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    What good does returning donations from an election cycle that is already completed do?
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    The Occam's razor explanation that most of the GOP has accepted some Russian help in the last three cycles and it is being used as blackmail certainly gained some credence today.
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    I see you've changed your avatar. May I suggest you consider the following:
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    Lee (or should I say Lev), why are you laundering Ukranian money?
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    He wants an Istanbul Trump Tower or two... it's as simple as that. Corruption. Corrupt intent. Selling out America for personal gain. It doesn't get any Trumpier than that.
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    sometimes the font is a cry for help
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    You are full of ****. However, if he does manage take a few corrupt Dems down with him, that won't bother me at all.
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    I'm giving serious consideration to boycotting Scarlett Johansson if she propositions me for sex.
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    I'm definitely rooting for the Rays because a friend of mine is moving to Tampa October 19, and if the Rays make the Series I am definitely going down for at least one game.
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    Niko & Kelly on the same bench? O. M. G. The last epic duo like that was Crockett & Tubbs.
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    Its amazing that Trump would think anyone with a future or who worries about the future would remain loyal to the man who turned his back on the Kurds because they didn't help us in Normandy. They can't stonewall forever. Obstruction is a crime. He's guilty of much worse but that will get him started.
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    I am not impressed by any politician! They all suck. Some are worse than others.
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    Not sure what percentage of his voters have flipped, but it's likely much higher than the 12% who go so far as to say he should be impeached. The clock is ticking one way or another.
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    In Montreal on Thursday Night. It doesn't get much better than this for a Wings fan.
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    How's that Trump Foundation going?
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    How about about Vietnam? Where Trump did not help.
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    Yeah, extremists like you have been full of hate for a long time. I get it.
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    Don't forget the Iran nuclear deal or the Paris Agreement. Why would anyone trust the US anymore when we will back out of any agreement?
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    How many years until it happens here?

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