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    Well, you have to ignore Don Kellys tenure as a pitcher, but sure.
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    If I had to guess it's about someone else he is taking the part of, exactly because JV's always been pretty laid back about himself. I'm guessing it's either about making a point for Bregman, Avila and/or the Tigers org (who maybe he still respects) or even McCosky who he has known for a long time. Or else Fenech said or posted something about Upton that we are missing.
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    David Janssen be looking for that arm...
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    So back on my 8/21/91 wedding day, if I would have put down $10 that 28 years later my wife and I would celebrate our anniversary with a bottle of wine while on the radio in the background the last-place Tigers would beat a Cy Young winner and 1st place team on the road by throwing out the potential tying run at 3rd to end the game, how much would I have won?
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    Well, maybe it ******* should be. Regardless, whoever sent it, that person(s) needs to be fired. And whoever they report to. But we all know it won’t happen, because that’s the actual message they meant to send.
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    Nothing we don't know, but here is an accurate analysis of our psychopath President: https://www.rawstory.com/2019/08/hes-empty-psychiatrist-warns-trump-is-in-a-psychotic-like-state/
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    No, the outfield fences are his favorite dead horse.
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    Mickey Lolich must be considered. Look at the numbers. Very underrated.
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    One could make somewhat of a case for Tommy Bridges. He was a member of four World Series teams for the Tigers ('34, '35, '40, '45) and was 4-1 in World Series games (Verlander being 0-4 in World Series games). That being said, I think Verlander would be considered the Tigers' best pitcher in franchise history. Just a shame he couldn't win a World Series here.
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    Sad to see his parents fighting in public
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    I can't find a season schedule easily, but a quick look through newspapers.com showed the season starting on March 28 and ending on October 8. That's 200 games in 195 days, so ... yeah, I'd imagine a ****-ton of doubleheaders.
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    Maybe Fenech will be DFA'ed and Emily will be claimed by the Free Press from the minors.
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    I get it. I'd be pissed off if I lost to this horse **** lineup, too.
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    Jordan Zimmermann vs Garrit Cole There is no shutting down Casey Wise
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    It was in the game call last night. If you have game day you can listen to the radio cast from the archive. He came talked about it for probably 2 innings.
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    The rabbit ball is only part of the reason, the main reason is the batters approach. Prospectus ran the numbers and it showed that hr rate is only up in 2 strike counts, it's particularly up in 0-2 and 1-2 counts. So I'm thinking hitters are no longer giving in with 2 strikes and just trying to put it in play but they are swinging all out with the all or nothing approach. Explains the increase in Ks too.
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    Lugo had been tearing it up with the bat (859 OPS) at AAA so sure, he and Paredes were both reasons to think about moving Candelario. Lugo's bat has not translated against MLB pitching but they have hope because of his batspeed (hmmm, Jones and Iggy both have great bat speed, neither has become much of an offensive threat.....) But Candelario is going to need to find a lot more in his bat before any worry about where he is going to play matters.
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    Is Jason Beck still working for MLB.COM? He has been doing that for like 20 years now? And he still looks 20 years old. How come he never says controversial or stupid stuff or have twitter fights? He is like a machine cranking out one boring but professional story after another
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    I'd much rather be the 90s/00s Braves than the Marlins despite the Marlins winning more championships.
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    No need to buy it now. Just wait until Trump files bankruptcy. Get it a lot cheaper that way.
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    Remember that time when the GOP pretended to care about the deficit?

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