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    Not everyone deserves to be treated equally. It's impossible to cover Trump and not be negative because everything about him is negative and he's a perpetual loser. The media today are Dan and Jim having to cover 100 loss Tiger teams. At some point you just have to call **** for the **** it is.
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    Ignoring stan would make him go away.
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    That's him directing the symphony of idiots on the other side of the aisle.
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    who's word you taking: Admiral McRaven, or stanpapi from the qanon internet
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    I'm not so certain Sanders himself was connected to Russia but that Russia supported a Sanders bid as a way to thwart Hillary. The Bernie or bust people who didn't go out and vote for Hillary helped Trump win. It's this kind of divisiveness that the Russians wanted.
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    Tulsi is the Jill Stein of Ralph Naders.
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    Sit down and be quiet https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/national-security/russians-launched-pro-jill-stein-social-media-blitz-help-trump-n951166
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    I mean. I think this. Based on all available evidence.
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    I agree. A baseball franchise is not just another business. People go to sporting events to escape from the banality of the day-in-day-out reality of their lives. They don’t deeply identify with a team and spend money on it because it reminds them of a financial spreadsheet. Hollowing out this franchise to make it mean and lean for resale is just a different version of what corporate raiders do when they gut out a company and sell off the assets piecemeal. It’s the same motivation expressed in different ways. Undermining people’s sense of personal identification with the team to nothing more than “brand loyalty” is to completely misunderstand the nature of this “business.“
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    There's two explanations. They wanted something for free, which I guess makes them "socialists" or they are following the path of their Dear Leader and not wanting to pay any bills. But yeah, blame it on the "Deep State" and "soy drinking latte pieces of ****". Modern day convservatism as morphed into nothing more than perpetual victim status.
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    Tell you what—if what another blog is saying is true, Chris Ilitch should be ostracized and cast out for ruining what's basically a public trust. This isn't a goddam widget factory he's running.
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    No wonder the Tigers are so bad. A dead man runs the team.
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    Former Turkish ambassador respecting our president
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    NO JOKE - The title of this award winning photo is "A horse's *** and a Clydesdale"
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    There’s no other way to put it: this is, flat out, theft of our money.
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    Obviously you mean "before the Kurds made them imprisoned." Because you like facts right chief?
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    Stan, you are making me laugh so much with all your hero worship.
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    Trump liked a tweet citing promoting that article.
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    They did none of that. Literally none. Stop lying.
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    This forum is so much more enjoyable if you read every Stan post in the voice of Charlie Brown’s teacher.
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    They were never going to “investigate corruption”. A true campaign to investigate corruption would entail a broad and all-encompassing effort. Trump didn't ask for that. He told Ukraine to look into one guy and one guy only, that being not only one of Trump's chief political rivals, but also a guy who is on Giuliani's **** list for hanging that sweet "a noun, a verb and 9/11" phrase on him that literally killed his 2008 presidential campaign. And, not for nothing, there is not even a criminal investigation on that target guy taking place in the United States, something Trump would seem to have more control to put into motion than relying on quid pro quoing a vulnerable foreign country to do it for him. That alone stinks to high heaven, but even setting that aside, if Trump were actually serious about rooting out corruption in general, he would not have allowed a cut to the 2020 budget of the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement, the State Department arm that is focused on law enforcement efforts overseas, including investigating corruption. If they were serious about rooting out American involvement in foreign corruption, they'd be pouring more money into it. Instead, they requested a 40% cut in that budget for next year. Why is that? This is just one of the literally hundreds of things they can hang Trump's presidency on. Admit it, buddy: your only real hope here is that the Democrats **** this whole thing up so our democracy can finally be destroyed and you can have your precious mafiacratic dictatorship. You know Trump is a crook in traditional terms, so why not just glory in it and root for the traditional terms to be overthrown? At least you'd be showing some integrity if you did that.
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    Ugh. If Jackson and Drummond are both on the roster at this time next year. I might have to start watching curling with DTroppens.
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    Gehringer said “when that cop is feeling fear for his life because he believes the odds are high there is another loaded gun besides his own that he is in range of. That is an imperative of human nature that no level of training, law or procedural requirement can change.” Nothing in that statement infers that if the victim has a gun, they share fault. His statement, in my opinion, speaks to the mindset of a police force who, whether there’s an actual gun present or not, psychologically feel the odds are not in their favor. Gehringer, if I’ve misinterpreted your post (or attributed thoughts that aren’t what you had in mind), I hope you’ll clarify.
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    Not true. 2 Mendozas weigh 340. Paredes isn't there yet. Q: who is the fattest German to ever play for the Tigers? A: Franklyn.
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    I love this gif. It fits Trump so well.
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    I just got 25 of these folders of different players off eBay. Work meeting organization just got a whole lot more interesting!
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    https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/pence-set-make-ceasefire-case-erdogan-after-release-tough-guy-n1067976 Whadda ya know....
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