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    I usually don't venture into the political forum but I figured it was important enough to post my New York experience. I went back to the office in Manhattan for the first time since early March last Wednesday and encountered a sobering reality. People just don't give a ****. I'd say that about half weren't wearing masks and a portion of the mask wearers had it slid down under their chin (what's the point of wearing a mask in that case?). This is in a relatively sparsely populated Manhattan, what is going to happen once Phase 2 starts this week and thousands more flood into the city? This is in a democratic state, I can't imagine what it's like down south and in the midwest. This is the thing with 'Murica. Too many people care more about their personal freedoms than the greater good of the country. It sickens me how selfish this country is, a product of the "leadership" sadly. I mean, just look at that pathetic rally last night. I'm afraid that we'll see more lockdowns in the fall (when the virus will likely flare up again) because people are too damn stupid, selfish or just plain ignorant to practice very basic health guidelines for the betterment of our country, a minor inconvenience to put on a mask to protect your fellow humans. Funny enough, these are the same people who will complain when things get shut down again. I've never been more ashamed of our country to be quite honest.
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    And...? What? You’re saying that they were going to die anyway? I’m thinking my father may have had another year, or maybe even only a few months. Are we (families of those that died and were in LTC) not to be taken seriously because “so what”? 57% of. 120,000 deaths is about 68,000. Is this the only group of deaths that should “count”? That we should mourn? Maybe I’m overly sensitive, but that statement pretty much infuriates me. Every time I see or hear it. And I hear it an unbelievable amount of times. People don’t have expiration dates.
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    How are you a real person?
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    Hello, Doctor, my husband is very sick, he's been coughing and wheezing and he's got a fever of 101 and he's very weak. We've come to get the COVID test. I'm sorry ma'am but we aren't able to test him. You don't have the test? Well, we do have the tests, we have plenty of the tests, but we had to slow down our testing because the President might look bad But my husband he's so sick, he might be dying, he needs help. Well, if your husband was a real American he would suck it up and die so there will be more resources for the rest of us - the ones who aren't weak like him. But my husband is a veteran, he was in World War II Yeah, but he can't help us now, so he just needs to be a team player and get out of the way. I'm sorry. We can't help you. The President's job is at stake and if he tests positive then it makes the number go up. If we don't test him then he probably died from something else. This is all Obama's fault anyway - if he didn't hire a Pandemic Team then Dear Lead.........I mean President Trump wouldn't have had to fire them to erase Obama. So it's Obama's fault.............and the protesters too..............
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    I’m loving it, too. Finally we can have baseball after the union wasted all of this time.
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    I'm not concerned at all about drug use prior to the time they were specifically banned as a part of the collective bargaining process
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    Even setting aside any ailments that could come from surviving the virus, I'm not interested in having anyone in my household blow through our insurance deductable because YOLO. Put another way, there's a number of good reasons to put a ****ing mask that doesn't involve dying.
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    You might have missed the part of my post where I said I saw this happening in Manhattan, New York which tends to have a few people walking around. You NEED to wear a mask (on your face, not under your chin) when you're passing hundreds of people in the street. You don't HAVE TO because it's a free country and you can do whatever you want (even if it is selfish, careless, reckless, ignorant etc.) but just know that when you're not wearing a mask in places where there are crowds that you're not only endangering yourself and your loved ones who you come in contact with but also other people. I live in a fairly residential area of Queens so when I'm walking in my neighborhood I generally don't wear a mask because it's easy to socially distance but in the city where it's impossible to avoid people, it's absolutely necessary. Well, necessary for people who care about other people.
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    Barr impeachment please!
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    Petty decided to fly down to the race today. He hasn't attended one since they restarted their season.
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    in War, truth is the 1st casualty. The question is, just who does DeSantis think the enemy is?
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    All these football players testing positive... You are telling me the few players who die every year from being overworked by strength coaches... that number isn't going to increase if a significant number of them have a respiratory disease with unknown long term risk?
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    No idea where to put this, but I thought it was funny... Nate Robinson: Zeke would've been in his mid-40s at the time. https://www.basketballnetwork.net/nate-robinson-talks-about-the-time-isiah-thomas-cooked-stephon-marbury-in-practice/
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    that doesn't change anything for me... I never considered the death rate as a factor in deciding what we as a nation or community need to do. It's not just "die" or "else". A lot of people suffer long term from being infected. A running friend of mine, who regularly did 200 miles a month, got it in March. He just now was able to run 3 miles without once stopping. 3 months later. You don't just get a cough for a few weeks and move on. Many are on oxygen or dialysis.
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    nationally .6% of americans live in long term care facilities but 43% of all covid19 deaths are from people in those facilities.
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    I knew even less about pop stars when I was young. I hear people talking about Kanye West and the Kardashians like they are the most famous people ever and I have no clue who they are without googling.
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    That would probably explain it. I didn't pay attention, since I had one on. Checked their website and it does say they are required for all stores. I guess the crazy part then actually is that I didn't see anyone howling in pain or passed out on the floor from oxygen deprivation, due to having to wear one.
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    I think you should take him especially proportionally. Very clear!
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    It isn't just the HR numbers and you're aware of that. You're making a strawman argument so that you can tell yourself you're right. Nobody is arguing that HR total is the only indication. Another indication is physical appearance. Another is simply having occurred during the steroid era. They're pretty important factors.
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    There simply was no way that could have been predicted before the election.
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    Rumors about Anderson at the time suggest that his nuts might not have been that important.
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    Their Machiavellian power struggles over control of the organization and the scandals involving one of the dancers would make an excellent movie of the week. I guess Anthony had to use pimp hand a couple times on the members. Greg was having some sort of physical problem and had to leave. There was some guy brought on as a bit player and then they treated that guy like rubbish. Captain Feathersword was actually pretty funny.
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    On a recent podcast Law said that he could envision Martin moving into his top 10, didn't mention Tork's position on the board but said he thinks he'd put him number 1 in the Tigers system. Of course his reasoning mentioned nothing about Tork being great but all about him worrying about Mize who he had at 20 but said he will likely drop. I know we joke about Law hating the Tigers and I'm 99% sure that isn't the case but its things like this that make me wonder. All spring he had Tork 1 and Martin 2 and said neither was a true elite prospect at this point. Then when word gets out that the Tigers are passing on Martin for sure suddenly he moves him to number 1 on his board and now says that Martin could be in his top 10, which he rarely does for guys right out of the draft. By doing that I would think that would make him an elite prospect, there's been no baseball the past 3 months so nothing should've changed about his opinion but suddenly he does a 180 when his beloved Jays pick Martin and the Tigers pass on him? Also he talks about how the Jays got a steal with CJ Van Eyk in the 2nd, when somebody asked him in his chat about the potential steal the Tigers got with Dingler(who he had going in the 1st pre draft) he said "I thought he'd be a 1st rounder before the draft but since he fell that far the Tigers should be asking themselves "Why did he drop this far?", there must be something with him that made teams pass." lol when the Tigers get guys perceived to ranked higher than where they were picked it was because something must be wrong, when a team that he likes like the Jays do it, they are savvy and got a steal.
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    Kentucky has reduced its number of polling stations from 3,700 to 200. Only one, yes *one* in Jefferson country, a heavily African American county where Louisville is located.

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