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    Ok, but you know who else struggled when they first came up? Lots of guys who sucked.
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    This ain't CSI Miami All that testing that has to be done after an autopsy takes weeks and months (90 days is a quick turnaround. most states take about 180 days). It takes hours to slice someone open and remove stuff. It takes much longer to do all that testing., analyze, write reports etc.
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    He struggled in AA and figured it out. He seems to overthink so perhaps much of it is mental. A catcher also has to place a lot of focus on handling a pitching staff. Give him time. I think he will become a guy who hits .240 with 20 home runs and above average defense
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    Martin Perez vs Matthew Boyd Who scores more, Twins or UofM?
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    Baby steps. They scored above their average, Reyes and W Castro continue to get on base, Rogers with an XBH and only one K, none of the pitchers that got hammered likely figure highly in their plans. Precious little take from the wreckage of another rout, but there it is.
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    The stuff about Barron is fairly open secret in DC. Not fair game.
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    Your welcome and may use it as you see fit. The guy was a real loon. He bought a retirement home in TN as he was going to retire in less than a year (this was long after his rapture training). He figured since he was going to be on SS and limited income, he needed to save money. Ok, I get that. He quit buying coffee in the morning to save money; they were like .50 cents. He brought in this coffee cup that you would put some ground coffee in it, then microwave the water, and then stir the coffee in the cup (or something like that). We were locked up in a room for two years doing a skunk works project when he started doing this. He spent a half hour every morning preparing his cup of coffee. Drove me friken nuts. I was ready to buy him coffee just for my own sanity. What a space cadet.
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