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    Tigers at Twins  Game 126 38-87 Remember him? Ben Taylor Years with Detroit: 1952 Tigers highlights: 3 hits You may remember him from: Milwaukee Braves, St. Louis Browns, from the same town as Superman Baseball Reference Link and Stats:
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    Verlander's at 219 now, so he may reach 225 by the end of the season so he should comfortable get to 250. If he pitches another 5 seasons he would need to average 15 wins a year to get to 300. It's a Longshot but given his history and how he is showing no signs of slowing down I wouldn't completely rule it out.
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    there will be a G-6 meeting, with various toys and entertainments set out to occupy Donnie while the adults talk in the other rooms.
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    If Trout retires after ten years in the Majors (the minimum for Hall of Fame eligibility), he will be a first ballot Hall of Famer. And his first eight years do stand up quite well against some of the best starts in baseball history, but even so, in OPS+ terms Ty Cobb and Ted Williams had hotter starts, and so did Babe Ruth if you start counting from the time that he became a regular in the batting order. Trout's first eight years in OPS+: 168, 179, 168, 176, 172, 166, 196, 187. Career OPS+ 176 Cobb's first 12 years: 167, 170, 193, 205, 196, 200, 194, 190, 185, 178, 209, 194. Career OPS+ (22 years) 168 Ruth's first 14 years as a regular: 192, 217, 255, 238, 182, 231, 220, 137, 225, 225, 206, 193, 211, 218. Career OPS+ (22 years) 206 (the highest all-time) Williams's entire career: 160, 161, 235, 216, 215, 205, 189, 191, 168, 164, 273, 268, 201, 201, 172, 233, 179, 114, 190. Career OPS+ (19 years) 190. Note that in Williams's last season, in which he turned 42, he had a higher OPS+ than Trout has had in any season but one, and higher than Trout's Career OPS+ to date. If Williams hadn't lost all of those prime years to military service, he might well have finished ahead of Ruth in Career OPS+. Barry Bonds didn't have as quick a start, but he had a L of a finish, and is third all-time in Career OPS+ (182 over 22 seasons). None of this is to suggest that Mike Trout isn't insanely great. Bonds is by far the greatest hitter I've seen play, and at least arguably the greatest all-around player of all time. And Trout is probably the second-best all-around player in my lifetime.
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    I saw him play once in Junior hockey, for the Oshawa Generals. I think he was 15, I was about 12. Edit - and yes, the Bruins had owned him since he was 14. Unbelievable.
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    Speaking of black catchers, the Tigers signed 2 of them, Willie Horton and Gates Brown.
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    Yes, there have been some good players from here. The Espositos, Chico Maki I think, Marty Pavelich, Ivan Boldirev. My father-in-law played minor league pro and knew lots of those guys. Gretzky played his Junior hockey here.
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    Yeah, I like that game with brooms too.
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    I haven't been out there in a boat. We rented a cottage on Manitoulin Island for Thanksgiving a long time ago, I love that whole area.
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    I like Harmon Killebrew because he’s from Idaho. He’s from Payette, Idaho and at the high school they have an auditorium with a geodesic dome reminiscent of a baseball. As a child, Killebrew played baseball at Walter Johnson Memorial Field, named after the Hall of Fame pitcher who spent part of his childhood in Idaho. He worked as a farmworker in his youth, where he lifted ten-gallon milk cans, each weighing about 95 pounds. He was an All American high school quarterback and was offered an athletic scholarship by the University of Oregon, but declined the offer. In the early 1950s, Senator Herman Welker of Idaho told Washington Senators owner Clark Griffith about Killebrew, who was hitting for an .847 batting average for a semi-professional baseball team at the time and signed him to a $50,000 ($466,481 today) contract on June 19, 1954.
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    I am in Sault Ste Marie Ontario this morning, glaring menacingly across the border.
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    Harmon Killebrew. Seemed like he was country strong.
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    The '60's Twins also had that rarest of creatures, the black catcher - Earl Battey. John Roseboro and Elston Howard were frontline players in the same era and Roy Campanella preceded them.
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    It's hard to have a favorite Twin because of 87, 06, 09.... but I'd go with Dan Gladden because of the mullet. When he played for the Tigers there were 3 trashy looking women, probably strippers, hanging around the dugout. This was a day game. You know strippers when you see them in the daylight, they don't hold up very well without the mood lighting and fog of smoke. They were waiting for Dan to run in from the dugout and he waved to them... obviously they knew each other.
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    Not crazy, just another second generation silver spoon fed rich kid who didn’t spend enough time with daddy in the woodshed
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    Some teams would be observed to be breathing until the last out, but not very hard. I don't see that here.
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    Drew VerHagen vs Jose Berrios Inches never seemed so far
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    I'm pulling for oakland, I've always liked their style
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    If you just look at Verlander's time with the Tigers, you can make a case for Verlander, Newhouser and Bridges. Newhouser had the best years, but he had a couple of them during the WWII when the league was depleted. Bridges was like the Lou Whitaker of pitchers. He had the most good years, but never any elite seasons. I think I would go with Verlander.
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    One could make somewhat of a case for Tommy Bridges. He was a member of four World Series teams for the Tigers ('34, '35, '40, '45) and was 4-1 in World Series games (Verlander being 0-4 in World Series games). That being said, I think Verlander would be considered the Tigers' best pitcher in franchise history. Just a shame he couldn't win a World Series here.
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    So the thing about that picture of 'Karen' is...that it might be my older sister. No joke. She wore her hair like that, she would wear sunglasses like that, and it really looks like her. At a minimum, I cannot conclude it isn't her.
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    $ CBD has done wonders for my mild asthma and recurring golfer's elbow. It's helped ease pain with a coworker's elderly FIL suffering from cancer and has eased a friend's anxiety issues to the point where he could successfully cease pharmaceutical assistance. Is it a miracle drug? Probably not but it seems to do a lot of good things with epileptics etc. The only side affect I've seen is that I am incredibly thirsty so I drink a lot more water (which in and of itself is good as it helps flush toxins).
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    The GOP simply cannot plead for equivalence, there is none. Which party is so willing to toss Constitutional Democracy that they embrace explicit policies to disenfranchise voters that disagree with them? Which party continually embraces the erosion of American Politics by special interest money to the detriment of *every* individual voter? Which party ever refused it's constitutional mandate to advise and consent on a SCOTUS nominee? Which party is protecting foreign interference in the US election process? Which party has laid a trillion dollars in debt on our children to increase corporate profits? Which party has chosen the support of the fossil fuel industry as opposed not only to the US public interest but the entire world's interest in refusing to even admit the science of the single biggest issue threatening the political stability and security of the planet? Which party's leader is playing to the biggest repudiation of Jefferson's "We believe all men are created equal" since George Wallace stood in a schoolhouse door? There is no equivalence of *actions* here when it comes to supporting the fundamentals of the American constitutional democracy. Anymore the GOP twists the knife into the near corpse of American Democracy almost daily, they have no right to complain that people are taking opposition to them with complete seriousness and relative implacability.
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    He'll be back in the Olde English D as our closer.

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