.

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