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    Evil is a good word. I buried my parents. Both had battled illness leading up to their death. Dad was 71, Mom 78. I had POA and Executor. They went about 5 years apart. Both went through 2-3 year battles to stay alive at the end. There are not enough words to describe what I saw in the countless hours I spent in hospitals, doctors offices, and rest homes watching my parents get pillaged on their way to the grave. Probably not a popular opinion (and I will warn the people who work in the industry; I don't blame you.) but the entire system is nothing more than a blueprint on how to milk people penniless and then allow them to die. We no longer have value once there is nothing to extract. You become nothing more than a pin cushion pill eating revenue stream to the system. Healthcare is 20 percent of our economy, and growing somewhere in the neighborhood of 4-5 percent annually. This is simply unsustainable. This issue needs to be addressed, and it can't come too soon.
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    I can't even believe that this is a point of debate. Thanks for clarifying.
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    You just quoted George Carlin.
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    I hate hate hate the absolute agony that gets piled on to families who are dealing with actual life and death situations.... it’s abominable what we have to accept as “normal” health costs in this country. It’s evil.
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    Lack of evidence you're citing, eh? OK, how about this? From 1988 through 2019, a total of 32 seasons, there is a +0.66 correlation between attendance and the Tigers +/- .500 record. Evidence supports the claim that there is a correlation between ticket sales and performance against .500. And just eyeballing the right side of the chart, as the team has gotten worse in recent years, attendance has continued to drop, not stabilize.
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    The Joker's Wild was a solid show
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    It might happen if the snow suddenly flies off your roof causing the vehicle behind you to become temporarily blind and an accident ensues.
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    Gotta get the head lights, too.
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    I can't wait for the evangelicans to tell us that we can't support the immorality of a gay man while pulling the lever for a guy with 5 kids by 3 wives who paid off a porn star to keep quiet about an affair he had while his youngest son was still a newborn..
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    Now that we’ve had a taste of winter time to air one of my major peeves. Folks too lazy to clean off their vehicle. It should be a ticketing offense, especially if the vehicle is piled with several inches of snow and is blowing everywhere
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    Isn't all of that common knowledge about Miller? At least they didn't put BREAKING in the headline...
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    PG13 28 PPG last year. Kawhi 26 PPG. Embiid 27 PPG. Giannis 27 PPG. Each one all defense last year. ****, 6 of the 10 all defensive players were over 20 PPG last year. 3 of the top 5 scorers in the league last year were all defensive team, 4 of the top 10. And that isn't counting Lebron and Davis who have both made all defensive teams in the past. Yes, scorers play defense.
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    He's got to go to jail once they pin this on him.
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    I was a big fan of Tricky Dick
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    I too don't think you're stating anything we don't already know. We all do that a lot here. We're all sharing thoughts here, not all of them never thought before. Here's another previously-thought thought: In a world where Trumpism survives Trump, Nikki's answer would be a lot different than it would be if Trumpism dies with Trump. So let's root for the latter as a team.
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    the more basic point Evan should make is Americans do not need to explain WHY Putin controls Trump it is enough that Putin DOES control Trump that matters Motive is nice to have for the jury, but not necessary
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    there is no level of incompetence that the GOP will not celebrate this is crazy
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    Yes, it was the heavy wet stuff. Sounds like you need some snow to keep the leaves in place. What is you mailing address, we'll see if we can send some over to you ASAP.
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    Gonna be a fun couple weeks.
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    Cool, I actually have more. This is a Paul Harvey type "the rest of the story." I've been in and out of love with racing for 50 years. The two things I love most, is the innovation and the history. That drag car tire picture is an example that fits both. Back in the 60s you could go to a dirt track sprint car race and see a Foyt, Rutherford, Unser, and many others who will be at the Brickyard in May. It was the same car. They used treaded tires on the dirt, and slicks on the tar. Not real big ones either. AJ circa 1960 on the dirt - notice the right rear. Tires were bought by what were available at the retail consumer level as custom tires were too expensive. On dirt, you were always fighting getting off the corner. Tires just spun, and who can feather the throttle at the slowest part of the lap? Tar wasn't a problem. Somebody, I think in PA, and a drag racer decided to take a drag slick, cut some grooves in it, and bolt it on the back of a sprinter. The rest is history; one of the most influential and sport changing events in it's history (this picture is not one of them). NASCARs Kyle Larson from not long ago: The World of Outlaws are the top racing circuit in the country at this time. They run 80-90 times a year all over the country. They got their name back in 1978, which was their first year. There was a bunch of racers throughout the country who didn't run the local shows, but traveled track to track where winnings were better. They locals called them outlaws as they came in, whipped the locals ***, and moved on to the next place. In 1973 a guy from my hometown took his pickup, race car, and a couple of pit guys and headed to ASCOT park in southern LA, owned by the well known A.J. Agajanian. ASCOT park was an incredible place, I was there in 1992 (their last WOO show). It is now a shopping mall or something. Great article about it here; End of an Era : Ascot Park to Join Southland Tracks That Have Passed Into History From that article: And that is the rest of the story.
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    One of those nights from Drummond. A total, complete no show. This is why you do NOT pay him. Just let him walk. It’s Blake team. Need help on the perimeter!
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    lol Minnesota should just inbound the ball and throw it at the basket. Everything they toss up is going in.
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    Why in God’s name are you starting Rose and Kennard? This second unit is a G league squad. What the **** is Casey doing?
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    They are all cartoon characters.
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    If you're going to make a controversial statement that Lions ownership gives more rope to white management and coaches, you need to back it up with facts. The burden of proof is on you, not me. If you say there are many articles citing coaching discrimination in todays' NFL or more specifically the Lions, lets see the links.
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    I would also add that for me, my age / maturity / life stage influences the thing as well. Prior to being married I probably watched 90% of all TIgers/Pistons/Wings and Lions games (mostly on TV), and the ones I missed were because the Wings and Pistons played the same night at the same time or some ***hole acquaintance either died got married the same night Wings played the Avalanche. Unbelievable. Then I got married and had children. Children's activities ate up most of my time, and generally I could only catch parts of games. Then it became only parts of games very periodically. Got to the point where I was seeing as many games in person (with my sons, generally) as I was on TV. Soon I'll be an empty nester and I kinda lost the sports watching habit. I frankly find it hard to sit through any game unless I am in attendance. And I do enjoy watching baseball in person for a number of reasons outside of the quality of the Tigers. EDIT: I have less than zero interest in following a second MLB team.
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    with Trump it is much easier to count the number of times he says anything that is true. All you would ever need is int main() { char trumpTruthcount; }
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    If I lived within a couple hours of Detroit I‘d go to a lot of games no matter what. But since I live 2000 miles away I see a game on average once every 30 years. ‘68, ‘88, 2019. By my reckoning when I see my next game I’ll be nearly 100 years old, there will be a domed stadium, and I’ll watch holograms of robots playing on the field. Tigers will probably be extinct by then. So the team will have to have a new name. Michigan MoBots, or colloquially the M&Ms. By this time they will be nearly a.500 team.
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    If you think this is all of it—if you think Marco Rubio is a pure moral Christian leader with one minor stain and that's why people lob vitriol at him—then you're not paying attention.
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    Delete your account. Anyone who defends Rubio is an enabler. Full stop. Rubio is a convenient Christian..
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    I was thinking about that yesterday.... usually when we get a snowfall like this I'm comforted by the fact that baseball is just 2 months away and they are in FL right now, or soon, practicing and playing.... now we've got like 5 months still...
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    Prepare to lose your **** when you hear his answer here. What struggles? If it doesn't work, go to the 4m50s mark to hear the question/answer.

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