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    And that's how they get a yeast infection.
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    She is the exact opposite of the Woman in Baseball and it is truly offensive for her to describe herself that way. She perpetuates the bubble-head stereotype that female reporters have been fighting for 30 years.
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    No Buddha post so I'm assuming Nick had a bad game.
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    Trump and probably those close to him can do something before the tweet happens.
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    It all starts with Vina. When the Tigers reach the postseason in 2021, you will be able to trace that directly back to the Vina signing.
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    For some girls...the bread is way more important than the banana
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    Nope. As of now, Reyes, Jones, and Demeritte have shown me more than Cameron, so they are easily ahead of Cameron. The other roster spots (and considering Dixon, Goodrum, and CastroH can play OF as well) allow for adequate OF coverage if one more OF is added to the mix. They can afford to give Stewart another season. He is out of options while Cameron still has options. I think Cameron has to show some hitting for an extended period in Toledo before promoting him.
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    I have no idea where to find that information but since Rod Allen got one they deserve one too.
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    you cant make fun of her, she said she has anxiety.
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    Vina—falsely credited with starting the Tiger’s turnaround.
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    I know people will say that he is just saying this to be politically correct and he doesn't mean it but I think there is alot of truth to this. During the season these guys(atleast the ones that really put forth the work) don't do much outside of basketball, and in the offseason they can live wherever so where you play isn't as important to them as many people seem to think. Of course all things being equal they will go to the more desirable location but if you have or can put a better team around them I think guys will more often than not take that over location. And BTW we all know he's talking about Bullock here.
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    No fear - Zimmermann starts tomorrow.
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    A combined complete game 9 IP shutout with 0 runs scored against them in all of the innings.
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    I would keep Brandon Dixon...
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    I love being a cantankerous old fart. ? You do have the coolest "handle" on this site - If I read it right - which makes me want to sit down and have a "Hongbit spelled backward" with you. ? Obviously that ain't gonna happen. Cheers dude.
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    It's positively eerie...
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    That's just going to make him try all that much harder...
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    You need to be on a good team to get RBI’s

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