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    That is a fair and impartial observation. There's a chance that he would be eaten alive. If he is attacked at that deeply personal level it's debatable as to whether or not he could control his outrage, rather than succumbing to it like his alter ego Larry David. Here's my biggest objection to Sanders and Warren: they allow "universal health care" to be portrayed as a radical left nut-bar position, and in Warren's case she feel as though she needs "a plan" to pay for it. In every other country in the developed Western world, universal health care is a centrist position, it's just a given, and to oppose it is to occupy a radical right nut-bar position. It is self-evident that you should provide it. You'll never achieve decent health care, and the rest of us will be mystified as to why not, if the narrative persists that universal health care is some kind of radical left-wing proposition. It's the most centrist position that you could possibly occupy. If I'm a Democrat, I'm portraying universal health care as a basic no-brainer human right in a developed Western economy, and I'm shouting at the Republicans to explain why they think that a certain socioeconomic underclass of society (ironically, Trumpies) is not worthy of it. I'm thinking that Bernie is the wrong guy to try to pull this off.
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    Even if you are a fan of universal single payer, trying to get there in one fell swoop is a mistake. You have to get there step wise. ACA -> ACA + public option -> increasing application of public option -> private system shrinking organically. It took generations for the system we have to take its current shape, we need to be willing to take 10-20 for it take some other shape. Obama still had it right - get people covered under the current system. Once everyone is covered you can slowly transform the system to something you want better. One of the biggest problems we have in US politics is impatience. When you want to make seismic change you basically have to resign yourself to doing over lifetimes so that the people who are attached to the way it is (and have vested interests in it) are not asked to upset their lives because they simply will not support you if that is what you demand. You build your better system by bringing the young into it over a generation. What most progressives are giving short shrift to is how to get from A to B practically without creating a lot of dislocation and chaos. I think that is what people are afraid of today. I don't think most people think medicaid for all is bad idea conceptually, but they know instinctively that you can't turn 20% of the US economy around on a dime. They saw how difficult ACA implementation was and that was only tinkering around the edges.
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    What happens in Vargas, stays in Vargas
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    If I get served one more frickin’ penile reduction ad...
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    I think the product is called Bonerz
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    I'm excited for the upcoming justin Verlander 263 pitch game
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    bit of a compromise since there is an ongoing trial
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    This is fun. Hukka doesn't like the nasty elites Meanwhile he's a *****
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    except that he did do it, he just stopped doing it when it got caught. So more like "You thought about strangling Sean, then you did strangle Sean, but they pulled you off him before you could finish.
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    I think that it is fitting that the White House can now be as terrified of John Bolton as the rest of us used to be.
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    Going from the childish Nicholas to the adult Nick will add more to your power numbers than any ballpark could.
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    When looking at a Trump vs Democrat race it takes a bit of pragmatism. I think this hits the issue squarely on the head From the Bullwerk... Eichenwald’s list goes on. True, the GOP’s portrait of Sanders strips him of the grace notes which make life tolerable—context, nuance, the chance of personal growth, the wisdom that time brings. It fails to acknowledge that he emerged from a marginal early adulthood to become a capable small-city mayor. But, as JFK often said, life is unfair—and, as Sanders’ own followers often exemplify, politics in the age of social media is soul-shriveling and feral. Eichenwald’s point is simple: from Clinton, Sanders enjoyed a privileged immunity. What Trump would dispense is Hobbesian savagery. https://thebulwark.com/this-is-how-trump-would-destroy-bernie-sanders/?utm_source=afternoon-newsletter&utm_medium=email Bottom line is Sanders has not been vetted with any serious opposition fire. Not like the heavy artillery we’ve seen the current Trumpublicans bring.
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    If you let capitalism go unchecked, you'll get horrors equal to those of socialism. That's why we have a mix of both in this country. We would all be better off to accept that and stay away from the extremes.
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    I believe this is the story you guys are talking about? "I remember when I went to the ownership meetings in Colorado in August, and I was walking back from dinner with Tony La Russa (retired Cardinals manager) and we're talking about statistics and about WAR. And, no offense to the player, but when I woke up that morning they had on the (ESPN.com) site that Darwin Barney that day was ranked ahead of Miguel Cabrera in WAR. And I don't mean anything against Darwin Barney, but there wasn't a person in Major League Baseball who on that particular day would have traded Miguel Cabrera for Darwin Barney. So, when people say WAR is all-encompassing, that loses the argument to me right there." -Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski
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    When Nick hits 35-40 dingers next season (which he should), he'll opt out and sign an even bigger contract.
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    perhaps it says the worst team in baseball is the worst team in baseball for a reason?
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    in cincinnati's ballpark, he's likely going to put up some really good counting numbers.
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    Nick is only 28, so it's likely the Reds will be paying for his best 4 years.
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    nicky c is a little bit more valuable than some of you thought...
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    Rumblings are that Nick might be heading to the Reds. Will be interesting to see what the contract looks like. If true, he’ll hit 35+ HR’s in that ballpark.
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    I don’t think I have ever seen a team announce the amount of a contract.

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