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    It still shocks me that Tony Clark occupies the same position that was once held by Marvin Miller and Don Fehr. It’s like the labor equivalent of having Matthew Boyd as your staff ace.
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    Boswell gets it right. Owners are privatizing massive profits, while players salaries have gone up 1% in four years, and now owners wants to socialize the losses.
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    Trump has no idea what Gorsuch thinks. He picked him because the Federalist Society gave him a list of names, he asked for head shots, they rounded those up, and he chose the guy who looked like he could play a handsome doctor on a TV show.
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    Pretty great headline
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    Easy for Kyrie since he doesn’t play the game for money anymore. He’s been a millionaire since the day he got his first check to play at Duke.
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    Prenup in hand. Knows the Army might be required to get him out of office
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    Some favorite moments, in chronological order: 1. Kaline homering in the 1st inning of the 1st game I ever attended, against the White Sox in August 1973. The name Kaline meant nothing to me at the time, but it was the biggest roar I had heard in my life to that point. 2. Chanting "Run Run Run" as LeFlore took his lead off 1st base on Bat Day in 1975. 3. Curtain call for Fidrych after his win over the Yankees on June 28, 1976. Bonus marks in my memory due to my family and friends celebrating my 9th birthday in the lower deck in left that game. 4. Rain delay at another Fidrych game the following year against the White Sox, as the big crowd started getting restless and the odd fan would jump over the railing and run around the outfield as the keystone cops chased after them. 5.Sitting in the upper deck in right in 1977 or 1978 as Jason Thompson blasted one over our heads over the roof. 6. Bergman's long at bat against the Jay's in '84 that ended with a walkoff home run. It was a school night in June but I had been allowed to take the car and drive to the game with a couple of friends. 7. Lemon's 7th inning catch in Game 3 of the '84 World Series, the only World Series game I have attended. 8. Bill Madlock homering in a Tigers' back to back to back sequence that tied a game in the '80s 9. Surrounded by hostile bit wimpy Jays fans at Exhibition Stadium as Gibson's homer on the next to last Sunday of the '87 regular season kept the Tigers in the race. 10. Posing for pre-game photos at the Tigers dugout with family at the last ever Opening Day at Tiger Stadium. The last ball game I would attend with my grandpa, who for 2 seasons in the late '20s would head to Navin Field after school got out at Cass Tech to make money sweeping up. He only missed 1 game in those 2 seasons so as not to lose the job. 11. Running back and forth between innings from my seat to my dad's seat a couple of sections away behind home plate at the ALDs clincher against the Yankees in '06. The last ball game I wound attend with my dad. 12. Word spreading at the merry go round that Austin Jackson had just been traded for David Price. We were sitting alone the right field line and had seen him getting pulled from the game a short while earlier.
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    yep, have had it. Wife works at the hospital and my sister lives in one of the high rise condo units. The Thai place is great too.
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    Ate at a restaurant for the first time yesterday. They were making everyone wear a mask until you were seated, they checked everyone's temperature, and only seated certain booths to maintain separation. I liked that.
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    The thing about arsenal is that they always try to walk it in.
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    It was all spontaneous. That is what was so great about it. Today, they have rehearsed celebrations for home runs. Some of them are fun, but it's not the same.
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    Also, the idea that these guys are playing a kid's game for money. I've heard that one before plenty, too. Professional baseball can't be a kid's game if there is $10+ billion in annual revenue to be made from it. That's not a game at all. It's deadly serious business, and these guys are not professional baseball players for fun and laughs. It's their goddam job, and it doesn't take much for the vast majority of them to get fired and lose their career. Vast majority of professional players crap out before they are 30. Baseball was also not conceived as a game for children. It was conceived to be a game for young adult men to blow off steam, particularly after the grind of fighting a civil war. There was not even children's-sized equipment available for sale until the 1890s. If children wanted to play, OK I guess, but they had to learn how to swing 38-inch bats weighing four pounds. You'd have to be an adult-sized child to have any hope of doing that well enough to be allowed to play. Also, baseball from the very beginning was a venture organized more or less for the benefit of gamblers, both the professional and amateur game, with an astonishing number of games in the early era fixed as certainly as WWE (and UFC?) are today. Nothing childlike about any of that.
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    apropos of nothing, i spent two weeks in woostah last february for work!
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    Said nobody ever..except Shelton.
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    That's OK. Jackson had Wiz money to fall back on.
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    For the next 15 minutes the F1 store has a Williams Racing baseball hat on sale for $4. Just spend the extra $96 and buy the entire team.
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    Well, when you can marshall Scalia's voice against the cons, what can you do? One thing is clear - the difference between Goresuch's and Alito's definitions of Textualism is so significant they shouldn't even go by the same name. I have no problem with a judge whose position is to start with "what the words say" as opposed to "what the words meant to the people that wrote them". There is a chasm between those two approaches. I also saw one conservative commentator say that he believed the decision was initially 5-4 with Roberts opposed but he switched his vote so he could assign the opinion instead of Bader as he thought Goresuch would write a narrower opinion.
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    I don't know why the owners are against deferred salaries. Give them 70 % deferred this year , which they have offered, and 10 % each of the next 3 years in return for 3 years expanded playoffs. Certainly they can make adjustments in the next 3 years under normal conditions to absorb the 10 %. I mean its about 5 million or so each year given 70 games and a 120 million payroll. 70/162 * 120 * .10 = 5.19 mil. They might make that up with expanded playoffs. Even 80/10/10.
