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    Laughing at a Trump supporter talking about coherence.
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    Spring Training Game 2 State of the Series: Florida Tigers Record: 1-0 Tigers Record in Florida: 40-46 (in games that count) Detroit Tigers connection: Lakland, the spring training home since 1934 Tigers from Florida: Gary Sheffield, J.D Martinez, Dean Palmer, Shane Greene, Howard Johnson, Bobby Seay
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    Yes, 8 almonds and 8 oz of water in 8 innings. Its early, I need to work on my stamina.
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    The time to stop Bernie Sanders was in 1980 when Reaganomics deregulated the economy, got rid of consumer protections, cut taxes on the wealthy, broke the backs of unions, and made race baiting (welfare queens) acceptable in mainstream politics again. The time to stop Bernie was in 1992 when Bill Clinton and Republicans passed NAFTA and helped, along with automaton, to evaporate good-paying blue collar jobs. The time to stop Bernie is when the Glass-Steegall regulatory reforms were stripped down in favor of Gramm-Leach-Bliley and Wall Street was given carte blanche to engage in speculative derivatives trading and take full control of large sectors of the economy. The time to stop Bernie was when Congress gave the Bush Administration a blank check to invade Iraq on fabricated intelligence reports and engage in fear mongering against people of Muslim faith in America. And finally, the time to stop Bernie was when the decision was made after the financial crash to bail out banks and Wall Street instead of home owners and workers. This Bernie Sanders "revolution" is a result of horrific public policy decisions made over 40 or more years. People are hurting very badly in this country, in spite of a good economy right now. Wealth inequality is at obscene, almost banana republic levels. People are struggling, families are struggling, working multiple jobs, taking home lower pay as it fails to keep up with inflation. Public education is getting worse and we to continue to disinvest in education and we continue to fall further behind other developed countries. Public corruption is off the charts thanks to Trump and people have no faith in their public institutions. Moderate, half-hearted policy proposals, a more of the same approach, isn't going to solve the significant challenges we face. Racism is on the rise again and is coming out in the open. You want to know who to blame for Bernie Sanders, every politician who voted for bad public policy, supported short-sighted decisions, and all the generations of people who chose to put these people in public office and keep them there year after year, decade after decade.
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    He'd be wise to pivot to a more general election, uniting message going forward. The performance today, if it goes as I think it will go based on exits, will put him in a really strong position and it would be smart to make room for his skeptics on the bandwagon
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    Isn’t that the game where you can donate a gently used trash can and get a free general admission ticket at the gate?
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    "That's something you don't see very often" I love Dan, but there are times.......
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    MLB audio coming through loud and clear. Good to hear Dan and Jim again!
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    Looking at the very top of the page I see there may have been a Domestic Violence meeting this morning through MLB. Interesting.
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    Dang, I thought Parasite was a bio pic on the Trump Family
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    Doing a re-watch of Ozark. Just finished season 1. I forgot just how great this show is. Pretty easily my favorite show right now. Season 3 begins next month.
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    Spring Training Game 1 State of the Series: Florida Tigers Record: 0-0 Baseball teams in Florida: Tampa Rays, Miami Marlins, 15 spring training sites, Lakeland Flying Tigers, Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp Random fact: The Washington Capitals held the first organized spring training in Florida in 1888.
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    This team is better than you think it is.
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    Welcome to the Hotel Matt Patricia. You can check out any time you like, but you can never win.
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    Again, Trump sounds like a blithering idiot every single day. So your witticisms ring pretty hollow.
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    An index fund far outperformed Trump's business acumen
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    Jr might have less self awareness than everyone is US history.
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    Chasfh with the championship caliber concern trolling is already ready for opening day.
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    I'm strugging with the notion that the result of a contested convention "repairs" the fractured support or creates a consensus. I can definitely see it not only failing to mend the fissures, but exacerbating them. I also don't have the best faith in whoever and however the "best candidate" is selected, but that's a different question.
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    Welcome to another year where we will grit our way through it so when they are all good we can say "I was there when they stunk this means more to me." For this year's game threads we will take a trip and visit all 50 states and a few countries to learn their baseball history. It will work better in the regular season when we do a state per series, but we'll get through the spring together. Each trip will include random facts, ties to the Detroit Tigers, ties to our current opponent and more.
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    Whitey Herzog had a good Bob Horner story in his book. Opening day one year, everyone is excited and out on the field early loosening up for the game. Whitey comes into the clubhouse to grab something, and sees Horner sitting by his locker like a "frog on a lilly pad" and asks him why isn't out with the rest of the team. Horner tells him he's tired. Herzog throws his arms up and yells "162 games to go and the man is gassed!"

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