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    Voting shouldn’t be hard. That’s what you are refusing to acknowledge because It both makes your point invalid it exposes your true intentions. you wish to make it harder for certain people because you don’t like how they vote. You’ve admitted it.
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    Not really. They signed Flowers as a multi-faceted DE who can move around the line. He's not a pure pass rusher. Anyway, the point is that they haven't drafted an edge rusher in 2 years so there is some validity to one assuming that they don't value the position.
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    College Football was different back in the 1980's when Bo was coaching as it was a regional game and winning the Big Ten is what mattered. Today, college football is a national sport, with the Power 5 Conferences, where a National Champion is determined with a playoff and the Rose Bowl is sadly just another random bowl game. That said, if Bo was on track to be 0-21 against Ohio State as Harbaugh is, I would have fired him. 30 years ago programs like Georgia and Auburn wouldn't likely be firing successful coaches like Richt and Chizik respectfully as the sport was regional. Now, when they are trying to be national powerhouse programs, they do things like that. Ohio State, in any era, would have likely fired Jon Cooper for his abject failure to beat Michigan. Again, if you care about beating Ohio State and winning the Big Ten, Harbaugh must be fired. If you don't, keep him and you'll be 9-3/10-2 every year and you'll be 0-6, 0-7, 0-8, 0-9, 0-10, 0-11, 0-12, 0-13, 0-14, 0-15, 0-16, etc. against Ohio State. Dan Orlovsky: Michigan should fire Jim Harbaugh if expectation is to beat Ohio State
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    since youre too young to remember, let me educate you. every year bo would lose the last game of the season, either to ohio state or in the bowl game. every. dang. year. i imagine if you were around back then you'd want him fired too. the idea that michigan is going to issue some sort of "statement" about harbaugh and the football program is just sports radio talk bull****. you dont issue statements undermining your head coach and the program even if you are internally disappointed at the results of the ohio state game. lunacy.
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    You mean is there evidence of a significant issue in our elections? You guys just spent 3 years parroting Russia interference in our elections and you don't believe the answer to that question is yes? Dear lord....
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    My wife works for the Government Accountability Office which is extremely proud of its reputation as the US Congress' IG organization. This joke of a sham GAI is **** bait.
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    Yeah, that's what I thought. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Government_Accountability_Institute The Government Accountability Institute (GAI) is a conservative nonprofit think-tank[3] located in Tallahassee, Florida.[4][5] GAI was founded in 2012[6] by Peter Schweizer and Steve Bannon with funding from Robert Mercer and family.[7] Schweizer serves as the group's president.[8] The group is known for pushing conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton in 2016, as well as conspiracy theories about Joe Biden before the 2020 election.[9] Well, at least your streak of terrible is still unbroken.
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    That defeats the whole ******* purpose absentee. It’s for people who have issues leaving the house. My mom is going to be 90. It’s hard for her to even go to the doctor office. It sort of wipes her out for the whole day just getting into the car. No way in **** should we make people like her have to go stand in a line just to prove she satisfies your idiotic standards.
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    I'm ok with absentee but generally favor requiring the voter to drop it off and present ID at that time. I've never been a fan of pure vote by mail.
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    Ensuring people can freely exercise their right to vote = getting things handed to them.
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    I think enough time has elapsed to clearly discern that both CI and AA are in positions over their head. CI maybe because he has too many responsibilities as head of the Ilitch empire that require higher priority than the Tigers.. ..and AA because his track record speaks for itself ..absolutely abysmal.
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    Not hating on Brown but mentioning him and Siakam in the same breath regardless of context seems far fetched to me. Siakam is an extreme exception to come out of nowhere like he did, going from a development guy to an elite player in the span of 2 years. Siakam has natural physical gifts that Brown just doesn't have. It's not just work ethic that elevated Siakam to the next stratosphere, it was a lot of natural gifts that needed to be harnessed which he did through hard work. With that said, Brown is a good player to have going forward if nothing else then for his defense and character. I don't see the offensive potential that some others do even if he gets the most out of his ability.
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    George Soros paid for a big f'n tunnel under that wall. You should see it, 6 lanes of traffic.
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    What happened to that border wall emergency? Did they ever get it built? I don't want no Mexicans ruining my Christmas.
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    Siakam is noted for his work ethic and it's a key to his huge improvement - something that's often overlooked when people talk "talent". Some guys have that drive while others simply don't. Can you imagine Dre with Ben Wallace's work ethic? What about Sheed with Duncan's work ethic - clearly he had all the talent and maybe more than Timmy. I can see that drive in Bruce and in that respect he's like Siakam. He's already an excellent defender and he's improved his three point shooting by 8% as well as his ability to handle the ball in just his second year. Now imagine he improves that significantly again next year and winds up shooting just a few percentage points higher from three (37%). I'm not saying that'll get him Most Improved Player next year or anything, but the kid's got heart and has shown improvement. I'm willing to have some hope in him continuing to improve his shooting since he's already shown progress. Any team in the league would love a guy with his defensive skills that can knock down open threes.
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    Prove this statement. Words are cheap. Point to some stories or articles that demonstrate this as a fact.