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    this is from the NYT Editorial board column today - some relevant quotes from Alito, Scalia and Goresuch on the terms of debate. Loved the last quoted paragraph. (All emphasis mine)
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    That was hilarious. Perlman completely owned those assholes.
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    I’m pretty sure most fans think the owners look much worse here than the players.
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    I'm shocked that a coastal elite like Tucker Carlson would be out of touch with the reality on the ground in Middle America. /s Seriously though, a great example of why cable news sucks.... he probably doesn't know anything about this corner of the world, and then goes and puts us on blast (inaccurately) to push a narrative.
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    The fact that the current draft order only benefited from 5 rounds, should be a consideration in any solution. Translation: we was robbed
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    Whoa! FWPD just called out Fox News and Tucker Carlson in particular for disseminating fake news. There was some initial misunderstanding about the initial statement about dropping rioting charges. But that only pertained to those charges alone on the first evening of the protests and for certain protesters against whom there were no other charges.
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    Don't get confused by the other bull****. This is the issue.
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    Once Trump is gone, they will have the same problem they had before he appeared, which is: other than racism and a maybe a shot at an anti-abortion court, what are you offerening? Ross Douthat wrote a long column the other day about the fact that he thought the left was in the process of reaching for some kind of new synthesis that it still couldn't fully articulate yet. I think that is true. Warren's economics, more concern around equality and race, completion of the basic social welfare system (i.e. health care), addressing climate change, revision to the basic corporate system are all pieces of things banging around the left looking for some kind of cohesive narrative to pull it all together into a unified political program. We can see those moving parts whirling around. But where is the right? Still completely dead in the water as far as I can see. There is southern regionalism and that is about it.
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    we are now only one of two states, along with NY, to have achieved "Green" at CovidAct. The four factors are Positive test rate, reproduction ratio, hospital stress and tracing capability. Real-time modeling and metrics to understand where we stand against COVID. - Covid Act Now
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    I'm more worried about how the virus will affect voting and how the vote totals will be manipulated.
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    OK wait wait wait wait let's say a constitutional body uses the words "militia" and "arms" in an amendment - we obviously evolve the term "arms" but not the term "militia" because reasons, right?
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    As I mentioned in the Vlad thread, this goes against the VOA’s codified charter. If there was an actual Republican Party in Congress it would be an impeachable offense
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    I waved when we passed on the covid highway over the weekend.
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    So much certainty surrounding the inner most thoughts of folks have, for the most part, been dead for over 30 years....
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    Maybe no prospects want to sign with us because they know our system is so deep that they won't have a chance to make it./sarcasm
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    Unless you're a member of the he-man baseball haters club
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    Thanks for posting that John. Was very kind of your brother. Sorry for your loss. Do you still have the autographed card?
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    Not trying to be a Debbie Downer and I really do not have a most memorable on the field moment, but my fondest memory that I will never forget involved one of my older brothers who took me to a game when I was like maybe 10 or so and he was a boisterous type guy even as a kid, not afraid of anything. I was young and extremely timid when I was younger....I had a Don Mattingly baseball card I brought with me because we were playing the Yanks (pretty sure I had a couple different players just in case), he happened to stroll over to the seats during BP and a big crowd surrounded the area, my brother tried to get me to go get his autograph, but I was too shy to do it so he grabbed my card and started walking down to the first row, the whole time looking back and motioning for me to follow him....I just stood there watching in amazement as he tore his way through the crowd and got Mattinglys autograph on my card and came back up and handed it to me. I think I had been to a handful of games at that point in my life or it could very well have only been like my first or 2nd time there ever. This would have been the mid 80's. My brother passed away back in 2004 at a very young age and pretty suddenly. I do not feel like I think about or talk about him enough.
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    So it didn't impa...nevermind.
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    they used to burn you as a witch, now they get you fired from your job and ruin your life and your family's. forgiveness is in short supply in america. well, forgiveness for those who disagree with you politically.
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    there is no cure for it other than to get rid of social media. human beings are horrible creatures who do and say awful things.
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    I heard they might replace him with Carlos Pena. I'd be worried about a strike if that happens.
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    Tony Clark has the talent be the best union leader ever, but he has no fire. When it comes to negotiating Spring training meal money, he can talk circles around management, but he just doesn't come through when all the money is on the line. He's too soft. They should make Kirk Gibson the union leader. If the owners don't give him what he wants, he'll yell and scream and if they still don't listen he'll punch Manfred in the face. That's how you win negotiations.
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    This division is ripe for the taking. The Packers were a fluke last season. The Vikings just got rid of some of their best players and are rebuilding. The Bears are relying on Nick Foles to save them from Mitch Trubisky. If Stafford can stay healthy, the Lions should be able to compete for this division. Given their recent history (since 1957) of futility, if I were them I would blow their wad on Clowney. Go all in. Stafford only has a few more years left. Quintricia has only one year left at this rate. They need to win now. Eff it, go for it and hope you get some luck and win 10 games.
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    They offered them 100% for the lower salaried players and a lower rate for the players earning larger salaries. Unsurprisingly, the union turned it down. If the owners offered the superstars 100% and the lower level players 50%, the union would have probably taken it.
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    People down here still pushing back on me when I say time to take it seriously.
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