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    It's called 9/11 guys. Trump stopped 910 other attacks before he was even in office.
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    I'd just like to report that I'm done with the board effective today. My privileges to read the Politics board were just revoked for posting a view that was different than the rest of the board. I stopped posting there about a month ago because of being banned for no reason. I decided to come back and test it again. That was my mistake. Maroth4MVP was removed today too, and I suspect others either have been removed, or will be soon. The bottom line is that the site is not a place for professional adult discourse. It's a place where everyone has to have the same opinion. If you don't, or you try to debate it in a professional way, you're banned, or, as we see now, your privileges are revoked. As a result, I am more than happy to go other places where all views are respected and allowed to be heard. I will no longer visit the board, won't drive ad traffic to it and will encourage anyone else I know to do the same- as loudly as possible.
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    Some people were citing Sweden last week as having a sensible balance. Here's a look at deaths per 100,000 of population, for them and their neighbours: Sweden 11.75, Norway 2.63, Finland 1.31 So it looks as though there have been hundreds of preventable deaths that occurred in Sweden so far (they have 1,203 deaths, would only have about 250 with similar experience to Norway and Finland) Just for interest: USA 8.64, Canada 2.67 If I lived in the USA or Sweden I wouldn't be a big fan of reopening right now.
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    Americans should be pissed that social distancing is working? Good lord this **** is mind poison.
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    Beyond parody. We need a new vocabulary to deal with this level of ignorance.
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    No way these numbers are reality at all, but the trend line is worth noting.
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    Rocky IV was worse than Rocky III. And Police Academy 6- much worse than Police Academy 2. So, no one should be surprised COVID-19 is so bad.
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    The stock market vs. the economy.
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    And now, here is everything Scott Pleis can tell us about Casey Mize.
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    Abbott takes a sort of middle ground approach that a lot of commentators outside Texas consider inadequate... and he still gets slammed for doing too much.
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    Maybe Dr. Donny can find a cure for all of us? Like, maybe cyanide pills? His supporters would take them. And all of our problems would be solved.
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    I have direct deposit set up so I won't get Trump's autograph. But if I did, I would take a picture of the check before I cashed it and I would frame it. Maybe the frame would be worth something someday.
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    Probably the immediate hope you shoot for is a breakthrough in treatment. You won't cure it but be able to manage it so that you don't require so many hospitalizations, ICU, Vents, and of course death. I have no idea what that could be, some type of medicine or patch..... but If you can get this to the point where it is indeed "just like the flu" but more people get it and 99.5% of those have to stay home for a bit to recover.... but I haven't heard much on treatment. Outside of that we're in a long and slow process. Anderson Cooper had someone on last night talking about progress on a vaccine that could be 8 months away.
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    The real key is not to waste the time all the sacrifices people have made have bought. Will hospital capacity be up? Will large organizations have plans about what to do if a worker is infected? Will they even know if a worker is infected? How will we know if a region should resume social distancing? I hope the states or the non-orange and non-profiteering federal leaders are helping design plans and build infrastructure. I fear the federal leadership is more focused on firing people with oversight of CARES money so they can divert it to their hotel business and to business leaders they hope to get something personally from in the future. I also am interested in the reported big tax cut for real estate owners and hedge fund managers. I'm not sure that is real yet- I haven't followed the links on social media. But if it is I suspect I know how it got in there.
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    You should post it Valentine’s Day night in 2021
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    FWIW, the notion that stan drove me to the site more is an f'ing joke, I refresh this board all the time whether his *** is here or not
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    Donald Trump telling us the check is in the mail? Uh-huh
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    We saw them last summer - for the first time since about '92. Not my favourite band, but they were half decent and it was a hot summer night at a cricket ground.
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    Baseball is back ... in Taiwan. Opening Day of the Chinese Professional Baseball League this past weekend. No fans allowed, but mannequins, cutouts and robots. Plus real live cheerleaders. I've been to a few games in Taipei over the years. A lot of interest in baseball on that island, but the pro game has really been damaged by a couple of gambling scandals.
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    BTW, MotownSports.com is celebrating our 20th anniversary next month on May 15th. Twenty years... imagine that! However, our time is short without the ad money that both stanpapi and MAROTH4MVP drove to this website. It was a good ride...
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    They still do... I've enjoyed their emails.
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    I seldom post in any forum, and never in the political one. I do read that forum, there are many good links to sources for being more informed as a person and as a citizen. I learn things there. But the drivel spewed by the two banned members was corrosive, not counterpoint. Good riddance.
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    Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
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    Its like he's worse than crazy and stupid.

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