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    Just my opinion but... at the Democratic Nomination it won't matter who the nominee is... The groundswell will be quite rapid after that... IMMENSE!!! "We have to get behind Biden!!!" "We have to get behind Warren!!!" "We have to get behind Mayor Pete!!!" There may be a few dissenting voices... but they will be few. Everyone knows the danger we are in: Progressive Dems, Moderate Dems, Independents, Never-Trump Republicans, other Moderate Republicans, young, old, black, white, hispanic, recent immigrants, many-generation families... everyone. And it won't matter ideology, EVERYONE (who values Democracy and the Constitution versus Corruption) will get behind the Dem nominee, whoever he or she may be, and yes, I'm including Tulsi.... The groundswell will not be a Blue Wave... It will be a Blue Tidal Wave. Just my opinion.
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    Context matters a lot in these debates. Like, I'm sympathetic to the idea that Sanders may have beaten Trump in 2016 (though I don't think its obvious that he would have at all), but that same logic doesn't necessarily apply to all elections. 2016 =/= 2020... it will be a different election with much different considerations I've said it before and I'll say it again: I have a lot of worries about some Democratic voters are misreading this particular electorate in that a lot of folks are more driven by getting Trump out of The White House than they are about leaning in to big ideological debates about restructuring the American economy. And this is amplified by a social media atmosphere which continues to be befuddled and cannot at all understand the popularity of candidates like Joe Biden or Pete Buttigieg. You gotta work with the electorate you have.
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    I understand this would ordinarily be humiliating, but its the dead period of the off season, so I think you are excused.
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    its not to criticize outsiders, its to put things in perspective. there has been support for bob quinn not making moves like the bears did last year to get mack and then poo pooing their 12-4 season as just luck. well, if you know the history of the lions wouldnt you like to have a season like that? or the rams going to the super bowl but not having first round picks. they went to the damn super bowl who cares about picks? people seem pretty cavalier about other teams making mistakes and getting lucky when the lions have never won the nfc north and only won one playoff game.
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    In the end, that's what the voters are supposed to resolve in the primaries. I guess I don't get all the hand wringing about what everyone thinks everybody else wants -- the primary voters are going to tell us what the rest of us think. If the argument is that primary voters shouldn't be trusted to pick candidates, then it is the whole democratic election system that is being indicted. Where do you go from there? The argument would boil down to a public either too apathetic, too ignorant or to jaded act in its own interest. If that is the case, the republic is already lost.
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    Jason Castro is still available. You can never have enough Castros. Seriously, he'd be a decent pick up.
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    13 of the top 15 federally dependant states were Trump states. https://wallethub.com/edu/states-most-least-dependent-on-the-federal-government/2700/
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    Great season should make Dre easy to trade, right? ...or maybe other GMs actually watch the games and understand the difference between stat chasing and playing winning basketball.
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    Even a full repeal of the amendment today is not going to stop a mass shooting yesterday, or even one today. After all, there are some 400 million firearms floating around the US, and they are not going anywhere in the next few days and weeks under any circumstances. Newly imposed dramatic restrictions on 2A is not about rewriting past mass shootings. It's about an effort to turn the guns ship around and prevent mass shootings years and decades from now. Like a concerted effort someone undertakes to lose 100 pounds, it's a lifestyle change, and that always takes time and work. I refuse to believe that's impossible, even in our United States.
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