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    I wonder if there any polls that don't ask political affilation. Why must Rs versus Ds always be prominent in polling? I'd love to see polls where people are asked questions without pushing the red v. blue paradigm.
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    This has been a crazy time. I'm in a weird place where I'm bullish on a vaccine being developed within the next 18 months or so and bearish on what the coming fall or winter could bring. Seeing these protests at the Michigan capital and reading polls about how one views the effectiveness of masks depends, in part, on political affiliation is very concerning. This would have been totally different under Clinton. A normal Republican like Romney also would have been amazing at managing this crisis- despite my other policy differences with him, I have no doubt he would have been exceptional in a crisis and coordinating a response and resources not just within the US but coordinating an international response by mid to late January when our intel agencies were sounding the alarm. Instead, we have Trump. This has been one of the worst failures of leadership in the history of the United States. No one deserves re-election when they ignore a crisis for over two months and then it leads to the worst pandemic and economic crisis in a century.
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    Brilliant. This needs to be shown everywhere.
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    When you arrest, you have a case. When you arrest, you find something is wrong with people. If we didn't do any arresting, we would have very few cases.
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    Jeez, I ❤️ Her. ?
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    Personally? I'd decline and send a check or a gift from their registry. But I guess it depends on the relationship you have with the bride and/or groom. Immediate family, you pretty much have to attend. (Wear a formal facemask.) But I'm not a ceremonial person, and didn't have or desire all that when I married.
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    It's more like 50% of the population worrying about whether one of their loved ones will be part of the 1%. I feel the driver is less about concern about to one's health and more about those worrying about becoming a detriment to the elderly in their families. Anecdotal, but that's at least what I see in my immediate family at least.
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    no, but 50% of the population worrying about whether they are going to be part of the 1% could keep the economy tanked for a while.
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    While I agree in principle, there are civilians who work in these institutions who then turn around and go into Kroger, Target, wherever after their shift ends. "It's just the prisons" is sort of a cold comfort

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