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    Bored during delay. Found this on a Pistons forum. If you turn the Bulls logo upside down you have a robot having sex with a crab
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    That "staticness" is just another result of the increasing Tribalism. Obama was the last straw in the radicalization of the US white culture old guard, Trump has been the last straw in the radicalization of the rest of us.
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    Let's try a thought experiment: From 2006 - 2016, the MI/DD duo produced playoff-competitive teams in 8 out of 11 years, and entertaining teams in 2008 and 2010 (with 2015 being the only real "stinker" year that I recall). Let's say that Chris I and AA (or even DD coming back ha ha) could duplicate that again from 2021 - 2031, but the reboot team avoided the extravagant mistakes of MI. Let's say that CI avoided some of his dad's extravagant loyalty spending to Miggy and JV and VMart, and he was just a little more cost-conscious (no huge precipitous extensions to Willis, or even to Guillen, though that was more understandable at the time) without undoing the basic drive to spend/win at a playoff competitive level. Let's say that Chris is healthy and in win-mode for a very long time, has no intention of selling, and keeps the "foot on the gas" to keep the team winning/competitive.... Questions: 1. Would it be safe to assume that the team would have been generally profitable for him as long as he avoided his dad's eccentric loyalty spending and obvious overspends? I don't see why it wouldn't have been profitable - if they leveraged team revenue over the last 10 years, it is likely that it was turning a profit even with some of the big spending on contracts. 2. Would it be safe to assume that since CI would keep the team that the above model would have been sustainable for him even beyond the initial 11 years? My point is that Mike I and DD's model, if you want to call it that, was not really unsustainable -- it was sustainable for 11 years, which ain't chicken feed...AND...if they had avoided several obvious/key errors that were apparently personality-driven problems with Mike I's contract giveaway approach, AND if they managed the health, assisted their superstars more effectively, AND paid them properly (no loyalty spend on JV and Miggy, go for the contract with Max), and managed Miggy like Boston did Ortiz, and Houston did by tinkering with JV's approach, and Washington did with Max's contract, why wouldn't that model have been sustainable? I can't say for sure, but couldn't a very long + successful run have continued, had better star player health and performance management been employed and more reasonable star player contracts had been offered?
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    Grayson Greiner looking like a different hitter since he came back.
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    Slay made the game clinching interception.
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    Arizona is playing Baltimore tough in Baltimore. Arizona may be better than they are given credit for.
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    Man, Stafford is so..........schizophrenic..............
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    I like this Stat Padford. If it were so easy to pad stats, why wouldn't every QB do it so they could get a big contract?
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    Your not watching the play. He clearly was at the start of the process of giving himself up. To say otherwise is...well you must be blind. Now if you want to argue he didn't do enough soon enough, that's fine. If you want to argue real time, that's fine. But, he puts both hands on the ball and starts to head to the ground before anyone touches him.
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    Stafford wasn't sliding. He was a runner. That wouldn't be a penalty against a RB so it shouldn't be against the QB.
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    Patrica will never know how to use timeouts. It completely escapes him.
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    Getting demoted to the National League has been good for him.
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    Date of 44th win: 1968 Tigers - June 23 1975 Tigers - July 25 1984 Tigers - June 11 2003 Tigers - N/A Not Achieved 2006 Tigers- June 16 2012 Tigers - July 8 2018 Tigers - July 25 2019 Tigers - September 14
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    With better player development, which isn’t much to ask given their putrid performance, and avoiding a few bad deals, VMart’s extension and probably Sanchez, maybe they can resign Max, not trade for Price, not sign zimm, Upton, plus the deals to guys like pelfret, Lowe, Aviles, no need to trade for Simon.... I don’t see why not. But... then is that a unique model? Keep your HOFers and don’t extend aging veterans or sign FA for over 2 years. Is that what we are talking about?
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    A scout told the Tigers that Anderson was hi. The Tigers misheard it as he was hi on Anderson.
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    Frankly, I don’t think your 10 year old son would care what kind of product the Tigers put on the field. Unless things have changed drastically since I was a kid, just being a kid at a baseball game at that age is still a lot of fun.
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    it sounds like for many years pretty much all they did was draft guys and then toss them into some minor league team and watch them play games. That is probably going to work OK for guys who are strongly self directed and study and research their own games, or are just naturally lucky enough to have already stumbled on the best approaches for their skillsets, but probably everyone else fell through the large cracks that kind of hands off approach leaves. They hadn't put any resources into measuring that guys were doing other than watching games, which is a pretty inexact art. Under Chris Ilitch and Avila those resources started to be applied, but there is still a question in my mind about whether the people in the old system are good choices to operate under the new. Maybe some are, you'd have to think many would not be, so is the organization committed to finding the people that can best utilize the resources and technology they are putting in place? If that isn't happening, they won't catch LA/Houston et al. And then again, you still have counter examples like Turnbull. There is nothing more anyone can do for him in terms of his skill throwing the ball. It's there, the stuff is fine, but he still seems to need support learning how to keep his head straight as a pitcher. That isn't going to come from tech or analytics. If it comes at all it's going to come from coaches that can help him with the mental part of the game.
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    Miggy has a history of being a clubhouse cancer, and I have shown you evidence of it. I am holding Gardenhire responsible because he is currently the captain of this ship. Losing control of the clubhouse was a frequent complaint with Ausmus, so Gardenhire should be held to the same standard. In contrast you have shown nothing that I have posted to be untrue. You have this mental image that Miggy is this lovable guy that gets along with everyone and anything that contradicts that image is simply not true. Yet, you haven't shown any evidence. Yes, I do not like Cabrera. I wish he wasn't on the team. But everything I have said about him is true.
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    The thing with Cabrera is that it's nothing new. This was written back in 2011. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/613267-miguel-cabrera-and-all-30-mlb-teams-most-uncontrollable-player-ever#slide0 Cabrera has always had problems in the clubhouse, but fans blew it off because he was an MVP candidate and the Tigers were winning. "Miggy being Miggy" was used as a playful throwback instead of the "oh no, this is concerning" that it should have been.

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