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    Paredes, Hill, Azocar and Anthony Castro are among the 7 Tigers participating in the AFL this year. The other 3 were guys I really never heard of so I didn't bother to try to remember their names.
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    I for one know it puts me at ease to know the president likes to joke about abusing his power.
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    I go to motownsports for my news. I feel I know which posters news articles to ignore and which ones to read. Seems normal a sports forum would be the best place to stay informed.
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    False. It was a savvy veteran move to save pitches for the postseason.
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    appears that Nancy P might be tracking this matter
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    So the choice is between paying him to do nothing and paying him to suck. On the bright side, we have a mere four more seasons of this to endure.
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    I like good stats from the deep minors, it makes those guys fun to follow.
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    "Up Next: Ted Nugent will join us on the couch to provide his analysis of the G7"
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    Funny you say that; if you took the twitter stuff from this forum, many pages would be almost empty. Just sayin'...
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    Is it wrong to suggest February through October might be less stressful than the rest of the year?
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    All of them. My grandson started school today, seems like he was just born yesterday. Time flies.
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    Spoiler Alert:. Wayne was not the next Willie Mays.
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    Baring truly unforeseen circumstances, the Tigers will not surpass or equal their 2003 record for futility, yet will still get the #1 pick. And there are glimmers of hope about the team on occasion. This is the best of all possible worlds. This is making lemonade out of lemons. This is psychedelic mushrooms growing in a cow pie in a war zone.
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    That's the draft philosophy that leads to Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan. Pick the most talented/likely to succeed player and work it out later or it will work itself out.
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    The GOP simply cannot plead for equivalence, there is none. Which party is so willing to toss Constitutional Democracy that they embrace explicit policies to disenfranchise voters that disagree with them? Which party continually embraces the erosion of American Politics by special interest money to the detriment of *every* individual voter? Which party ever refused it's constitutional mandate to advise and consent on a SCOTUS nominee? Which party is protecting foreign interference in the US election process? Which party has laid a trillion dollars in debt on our children to increase corporate profits? Which party has chosen the support of the fossil fuel industry as opposed not only to the US public interest but the entire world's interest in refusing to even admit the science of the single biggest issue threatening the political stability and security of the planet? Which party's leader is playing to the biggest repudiation of Jefferson's "We believe all men are created equal" since George Wallace stood in a schoolhouse door? There is no equivalence of *actions* here when it comes to supporting the fundamentals of the American constitutional democracy. Anymore the GOP twists the knife into the near corpse of American Democracy almost daily, they have no right to complain that people are taking opposition to them with complete seriousness and relative implacability.
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    oh, I'd totally vote no. no kids, indoor-only cats.

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