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    *sigh*. Look, —— we understand that you decided to hitch your wagon to this ”star”, and now you plan to follow him over the cliff, but that doesn’t mean your arguments have any merit, because you’re blinded by your adoration. Having said that, the constant rebuttal after rebuttal after rebuttal he said/he said - with nothing new added - is pretty much sloppy and a waste. Makes having any continuity in the thread a pipe dream. Am I the only one that feels this way?
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    Yeah he's a demonstrated liar with no credibility.
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    Agreed. This was a good man. A good public servant. A good American. Very sad news.
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    They did none of that. Literally none. Stop lying.
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    KINDA LIKE THE RUSSIA THING!!!!!! it is the Russia thing. Duh hoy
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    That is literally not what’s happening.
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    In my experience, having both sides bicker, regardless of how childish, is what allows really good thoughts to stand out and allows message boards to survive. This website is a great example. Michigan and Michigan state fans used to go back and forth endlessly in the college forum, the forums got separated and now those specific areas of this message board are largely inactive. I don’t mind the bickering.
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    I agree bringing him back is a mistake. But I fear they will do it and if so, all I can do is hope they do it on a sensible deal in the $20M-$25M range and not the $30-$34M range which would cripple them. Of course a team making the mistake of keeping him probably is susceptible to making the mistake of overpaying him.
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    We have now advanced to “Yes we did it, and there’s nothing wrong with it.”
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    Ugh. If Jackson and Drummond are both on the roster at this time next year. I might have to start watching curling with DTroppens.
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    Emoluments also do not apply unless someone can show that he is getting above market rate. The white house already came out and said it was the only property that could reasonably accomodate all the delegations and in addition, it had a substantially lower cost than others they considered.
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    No, Sessions is going to flip the script. Flynn is going to rescind his guilty plea.
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    My new favorite analogy about this administration is that this is what The Godfather would be like if Fredo was the main character instead of Michael.
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    I love this gif. It fits Trump so well.
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    I just enjoy watching you all work yourselves up about nonsense and then end up being so spectacularly wrong.
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    Also, impeachment isn't decided at the polls. Try mixing in a basic civics class, or perhaps just read the few sentences in the Constitution. That would also help with your "where's the vote" nonsense, and also how you think that even though you lost badly, you still control the house schedule. And also how you think the house is of little importance.
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    No, I didn't pull it out of my ***. You said this: "The people in DC, and those trying to get there, don't give one good **** about you or me. " Then this: "Quit voting for these assholes." So, since you said those trying to get there, that means people running for office. Ergo, shouldn't vote for people running for office. You posted this. No *** pulling was involved. Feel free to clarify if you want, but the notion that I pulled it out of my *** is a damn joke.
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    But Stanley is a great defender....
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    The death of Elijah Cummings is very much heartbreaking for me this morning.
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    Nick Nurse is obviously not familiar with Stanley's work in the Drew League!
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    the is a huge problem here Mel, you can pass all the laws you want and write all the procedure manuals you want, and it won't mean a damn thing when that cop is feeling fear for his life because he believes the odds are high there is another loaded gun besides his own that he is in range of. That is an imperative of human nature that no level of training, law or procedural requirement can change. It is simply unreasonable to expect the everyday ordinary Joes who become Cops to have some special level of bravery, because despite a few who will, most will not. Cops don't fail more today because they are any worse than they ever were, but because we have set them up to fail to a degree we never have before.
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    Massive turnout by who? Everyone hates this deuchebag except fellow, like-minded deuches, that number about 56 million in this country. Motivated Dems and motivated Independents and motivated suburban soccer moms and extremely motivated Gen Y and motivated Hispanics and motivated AA's number around 112 million. None of them are sitting out 2020 Stan. Republicans are getting their asses wiped out in 2020. You don't have the numbers, and it's not even close. It's not just going to be a Blue Wave in 2020 Stan, it's going to be a Blue Tidal Wave.
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    I guess I don't see what was so wrong about asking for Torres if you were Avila? Boyd finished the year with 3.5 WAR, Torres 3.8 and at the time of the deadline Boyd was higher. Yes I know Torres is younger and all that, but Boyd appeared to be a pitcher on the rise under control for several years which the Yankees needed while Torres although great and young was replaceable to the Yankees due to all the offense they had. Also lets not forget that against everybody not named the Orioles, Torres was a below average hitter according to OPS+, he crushed the worst pitching staff in the majors in two bandboxes but was less than average otherwise so it's not like he has been this unstoppable force. Plus Torres average HR distance was 261st in baseball at only 397. He benefited greatly by the parks he played in in the AL East. Those wall scrapers of HRs that he got would be fly outs at Comerica.
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    Solely to support the notion that living in fear is a good reason to support gun ownership.
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    Screwball, Although I suspect you already know this, using the word “injun” is a slur, and pretty awful. I’ll ask that you don’t throw that out there again. It’s offensive. Very. And in no way funny.
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    3. 1 fun thing A lawyer asked a federal judge in D.C. to shift deadlines in an ongoing case so he could watch the Washington Nationals try to reach the World Series with his 9-year-old son, per BuzzFeed News' Zoe Tillman. "With the consent of the parents and baseball fans at the Department of Justice, this request is unopposed." ⚾ The Nats, one game away from their first World Series berth in franchise history, take on the St. Louis Cardinals at 8:05 pm ET.
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    Bedsides, it's a dodge. Its mostly an excuse for not doing the work to figure out who is a better candidate because one is *always* better than the other. It's not wanting to face that being more wed to your tribe than the truth and then bitching the process is no good is just being a bad citizen, it's like quitting school because you don't want to do your homework. You have one life and every day you face the choice of doing something to make the place better or not. If you want to go sit in the corner and pout then the all you are doing is wasting your own potential to make a difference.
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    And here go again. Two pages wasted on rebutting the dishonest nonsense that Stan posts. Why?
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    Am in the corner to the left of the Canucks goalie, 10 rows up. Larkin scores on a break 30 seconds in, assists to Mantha and Bertuzzi.
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    Love your wild-eyed optimism. Without substantial upgrades, I don’t see that improvement. Also, don't see your cats bladder issues improving.
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    2020: 65-97, 3rd worst record Niko leads team with 17 home runs My cat stops peeing on my floor
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    Capped out. Finish 10th in the East. Think about that.

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