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    That side grab where he feels the b00b a bit Trump calls it “The Ivanka”
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    Greg vaughn So one game back around 03 me and my friends went to the game against the devil Rays. We being 17 at the time and having front row seats along the foul line in left, just rode Vaughn all game. Nothing inappropriate just constant heckling everytime he was in the field. He ignored us the entire time. In the 9th inning I said soemthing like "Vaughn dont worry we'll be here tomorrow" that is when he lost it looked right at us and was like "aw **** nah," he said with a smile "I cant take it for another nine innings. I'm taking tomrrow off" low and behold, he was a dnp the next day.
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    I see this as projection from Yang's comments about Trump.
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    not good for democracy. It empowers the owners of these politicians too much. NRA A+ or F- report cards and the like contribute to that. Can't vote on nuance. You have to affirm the thing you have been paid to be at all times or the money won't come.
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    Did the guy say he is traumatized? Is traumatization the minimum requirement for police to apologize for unlawful behavior? I think it is important for police to follow established policy, and when they go outside of the policy, they should acknowledge it. The one making a "big **** deal" of this is you, because you are trolling because of his race.
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    It's not a hill I want to die on.
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    I like the Rays mascot. He reminds a little of Youppi who truly was the greatest ever.
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    Thank you, and I approve this message.
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    Hongbit, I agree with your honey over vinegar wisdom, but SB is OK. He is a cantankerous old fart, but he's our cantankerous old fart in the investment forum. If he ventures into other forums, then he is fair game!
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    For me, Fangraphs loads too slow and has too many ads.
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    One man’s joke is another’s BS. Regardless of politics, I would think any investor would want to follow Trump twitter pretty closely. His outlandish tweets are able to move markets almost instantly and since it fuels his massive ego those moments happen quite often.
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    So it was all BS and really about Trump. Should have known.
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    Allow the Royal Oak Police to tell you themselves:
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    This guy is a dickhead This is the bumper sticker for 2020.
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    God if Miggy continues to play like he has been lately the next couple years will be much easier to watch. Seeing him chase down milestones can be interesting particularly if he is doing it while atleast looking like a semblance of his former self.
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    It doesn't matter where he was drafted. Whether he was protected or not last year doesn't matter. He's a 24 year old with great if not elite defense, with an average walk rate (something the org badly needs more of), who is finally beginning to show power. We'd be foolish to not give him another year. He's exactly the type of player they should pick up if he happened to be available.
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    Daniel Norris vs Charlie Morton What ever Froats your Broats
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    nicky c, 2-3 with two walks and threw a guy out at the plate. if only he could pitch...
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    I think he knows how to get attention from the media and can manipulate people in the moment. I don't think he has a master plan.
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    Yeah I have way more bad years than "good" years. Whether he's hurt or not, he's just doesn't hit enough. He's in his fifth professional season and hasn't made it past Double A. People's OPS usually don't go up as you get to the more difficult levels. Face it, if he's anything it will be as a 26 year old fourth outfielder. I'd rather not waste a 40-man spot on that. Leave him unprotected if someone takes him, I'll bet he'll be returned. If not you can keep him and see if in year 6 at age 24 he can finally muster a .720 OPS.
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    I'm reading a book on the history of the Five Families, the mafia in NY. In the section on Paul Castellano there's another prominent person named Nick.... it's throwing me off big time.
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    You seem to be new here, so let me fill you in on something; there has been a gentlemen's agreement about 500 pages ago we would keep politics out of this thread. It was started with the very intent to keep investing stuff out of the way of other political threads. We didn't want to clog up those conversations, and we didn't want that stuff here (because of how it can get). Make sense? At this time, given the political/tribal environment of the time, I understand it is difficult for some to put aside their feelings and inject their disgust at every opportunity. Per agreement, this is NOT the place. It does get violated from time to time, and we are ALL guilty of the crime. We catch ourselves, and move on. That said, there appears to be quite an extensive amount of choices (threads) already in the forum to comment on the Golden Golem of Greatness, or the other political battles of the day. We have the choice to do it in those places, or bring it here; which in my opinion will turn this thread into a cesspool of BS like the others. I'm not a moderator; just a guy who likes the markets, investing, and (hopefully) discussions about them. I can't control what is said, only suggest, and reiterate the agreement. The choice is up to the rest, not me. Keep it clean, or **** it up, what's it gonna be?

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