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    Yep, they specifically target players who fit over BPA. They're not the only team that does this but the Lions seem particularly reliant on "scheme" players. The Lions scheme would somewhat mitigate Young's skillset because he'll see constant double teams.
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    I think the fact that they play a 3-4 and typically rush 3 with 7-8 guys dropping back in coverage shows that as well. The scheme they play is an indicator of what they do and don't value.
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    I was two when Bo retired. My earliest Michigan memories are the Todd Collins quarterbacked and Gary Moeller coached teams of the early 1990's. I very vaguely remember the 1992 Rose Bowl game against Washington. Bo was 11-9-1 against Ohio State in 21 seasons at Michigan. If Harbaugh coaches here as long as Bo did he will be on track to be 0-21 against Ohio State.
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    I know that holding Harbaugh accountable for anything down at Schembechler Hall seems like a stretch, but it's certainly not ridiculous. Look at all of the following coaches, from successful football schools, who were fired. Mark Richt = .740 winning% at Georgia Gene Chizik = .645 winning% at Auburn John Cooper = .691 winning% at OSU Les Miles = .700 winning% at LSU If you want Big Ten Championships and you want to win against Ohio State then do what these schools did to their coaches and fire Harbaugh. If you don't, then keep Harbaugh, because you'll never win won over Ohio State as long as he's here and Ryan Day is there. Georgia replaced Richt with Kirby Smart, Auburn replaced Chizik with Gus Malazhan, Ohio State replaced Cooper with Jim Tressel, LSU replaced Miles with Ed Orgeron. With the exception of LSU, who is on track to play for a National Title this season, the other three schools improved and competed for National Championships upon firing their coach.
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    Apparently Henning and his editors both think that the public was craving a feature on Randy Smith
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    I'm starting to think you cannot address points a-c raised by Biggs. Because, absent that, I'm honestly not sure why photo ID is even necessary to ensure fair elections... it reads more like a "solution" to an almost statistically non-existent problem. 1. If it is as necessary as you say it is, it should be provided free of charge. Full stop. 2. Means isnt just money for the ID... if one does not own a car, do they have the "means" to get to the DMV or SecStates office? Especially if they are in some far flung part of a rural county, or perhaps one that doesn't have an office (which is the case in a lot of western counties with smaller populations)? Or how about if they are in a nursing home or assisted living facility? It's way too common for people to assume that just because it's reasonably easy for them to obtain a photo ID that it's the same level of ease for everyone else. There are cases where it's not. I'd rather the folks making these arguments admit that theydont give a **** about these circumstances than just avoid addressing them.
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    this delay is a freebie for Pelosi though because no one wanted to do anything over the holiday regardless of what Mitch thinks is strategic. So the House can let every one stew and speculate and carry one and get out too far over their skis and then just deliver the articles when they come back in session and shrug and say "what are you all so bent out of shape about? Who holds a trial over Christmas?"
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    No, I expect accountability to come out of the university and there is none. Ohio State held John Cooper accountable. Georgia held Mark Richt accountable. Auburn held Gene Chizik accountable. LSU held Les Miles accountable. Good but not great coaches, **** even formally great coaches, get fired. Michigan is doing nothing to hold Harbaugh to account, they just give him a blank check and apparently a never ending leash. In-fact, Harbaugh is getting a guaranteed raise next year so he can go 0-6 against OSU and get blown off the field once again. It's sad when Jeff Brohm is more successful than you are against the Buckeyes. Would it kill the university to have some intellectual honesty and say that the goal each year is to win football games and be respectable but not beat Ohio State? Oh wait, they can't do that, they need to sit here and spin their intellectually dishonest narrative to all of us about how this is still "The Game" and we're going to compete to win against Ohio State so they can continue to ensure the cash keeps flowing in. What a bunch of crap. When you've been beaten to the point of enacting a mercy rule two years straight that spin stops working.
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    The Dominos keep falling And
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    Matt Gaetz watches with a noose around his neck
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    Chase Young will outlast Quinn and Patricia. They aren't going to rush 3 for ever.
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    You’re looking for a scintilla of empathy. Try a different door.... you’re not finding it behind this one you’ve knocked on.
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    And again, the issue is being avoided (on purpose, IMO) is that, setting aside whether photo ID is necessary or effective, is that the ability to obtain said photo ID isnt as easy for some folks as it is for others. Some don't drive... some don't live close to a DMV or SecState office... amongst other things. Personally, I think it's easy to sit there and say NBD when you have the means. It's just worth remembering that not everyone is in the same position you are in.
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    Again, you all spent years bitching about supposed interference in our elections. This seems to be an issue of such utmost importance to all of you that I am astounded that you wouldn't want to do anything you could to protect our elections. Was that not meant to be "protect them in general" or did you all mean "protect them only when they might not go our way"?
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    What you “think” and what the law says are two different things. I think people should send me $10. Doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.
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    Pudge can go eat a dick. And he was one of my favorite non Tiger players. Then he got here and I saw the warts.
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    How many injured punters have they drafted in the top 10?
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    Yeah because that's what the Lions have done in the past.

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