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    Biden wouldn't hold a rally in this environment.
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    The Death Star was defeated by the inevitable social forces driven by technological change caused by engineers who were merely riding the course of plodding advancements in their knowledge. Luke, Jyn Erso, Han Solo, Leia were not relevant to that change and their statues should be torn down.
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    Brad Parscale on the flight home last night;
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    Which makes it a metaphor for this administration. A meta metaphor inside of a metaphor. Chris Nolan would be proud.
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    Ted Nugent is still available.
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    I would be more impressed if he did that at a rally in Flint.
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    Also, Rogue One is the best Star was movie made since Empire Strikes Back.
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    Hello, Doctor, my husband is very sick, he's been coughing and wheezing and he's got a fever of 101 and he's very weak. We've come to get the COVID test. I'm sorry ma'am but we aren't able to test him. You don't have the test? Well, we do have the tests, we have plenty of the tests, but we had to slow down our testing because the President might look bad But my husband he's so sick, he might be dying, he needs help. Well, if your husband was a real American he would suck it up and die so there will be more resources for the rest of us - the ones who aren't weak like him. But my husband is a veteran, he was in World War II Yeah, but he can't help us now, so he just needs to be a team player and get out of the way. I'm sorry. We can't help you. The President's job is at stake and if he tests positive then it makes the number go up. If we don't test him then he probably died from something else. This is all Obama's fault anyway - if he didn't hire a Pandemic Team then Dear Lead.........I mean President Trump wouldn't have had to fire them to erase Obama. So it's Obama's fault.............and the protesters too..............
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    Yes, you have to exercise to realize the benefits of steroids. Yes, the gains realized will be beyond what would be possible without steroids. Yes, steroids could make you a faster 100 meter runner. A stronger, more explosive, more efficient muscle performs better, that's why they do it, despite the risks.
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    Empirical data shows steroids helped quite a bit. 60 HR/year record stood for a very long time and then suddenly multiple players hit 60 and even 70 was obtained while others hit career highs. After the "crack down" on steroids these HR totals went back to closer to pre steroid levels while the small ballparks, better lighting and livelier ball remained. Its steroids as the lone/main variable.
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    Just saw a video of a giant black fist being erected in that CHOP zone in Seattle. Striking that I can't see any black people in the video. That bunch is all white anarchists. Most (not all) of our protest groups here are really working hard to keep it peaceful and stay on message. There is some bickering among the various group leaders. But for the most part, they aren't letting it get too far off topic to other causes that aren't related to safety and quality of life improvements to our African American population. Some of what I'm seeing, though, indicates that some of the fringe groups aren't aware of things our city has been working on. Demands for things already in place or budgeted.
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    Steroids don't make you a better baseball player, or a better 100 meter runner. Weightlifting does. You have to lift the weights. Steroids help you to recover from workouts, so that your weightlifting can be more intense. You still have to lift the weights, you can't just stick a needle in your ***.
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    G.T. Bynum sounds too close to P.T. Barnum for me. .
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    You and I are competitors and identical as ball players. Then I get to take a pill and you don't. The pill gives me 10-20% more strength, speed and bat speed than you. Are you cool with this? Do you think our performance will still be the same? If you are scouting us, who are you going to grade higher? Barry Bonds had greater bat speed at 38 than he did at 31. This does not happen naturally.
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    I respectfully disagree. A home run every 6.5 at bats? The best Ruth ever did was 8.5 Judge's best is 10.42. Trout 10.44 with the live ball. 6.5? Imho that makes a mockery of stats.
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    I recognize all those words in your second sentence but when I put read them together I at first was unsure of what they meant. Then I was filled with sadness and a haunting realization that the buzz of evening Summer baseball games was still a distant prospect.
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    I mean, look at the pictures of that place. The Marlin pack a better crowd on a Tuesday in late August.
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    To what degree? Significant? Insignificant? How does it translate to performance? Shouldn't we know? Are we supposed to take it all on faith?
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    meanwhile a 13 year old, 12 year old, and 3 year old have been shot tonight in chicago. and its only 8:50.
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    Trump Jr asks his father who his favorite child is and why is it Ivanka? It was supposed to be funny, but came out like it was serious (which it probably was). It was both humorous and sad. The rest of the interview was garbage as you'd expect.
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    If he has a massive stroke on stage I will tune in for that.
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    Donald Trump is literally giving Biden free campaign material. Kung Flu is going to run in every commercial along with the death count.
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    On a recent podcast Law said that he could envision Martin moving into his top 10, didn't mention Tork's position on the board but said he thinks he'd put him number 1 in the Tigers system. Of course his reasoning mentioned nothing about Tork being great but all about him worrying about Mize who he had at 20 but said he will likely drop. I know we joke about Law hating the Tigers and I'm 99% sure that isn't the case but its things like this that make me wonder. All spring he had Tork 1 and Martin 2 and said neither was a true elite prospect at this point. Then when word gets out that the Tigers are passing on Martin for sure suddenly he moves him to number 1 on his board and now says that Martin could be in his top 10, which he rarely does for guys right out of the draft. By doing that I would think that would make him an elite prospect, there's been no baseball the past 3 months so nothing should've changed about his opinion but suddenly he does a 180 when his beloved Jays pick Martin and the Tigers pass on him? Also he talks about how the Jays got a steal with CJ Van Eyk in the 2nd, when somebody asked him in his chat about the potential steal the Tigers got with Dingler(who he had going in the 1st pre draft) he said "I thought he'd be a 1st rounder before the draft but since he fell that far the Tigers should be asking themselves "Why did he drop this far?", there must be something with him that made teams pass." lol when the Tigers get guys perceived to ranked higher than where they were picked it was because something must be wrong, when a team that he likes like the Jays do it, they are savvy and got a steal.
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    It can't be stressed enough this is ruby red Oklahoma. He chose this location since it would be the most friendly to him and attract the largest crowd.
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    somehow a pdf of boltons book fell into my c drive oops
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    This is how baseball fans should unite lol. (I just watched "Catching ****" again, the story of Steve Bartman last night). Oi vey. This is how baseball fans should treat each other 🙂. Glad you found your hat!
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    I just ordered one using the site found by lordstanley. THANK YOU ALL!!!

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