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    Trouble usually follows the Amish.
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    How about we wait a few weeks to see what Trump's approval rating is? I understand it is fun to speculate and it makes for an interesting discussion, but nobody really has a good inkling what it means WRT November, so making any kind of strong statement to that effect is a wild *** guess, nothing more.
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    Democrats have no leg to stand on anymore when it comes to the hypocrisy debate.
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    I'm gonna be honest I don't understand why you went like that at him. Call it like I see it. I really appreciate his perspective. I think he is the only one who would have answered your question that way and I totally learned from it.
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    So how thin is the veneer that holds America together anymore? I lived through the protests in the 70s and never had any doubt win or lose our point, come Nixon or not, America was going to be left standing just fine when all was said and done. I tell you today I'm nowhere near as sure. If large scale anti-government protests broke out, I could see this country falling apart today, and the Constitutional order collapse. It will only take this Senate doing what it has already demonstrated that it will do, which is sit on hits hands again if Trump declares himself El Caudillo and calls out the military and suspends the election. Funny thing that if it comes to it there is a lot more hope of the military saving the union than the GOP.
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    Well, yeah, ... until I can have a funeral mass for my father, when all of my family can be together, .... yeah, that’ll kinda be on my mind. And I’m guessing that maybe most of the families impacted similarly across the country may also find those two subjects matter to them.
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    There used to be a joke...how can you tell when a politician is lying? His lips are moving. With Donald it's how can you tell when Donald is lying? He's awake. But if he talks in his sleep, he probably lies then too.
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    I hate that ****er. And every org has a few. He is the working world's Quintin Berry.
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    Just as a quick note, a nice feature on that site is you can check your current status and see whether or not you are slated to receive a mail-in ballot.
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    Hi, just me with the Michigan absentee ballot application link again, have a good day https://www.michigan.gov/sos/0,4670,7-127-1633_8716_8728-21037--,00.html
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    Again I've mentioned Rona and unemployment ad nauseum -literally a dozen times at least... And here you are AGAIN with this one seriously bro are you trolling? This is honestly really weak
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    I don't know why some think it's far fetched.... we've seen the Proud Boy types pull this stuff up in Portland in recent years.
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    The mayor of St Paul talks about this in his city. He made a really good speech.
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    this is correct. Right now we have a set of events, but all that matters in the end politically is the narrative(s) America decides to tell itself about the events, and that has not been written yet. MB seems adamant that the only potential solution any American can see to racial unrest is more facism. It's one view
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    I wrote in Ham sandwich in 2016 and am still convinced we would be in better shape had we elected a ham sandwich. Prove me wrong.
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    They force us to use video. I hate it. I have to wear pants and make sure my weed pipe isn't laying out on my desk.
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    I don't think the "zoom mom" will look at this and think "yeah what we really need is 4 more years of Trump to put a stop to this" What they will think is "We need a normal President who understands people's pain and one that won't be in the news all the time for saying stupid **** and stirring up trouble."
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    I think cops firing rubber bullets are reporters will be huge for Republicans in the burbs.
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    Yes we have to rely on Trump's incompetence because some liberals are hellbent on looting and burning cities across the country.
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    I hate meetings. Zoom meetings are less bad because it's easy to do other stuff while pretending to pay attention.
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    Every cop in America should be fired. The fraternity of police is a white supremacist organization. Non police are treated like enemy’s who should be neutralized. We need to start over. What does it say that cities need to burn for a cop to be charged with murdering a black man, with extended video of the murder. And then the charge is downgraded to unintentional. Start over.
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    Because he just didn't care enough, you could tell from his facial expression and body language.
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    yes yes yes. You guys might not like it, but I think he was totally right when he said *we* don't remember "You're not black" b/c we're old white guys. He's actually been aggrieved by Republican policies. I haven't. I'm a middle class white dude, the world caters to my ***. I can understand why it's easier for me to be cool with nevertrumpers than it is for him. I didn't remember "Youre not black" either and that actually makes me feel kinda ****ty, not good
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    no, I think DC just has a lot more skin in the game (pun intended) than any of us do on these issues and so rather than lose his cool he steps away because he doesn't think it's worth getting banned, and I'm glad he cares enough about what all of us losers think to care about keeping it his choice if he stays or goes.
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    Remember, Whitmer's husband's phone call is the one we should really be worried about.
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    I mean, Stephen Miller probably knows it.
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    I will say, it could be a shrewd strategy to draft multiple prep players that are expected to want big money, and simply offer slot. You can budget for that number, and whether one or more accept or decline the offer, your other picks aren’t affected, and you get a roughly equivalent pick next draft. There isn’t the PR issue. And the kid, by making it known he’s prepared to go to college if he doesn’t get a big number, doesn’t really get screwed. He gave himself that risk by holding himself out as a tough sign and using college as leverage.
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    I guess I don't get any Christian thinking faith is a get out of jail free card when it comes to possible death since it is a religion founded by a martyr and that has been celebrating additional multitudes of its martyrs since its founding. A believer may find any number of reasons for faith, but idea that it's going to have anything to do with you living a day longer in this vale than your allotted time because of it seems oddly out of touch with its core history and teaching.
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    Of course, and they should go to jail.. But you know, every social class has it's grifters, it just that somehow we are more accepting of the ones in silk suits. I imagine there are no more useless opportunist looters out there hurting the cause of their neighbors in MN than there are opportunist corps manipulating CARES (or TARP) and other Fed $$ in ways contradictory to the public purpose. And the ones in the suits are costing us orders of magnitude more total dollars. Not sure why we hold the people we treat badly to higher standards than the ones society lionizes.
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    You mean republicans?
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    Lol at pence Ok chief
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    Everything is going to be fine. It's almost June. That's when Tony Clark gets productive.
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