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    Are we really going to chastise Billy Beane for getting to the random postseason tournament more often than anyone realizes despite playing with reduced budget in the **** hole stadium but not winning the random tournament because the random events have not randomly fallen into his favor? Dombrowski did some goods things in Detroit and guided a pretty significant turn around. But I'd easily take Beane over Dombrowski right now.
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    the last time he came here was 2002 when the team had even less prospects than it does now. this revisionist history on dombrowski is incorrect, imo. im not really a DD fan, but give the man his due. he got us miggy, granderson, verlander, scherzer, jd martinez, and two world series trips. yeah, illitch's money helped, but so did a guy who was willing to deal two top 10 prospects for miggy, a homegrown hero for scherzer, and the foresight NOT to trade verlander (and to draft him). give the man his due.
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    billy beane can come over to dombrowski's house and look at all this world series rings.
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    you left out the critical word: BUILD. When Dave, he left nothing behind. An owner probably will hire him to do exactly what he has always done, but it won't an owner like those at the Braves or the Cards or the Astros But there probably is a team out there where an owner believes his system is not producing as many wins as he believes the resources it already has should be producing, and that is where I would think Dombrowski is the best fit.
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    How depressing. Boston makes the hard choice to can the guy who built a World Series winner that won 3 straight division titles. Detroit gives an extension to the guy who has not been able to assess amateur talent for 2 decades
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    there is almost no chance he comes back here next year. as much as i like the success he had here and as much as i respect the job he did here, i dont think id want him back. id like to see them try one of the new wave of front office people who have been so successful elsewhere. of we can just hire someone already in the building and pretend he was the best candidate.
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    Oh, please let these two idiots twitter bicker for a week.
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    that might be an oversimplification of what transpired.
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    Which all but ensures a 6-5 final.
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    From my security camera (not sure this will work); Kittycam-134703-134716.mp4
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    Pretty sure I read a story that Topps was going to add felt over Pierce's sideburns, but it was nipped due to budgetary concerns.
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    I want to see this team (any team that I follow) as a legitimate playoff team season in and season out. 90+ wins every regular season. Be the organization that other teams try to copy. I'll take Braves 15 years of winning divisions and whatever happens in the playoffs happens.
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    I don't think people are saying DD was a bad GM, but rather his method appears to be outdated. DD was fired twice in the last 4 years now. Beane and DD were operating under different guidelines and rules imposed by their employers. Success is determined by your employer and Beane has kept his employer satisfied for over 20 years now. DD is looking for his 4th employer during that time.
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    He's going to be CEO of the new Montreal franchise and his plaque will be in French.
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    Jim Harbaugh has to be happy to have that Lions' tie the next day after the Army game.
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    yeah, but some of them are more interested in making money.
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    no owner that wants to build for long term stability will hire Dave.
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    I read it. It is nothing we don't already know, but it summarizes the situation really well. We have a president with obvious severe mental health issues and people keep trying analyze him like he's sane.
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    I'd be a great supporter of 'originalism' applied to the Constitution if our conservative originalist friends would only admit that the 2a should only apply to ball shot flint lock muskets.
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    Off topic but I just saw this on Twitter and I thought it was pretty cool.
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    It's a good thing there are more options available than just Avila or DD.
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    When he first came here, he had an owner willing to spend "whatever it takes". I don't think that's the case now. Good old Dave wouldn't know how to do his job in Detroit now.
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    Dombrowski wins by leveraging a team's future resource base to upgrade it's current performance so he wouldn't come to Detroit now anyway because there is no material here for him to work his system with,
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    That's the rub. Do you want a team that builds from the ground up, or do you want someone who hires mercenaries that will likely cost you 5-10 years of your minor league development, but give you an immediate shot at the World Series? I live near Atlanta now, and am simply amazed at how they've built the Braves through the minor leagues. They could easily be a playoff team for many years to come, and I think they stand a DARN good chance at winning a World Series this year. I'd love to have their system in Detroit right now. They are young, well developed and exciting to watch.
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    I think it would be noticeable, too. I also wonder whether we'd start to see longer outings from starting pitchers with these changes, especially the deadened ball, since pitchers wouldn't have to throw every single pitch with maximum effort and spin to induce swing-and-miss and avoid home runs. Put it this way: there's a reason pitchers finished close to half their starts just a few decades ago, and it's not because they were stronger than today's pitchers.
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    I don't think the Lions necessarily played prevent defensive coverage but their pass rushers were tired and didn't touch Murray in the 4th quarter. They also faced 82 plays and the way Arizona played you know they were always going to be in hurry up offense. Knowing that, you have to be aggressive and not just settle for killing the clock and punting. You're the Lions, not the Eagles or Patriots. You can't play it safe.
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    Candelario needs to show something quickly. He's been bumped from 3B and will be 26 years old next Opening Day.
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    SOL would have found a way to lose a game they led by 18 in the 4th. New and improved Lions found a way to tie it. Progress!
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    ballmich and Rooster... who's next? Tigercap? OMF? Qsilv? I'm all over the map on DD. I don't think he's a genius but I also don't blame him entirely for where the team is now. Remember after the trade deadline he was using the term 'reboot', which I took to mean, let's let things flesh out, we're not restaging the PC, but clearing out the memory, and we'll go forward with what we have and not overload things. Then he gets canned and the Avila increases payroll $50 which amounted to a productive 1/2 season of J Upton before the **** hit the fan in 2017 and we had to have a firesale. But I do blame him for the team's lack of analytics. That's the kind of thing he should have been able to do.
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    If the Tigers want DD, there's only one man (and his wife Sparky) that can bring him back. Triple Se7en.
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    We have become a nation of cruelty.
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