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    Hearing that people were "groveling" over broccoli casserole makes me question them as judges of food.
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    One of my favorite movies of all time is Trading Places. Just today, while reading about the effect of the Fed's interest rate cuts on bond holders, the scene with Jamie Lee Curtis as Ophelia ... ahem ... laying out her retirement plan for Dan Aykroyd as Louis popped into my head. Something along the lines of, I have $42,000 in T-Bills, earning interest. I figure I've got two or three more years on my back before I can retire. And I got to thinking: what if she had put the money specifically in 30-year treasuries and let it ride to maturity? How much would she have made? The movie was released in June of 1983 but it takes place around the holidays, so let's say the action is set at the end of 1982. Ophelia tells Louis that the money is already in "T-bills, earning interest", so it's been there for a little bit. Let's say, she's had it in there since June 30 of that year. So I look up the rate for that time period on an historical chart website, and it's 14.03% for June 28. Let's round it down to 14% for June 30. That means she will be receiving a 14% coupon on the original investment, guaranteed by the federal government, every year for 30 years. By the time it matures on June 30, 2012, the value of her $42,000 investment would be: $218,400. That's not enough to live on for the rest of her life, of course, but 56-year-old Ophelia would have gotten a nice little chunk of change from her original $42,000 investment, in addition to presumed gains from any additional money she would have made "on her back". Of course, it's all moot since she apparently sold off the bond (at par, I assume) and handed the proceeds over to Louis and Billy Ray so she could make untold millions from their shorting FCOJ while putting the Dukes into the poorhouse at the same time. So, either way, she was a smart cookie with her money. God, I love that movie.
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    I didn't post it, but recently (let me see if I can find it because I can't explain it well enough) the large WS banks finally got the Volchker Rule neutered (found a link): U.S. regulators hand Wall Street a major win with stripped-down 'Volcker Rule' FTA; ^ The "owners" as Carlin would say. A bunch of mumbo jumbo for many, including the people attempting to write these laws to begin with. The "smartest guys in the room" are exactly what they are (the banksters), and congress, the SEC, the OCC, and/or the other regulatory agencies are no match in intelligence, cunning (in how to get around it), or money to buy (control) the way they are written. That's why they get paid gazillions of dollars - to make money for the "Firm." I don't think anyone has forgot this famous line by Matt Taibbi (one of the greatest quotes of all time IMO): from the article The Great American Bubble Machine That's what they did, do, and will continue to do. Makes me think of ole George (I sure miss him), and since we are doing quotes; George Carlin on the American Dream (with transcript) Preach it George!
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    What politician is not a publicity seeker? If you don't seek publicity, you'll never get elected. Trump is probably the biggest publicity seeker in US history. He will say anything and do anything to get it and he's been that way his entire life.
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    It's rich AF hearing Trumpers call other people publicity seekers. How f'ing oblivious do you have to be to make such a statement?
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    Let’s take this infinite regress of blaming seriously. Evolving from cyanobacteria on the third rock from the sun may be the ultimate problem.
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    This was a pretty special event this weekend at the LOCKN' festival. On Friday night Trey Anastasio's band played and Derek Trucks joined him for the second set. On Saturday night the roles were reversed and Trey joined TTB for their second set, along with Doyle Bramhall II. After opening with I looked away, Bell Bottom Blues, and then Keep on Growing (Which TTB has played a lot), it dawned on the audience and viewers what was happening. They played the entire Layla and Assorted Love Songs album, in order, skipping the last song because when you do Layla ther'es no need to go on. Layla was always something TTB fans wanted to hear but they never played, given Derek's slide mastery. Just skip ahead to the 5 min mark if you want to hear the best part.
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    Well... sorta. I'm not so sure about Walsh. I mean, I like some of his tweets, but if he turns around and runs for Congress and takes a Dem seat, I'm not so sure. Kristol on the other hand is just a talking head so even if the enemy of my enemy thing falls through, the repercussions aren't as bad.
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    I get it and I don't. Meaning if that was truly the infraction, Verlander reaction seems over the top even if it oughtn't have been tweeted. It is largely innocuous. OTOH, if this was the 10th time Fenech did it and Justin asked him 9 times prior to respect his privacy, then I could more easily see just cutting Anthony off.
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    Llegendary Lloyd is llikely on a llong lleash llately.
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    well gosh, its a good thing we didnt trade our 28 year old starter with a 4.50 era. he's a total building block for the future. i mean, the yankees were nuts not to give up gleybar torres for him.
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    this is the president of the United States of America
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    On the bright side, Willi Castro has gotten a hit in every major league game he’s played in.
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    Why, oh why do people even respond to his posts. Why play right into his hand? It totally derails the conversation.
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    Walsh looks too much like Jeffrey Epstein for my liking.
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    I’d rather change this to the countdown until we’ve officially sealed the first pick next year. Can someone figure that out? Eh who cares.

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