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    I promise you it is not a photo op. I'm currently working on the response to COVID.
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    Too accurate to be truly humorous. But I did chuckle a bit.
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    Speaking of Darwin, a few years ago one of my kids saved a guy's life. They were working at a playground, the guy got stung by a bee, and went into shock. My kid drove him to the hospital in the city dump truck they were using. Previously, that same guy had shot himself in the foot while trying to load a crossbow, and had nailed his foot to a tree root with the bolt. So, in saving his life from the bee sting, my kid said that he sort of felt bad for slapping Darwin in the face.
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    Where I live, all the public spaces are closed. Conservation areas, golf courses, playgrounds, everything. You can't stop people from walking on nature trails, but you can close the parking lots that serve them. People need to get serious about this. Walking around the block is fine. Going to the grocery store once every two weeks is fine. Other than that, you need to stay in your house. No excuses.
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    "running errands daily" does not seem to be in the spirit of what we are being asked to do.
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    He sacrificed his career for their lives. Remember the current Navy Sec is a lacky who replaced the previous one over the Seal pardon.... the military hierarchy is corrupt.
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    I can't get into a ton. They're dealing with some of the same issues, but they're on a timeline behind the other two I'm working with. The soft spot is real. I spent nearly a month there working post-Maria.
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    bringing in a lefty to throw one punch and then leave the brawl.
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    When he goes after the questioner like this, that's when we know he's busted on the question.
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    Bull ****ing ****. That is a cop-out. If he laid out a reasoned, rational plan, people and governors would follow it.
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    well, knowing you that would have been true irregardless.
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    This may be the most breathtaking gif I've ever seen.
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    Golf sucks. There, I solved that for everybody.
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    and it TBH, if you look at Korea or Hong Kong, it's not clear that sitting on your couch all day is the only way to keep this in check. In a non-totalitarian country you will never get 100% compliance because we choose to let people decide what they value in life for themselves, even if we don't all agree with them. At some point, the gov (and unfortunately this gov is totally incompetent) needs to start working on how to transition from "lock down" to a system where the country can function despite the presence of the disease. Where is the Federal leadership on things like fever screening for public places (The feds should be coordinating manufacture of IR pyrometers and lots of other things that probably haven't entered the Orange one's tiny consciousness yet)., development of serological testing so we can start to trace the actual penetration of exposure/resistance in the public and have the data needed to stop making decisions in the dark, which is mostly what we are doing now. We can't even get masks to hospitals let alone get anywhere near to where everyone has a couple in the glove box of their car - which is where we need to be. 90 days in and we are still functioning at lowest common denominator here .
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    I'm observing the spirit of what we are legally required to do. I'm not partaking in the fear and hysteria that's being promoted either. When I run errands I observe social distancing and the sort. No one in my house is in a risk category. I have many thoughts on this entire situation that don't necessarily jive with the tone of this thread (there is way too much TDS for one....I understand not liking the guy but the hatred is obsessive), but I'm taking an "agree to disagree" stance because friendships shouldn't be compromised over this.
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    Saw this ad from a Democratic Super Pac on my Facebook timeline today . . .
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    I can't speak for the other drivers, but I can tell you that on a nice sunny day yesterday, I went for a pleasure drive along the lakeshore, just to get the h*** out of the house and feel somewhat normal again.
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    Natasha does't understand triage. The basic idea is a good one - but possibly the Navy/admin is screwing it up. An armed services Hosp ship was probably not designed primarily for infectious diseases. In general a ship is too close quarters to use for a highly infectious disease, - it probably has nowhere near the air purification capacity of a modern hospital - etc. It makes perfect sense to use it to treat the seriously ill with other conditions that there is not room for in the regular system now and who it would be too dangerous to expose to the virus even if there were room in the regular Hosps. There are still a enough of people in NY who will die of things other than COIVD19 if they can't get a hospital bed to fill the ship. SO the objective is keep COVID off the ship and treat critically ill who are not COVID patients. The set-up concept was fine, whether the managers may be screwing it up is a different question. This and the "EMTs will not resuscitate you" story are good examples of what's wrong with Twitter. Thoughtless, breathless, un-researched reporting.
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    Doing this, he'll make the world a better place.
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    This brings to mind the Farmer/Cowens incident:
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    I'm actually looking for safe ways to spend money with retailers that are still working. We've placed orders at a local small grocer and our ACE, which are both doing curbside pick-up now. I'm going to see if I can still get some landscape materials from HomeDepot by delivery. I have the good fortune to still be employed and it seems unfair not to keep doing some commerce where it can be done safely.
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    I don't like bad shows about bad people doing bad things.
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    Honestly, in today's political climate a call from Trump might make certain state leaders want to do the opposite. And occasionally they might be right in doing so.
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    My take is if an establishment is allowed to be open, then you're allowed to go to it. I'm going to the gas station, grocery store, and drive thrus on a daily basis to run errands and get some time outside the house.

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