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    They need to hack NSA spy satellites to steal signs. Procuring or developing better players is amateur hour.
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    What is this Kuntry bull**** doing on during a Detroit football game? Is this some sort of white identity thing?
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    What if Blough is our Tom Brady? Great days ahead? ?
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    I love when my Trump supporting friends tell me about the great employment rate under Trump and then I show them a chart that shows that it's a continuation. Then they tell me how employment has improved for Blacks and Latinos under Trump. Again, I present a chart showing these trends to be continuations. Then two months later, the process repeats.
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    So far, he hasn't screwed up the upward economic trend that started under Obama.
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    This team used to be a warm blankey I would cuddle up with; now it’s just a piece of cloth riddled with smallpox given to me by the white devil while they drag our off women into servitude.
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    And I had a good laugh at Andre bringing the ball up and getting his pocket picked by Rozier.
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    I think only if Vlad is able to help Trump steal another election.
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    In before Stan tells us that this is legal and that all businessmen do it.
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    Fans should have a “blackout“ like they’re going to a funeral. The men should wear black top hats in all black clothing, women should dress in all black with veils like old weeping widows in black and white photos. Every time the Tigers come to bat the whole crowd should stand up and shout “Bring out your dead.”
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    Need to consider trading stafford for picks. Blough looked fine to me for 1st NFL start. Dump Quinn and Pat

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