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    Tested negative for COVID! Waiting on CT scan results now. That’s a relief. Thanks for the well wishes, everyone!
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    I’m doing what I can to boot King off his throne. So sick of his schtick. Embarrassment to our district.
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    No idea what the sexual orientation of a genius has to do with anything but I don't disagree.
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    In the early '70's being from the Dodgers' farm system was almost a guarantee of being overrated - Bill Russell, Billy Grabarkewitz, Steve Garvey, etc. People seemed to believe that every Dodgers prospect was wonderful.
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    Does he still talk with an echo?
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    Hank Greenberg was from NYC and the Yankees thought a home grown Yankee fan turned player would be great for the papers (plus being Jewish with NYC having a large Jewish community) -> more ticket sales, so they pursued him hard as a high schooler, which culminated in the Yankees arranging for him to come down to the clubhouse to meet the players before a game and then watch the game from the owner's box to butter him up. Hank sat there in the owner's box, watched Lou Gehrig play, and thought to himself, absent an injury, there was no way he could beat Lou out for the starting job at first, so he signed with the Tigers instead.
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    I’m gonna drive by oblong’s house and wave. Maybe bring a beer and drink it on his lawn. I hope he sees me.
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    I just sneezed on my screen.
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    The market has demonstrated for decades that it will keep those medical expenses in check.
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    the most specious argument a republican can make is that government shouldn't do things because THEY are incompetent at government.
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    Always have to have a Democrat come and fix what a Republican screwed up.
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    CT results came back good too, and she is back home resting. Phew!
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    I get the lack of respect considering our history but I think many people, especially the national guys are sleeping on the Lions this year. Of course it will come down to Stafford like always but if he stays healthy I think we are going to have a dangerous offense with the additions of Swift and for all intents and purposes Hockenson.(if history is any indication of how TEs develop he should take a big step next year) The defense will of course be suspect but I think Flowers was starting to play alot better after his slow start and guys like Collins and Okwara should be welcome additions. The loss of Slay will hurt but he wasn't that good last year anyway so Trufant and Okudah very much could turn out to be an upgrade over what we got from him last year.
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    When will the media say it? Radical WHITE Terrorism. That is what these guys are. Terrorists.
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    My mom went to urgent care this morning because her blood pressure was super high. They sent her to ER because she was showing COVID and stroke symptoms. With really bad asthma, high blood pressure, and diabetes. She’s waiting to be seen right now at Ascension Warren.

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