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    Not every message or decision was perfect, because we're dealing with something that's never happened in our lifetime, but fantastic job by Gretchen Whitmer. Made tough decisions that could cost her votes and stood up to the bullies. Acted like a leader. And also kudos to Mike DeWine in Ohio - who handled this well...........though he didn't have the bullies showing up at his door with guns. His FEMALE medical adviser came under attack, though.
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    I hate that we dox anyone and everyone who makes a mistake nowadays. Clearly she is a ***** but I'm not sure she deserves to have her picture posted. Does she really deserve people calling and harassing places she might work at in an attempt to get her fired? Last week in Maryland a bunch of internet detectives identified and doxxed the wrong person. What recourse does he have in a situation like this? Internet sleuths name wrong man in police appeal
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    Nothing good comes out of baseball choosing to not play this season.
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    well spank my *** and call me ol' fashioned, but I'm totally fine with people who break society's rules and norms getting sanctioned for breaking society's rules and norms. But I'm not a looting anarchist like some here I mean that's what a society literally is but whatevs, poor her Social media didn't make her cough on someone purposefully
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    Tony Clark has the talent be the best union leader ever, but he has no fire. When it comes to negotiating Spring training meal money, he can talk circles around management, but he just doesn't come through when all the money is on the line. He's too soft. They should make Kirk Gibson the union leader. If the owners don't give him what he wants, he'll yell and scream and if they still don't listen he'll punch Manfred in the face. That's how you win negotiations.
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    Sounds like libel/slander to me, not harassment. But it really doesn't matter because this was a discussion about doxxing. Which didn't happen in the Seth Rich case.
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    make you a ideal, you don't accuse me of being obtuse, I won't accuse you of being blood-thirtsy.
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    Our 7 day average had more than halved in June
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    Unless you're a member of the he-man baseball haters club
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    Not trying to be a Debbie Downer and I really do not have a most memorable on the field moment, but my fondest memory that I will never forget involved one of my older brothers who took me to a game when I was like maybe 10 or so and he was a boisterous type guy even as a kid, not afraid of anything. I was young and extremely timid when I was younger....I had a Don Mattingly baseball card I brought with me because we were playing the Yanks (pretty sure I had a couple different players just in case), he happened to stroll over to the seats during BP and a big crowd surrounded the area, my brother tried to get me to go get his autograph, but I was too shy to do it so he grabbed my card and started walking down to the first row, the whole time looking back and motioning for me to follow him....I just stood there watching in amazement as he tore his way through the crowd and got Mattinglys autograph on my card and came back up and handed it to me. I think I had been to a handful of games at that point in my life or it could very well have only been like my first or 2nd time there ever. This would have been the mid 80's. My brother passed away back in 2004 at a very young age and pretty suddenly. I do not feel like I think about or talk about him enough.
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    This attitude is how it spread out of control in February and March and is criminally negligent.
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    Alito, the "textualist", decided what Congress must have meant by sex in the 1960s and applied his guess to the law Great "textualist" there
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    More like I wouldn't be failing if I didn't take the class.
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    I agree. Not enough coverage has been given to the great sacrifices of the players wanting more opportunity to compete in the postseason and to take on deferred payments (with interest). How flexible of them. What an amazing sacrifice to *checks notes* agree to be paid for your time spent working and to accept an advance that doesn’t have to be paid back even if you don’t work at all.
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    Which reminds that I hate the term "white privilege". It suggests that Whites are getting something that they don't deserve and it puts people on the defensive. The problem is not that the whites are getting something. It's that people of color are not getting the same thing. The emphasis should be the disadvantage of people of color, not the advantage of the Whites.
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    wait wait wait... now you LIKE textualists? lol.
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    Almost a spitting image.
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    I hate that you have to buy them by the kilogram
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    The worst part about buying votes in Canada is: that you have to get them in bags You can only buy them at the province-run Vote Store You have the option of getting gravy with your votes ok, i'm out of lame observational-style jokes about the differences between America and Canada.
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    I heard they might replace him with Carlos Pena. I'd be worried about a strike if that happens.
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    If I would have known you were going to be there I would have driven over to that lot and cut you off in the parking spot or something
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    Still looks safer than the grocery store.
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    He didn't really want to be a union leader anyway. He was better at accounting but the money from the union was too much to forgo so he went with it. I don't think his heart was really in it.
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    have no idea who this poll is but it's fun to engage in poll porn from time to time...
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    It generally sucks that practically everyone on the planet has a cellphone camera with which they can take pictures of people they don't know and embarrass them by posting the pics on the Internet. People shouldn't do that. People are doing that. That ship has sailed. If there's any lemonade to be made out of that lemon, maybe it's that this will lead the Karens of the world to think twice before they have public blowups that could get them ostracized and/or fired. Maybe that will lead to fewer people being ***holes in public like this woman did. Maybe that's one good outcome we can take out of a generally suboptimal situation that's not going to change anyway.
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    Another doxxing debate that falls on ideological lines.... fun times. I happen to agree that there's a line that there is a line on this kind of stuff that has to be drawn, but I don't know where it is.... but I'm also not sure I chalk up intentionally coughing on someone as just a "mistake" really captures it either.
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    Not sure that makes it OK to post personal info about her online. Address, work info, etc. We have courts in this country to handle things like this. Not a bunch of fatties trying to be the Internets Wyatt Earp.
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    Need a good chuckle..
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    I struggle with the idea that these organizations are operating at losses year in and year out yet are appreciating at a remarkably high rate.
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    Yeah, I was at all of those last three games against the Blue Jays. The final one was special because of the Tanana shutout and, of course, it clinched the division, but all three of them were crucial, and all of them were one-run games, so the tension was just a bit on the high side.
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    You masturbate a lot, don't you?
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    That and he promised a sick kid 2 HR, but he only produced a HR and a triple with a throwing error that scored him.
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    Maggs walkoff off Huston Street.
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    Maybe no prospects want to sign with us because they know our system is so deep that they won't have a chance to make it./sarcasm
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    coughing in someone's face is not a mistake. It's assault. She deserves everything she gets.

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