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    Cries of voter fraud that, incidentally, were absolutely substantiated. Lest we forget that.
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    Then he shouldn't run for President. The Presidency is a public trust and a president belongs to the people and the people deserve to know who he owes money and other things to. If a person is not willing to compromise that then they can stay in the private sector. When they still pursue it then it's a good indicator and very fair assumption that they are using the Presidency for private financial gain and that's an impeachable offense. It's pretty simple.
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    Or bend over backwards for Saudi Arabia.
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    Imagine what the reaction would be if Obama... blah blah blah.... Exhibit One Million...
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    This whole thing is an embarrassment to the dignity of the game.
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    Same. The org doing stupid **** again. Better make him work on his bunting, too. Let's just make defense his primary focus. He makes a ton of contact so being able to move runners up a base will be really important. Ugh. Stop ****ing with him. Let him slug the **** out of the ball and play him where you can.
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    First Putin, now Kim. Next thing you know the Taliban will want to set up a meeting around 9/11
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    thread will make you sad and proud of Man's best friends
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    With only 16,000 people showing up, you can pretty much make your seats as good as you like.
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    Why doesn't it look good? You live in California, you are compensated well, you are expected to perform but aren't under extreme pressure to deliver titles as other places. You get to be the underdog, which is a fun role in its own right. He is well respected. I think it is a great gig.
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    Or suggesting that if a POTUS is rich they should receive special treatment that other candidates don't receive.
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    You are arguing his business interests override the public's need to know?
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    Hopefully. He's a Tiger's prospect and I've read that none of them can hit.
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    according to one report Bolton leaked the nuke the hurricane story.
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    I'm guessing that the Dems are overjoyed at losing by two in a district (NC-9) that Trump won by 12 in 2016. Extrapolate that out statewide, and you could see that Trump very well could lose NC in 2020
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    This was probably my favorite game from the past 5 years
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    One thing for sure .. Billy Beane had a movie made about him. DD has not (..at least not yet.)
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    well, the 'end times' for this Rawlings baseball certainly need to come, and soon.
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    that's not nearly as cool as vandalizing Trump's golf course
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    You can't really compare because their circumstances have been so different. I just don't think Beane's lack of championships takes away from his effectiveness as a GM. Both BB and DD have done very well in their respective situations.
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    man, it just sucks how hard it is to hit a HR at this fircken'' ballpark.
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    i think dd would do just fine in oakland. if you know how to identify talent, you can assemble it and win. conversely, im sure beane would be fine with a bigger checkbook.
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    Those pictures are at least a year old...
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    If the Tigers want DD, there's only one man (and his wife Sparky) that can bring him back. Triple Se7en.
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