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    I’m not sure how long the Emily hate has been going on but it’s not a great look for the site. If I’m being honest, you guys look like a bunch of bullying aholes.
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    I remember when people actually argued tax cuts pay for themselves in this forum. They will again. What a lie.
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    I did not mean sexual obsession, but an obsession with hating on her. There are numerous pages on this thread where the only thing happening is dunking on Emily. Resentment/jealousy = she's going on sports shows/writing professionally/getting attention for takes that are not on par with what the average poster here writes on a daily basis. But that's bc she put herself out there and God help her, she is trying and clearly has passion for what she's doing. That does open her up for criticism, a lot of it fair... And this new breed of reporter that comes not from the world of journalism, but the world of social media, where your personality is part of the brand, also blurs the line a bit... Members of this board are not her intended audience - her stuff is geared toward Tiger fans paying attention to the minor leagues for the first time bc the team is so bad and that's all we have AND it is barely covered by the local beat writers... and when it is covered, it's far from comprehensive. But again, she's the only prominent female covering the Tigers minor leagues and a group of men firing vitriol at her nonstop, at the very least, feels mean spirited. Just as bad... it's boring.
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    Emily has taken no more crap from MTS than any other garbage-tier beat writer for her garbage writing. If the problem some are having is comments about her looks or whatever, and that they crosses some line, well Emily can stop posting selfies with kitty filters and screen-grabs of DMs saying how hot she is. That might nip such comments in the bud.
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    I get worse in my inbox daily. If she doesn't want it, then she needs to step up her game. Find a better editor/mentor. Covering a sports team is not the toy department of a news operation. It's an important part, treat it as such. I don't believe one person here has made a comment about the fact she is a woman. Its all been fair critiques of her coverage and style...or lack thereof. As other said no more selfies of her chest/modeling shots. Write better sentences and do more than tweet out box scores. Finally, for the love of God, there is no cheering from the press box. Stop posting things like "I know you could do it, player X" and tagging four people in hopes of getting a retweet and more followers.
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    I was about to say that I pick on Fenech a fair amount. Many here whack on McCoskey often. Lynn Henning has taken historical beatings. ......yet if we take shots at Emily we're bullies? Seems to me that's it's own form of sexism. To me you're saying the poor helpless little girl needs you as her hero to protect her. If she wants to take less **** - here's an idea - write better.
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    If only.... Where is George Carlin when we need him? Imagine what he would have to say about the Epstein thing? The entire thing makes me want to puke. I have a daughter. I wonder about these girls (and yes, some were complicit so it reads, but it also reads some weren't). I don't understand how they may feel because I'm not a girl, and won't pretend to know (prostitution is one of the oldest professions in history, regardless of age, and I don't see how we call this anything different (unless we add the word "forced"). Although, pedophilia should be in the sentence somewhere I would think. But there were victims it appears. What about the victims? Will they get their day? I'll bet not. Before this came into the main (because of his death) I was reading a multiple part "investigating" series on sex trafficking, how it works, the players involved, and why (about Epstein, and it's not like he doesn't have history). Then the "suicide".... WTF!!!! Since that happened, the BS we have been fed would make Joseph Goebbels proud. This is above the tribal BS people argue about each and every day. This is in your face proof the powers that be can do whatever the **** they want, get away with it, and spin it all into the dustbin of history (I know, that hasn't happened yet, but it will. I give it no more than a month). We must get back to the WWE version of the 2020 election. There is no rule of law. There is no justice. There is no accountability. The entire system has failed us. All of it. Every last ****ing bit of it. This is in your face proof we live in a banana republic (and it didn't start in 2016 - Epstein didn't either). Anyone who doesn't believe that is either gullible, ignorant, or stupid (or all of the above). "It's a big club, and you ain't in it." It makes me ****ing sick.
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    No. Emily's blue-check-mark Twitter bio is ALL about her professional activities, and 90%+ of her tweets are work-related, making it a de facto professional account. The fact that she drops an occasional personal tweet onto her clearly professional Twitter account does not transform it into a personal account. If your argument is that it is not unprofessional to post Tumblr-esque selfies and you're-so-hot DMs on a professional Twitter account, then we simply disagree. But if you are arguing that a Twitter account used by a paid sports writer almost entirely to disseminate material related to her work somehow escapes the designation of a "professional" or "work related" account, well, you're just wrong. And for the record, Emily -- or any other person -- can post whatever she wants on her professional Twitter account so long as her employers are okay with it. But it's the internet, and people are free to react to it. If Hack-cosky decides to post Speedo shots of himself on his Twitter, would it be "over the line" for us to make fun of him for it?
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    Mom might have some 'splaining to do.
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    Thank you for the clarification. My opinion is to the extent she has been piled on is reflective of her hitting a peeve with a number of posters. As such, I don't think it is personal thing or jealousy based, I simply think a number of posters genuinely don't care for her writing and/or substance, and once someone commented, the floodgates opened, so to say. That written, things can be beaten to death and create a bad look, to quote Hongbit. I don't think it is as bad as some suggest, but don't think it is nothing either.
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    No. Whether or not the majority of her posts are baseball/tigers related doesn’t convert her personally managed twitter account into a ”professional” account that must remain devoid of any personal comments. Again, it isn’t hard to distinguish between tweets related to her job as a prospect writer and tweets that are unrelated to that and personal in nature. Keith Law tweets about nerdy board games and his daughter, and he works for espn. Rob Neyer posts about happenings in Portland and bird watching, and he is the commissioner of the west coast league. This is a know it when you see it situation.
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    No. You have this backwards. That account is used primarily for her professional work, which makes it her professional account. Making a 2nd account for her personal stuff is quick and easy to do, and keeping personal and professional stuff separate is the professional thing to do. If you don't want people commenting on your looks, don't post screen-grabs of -- and squee about -- DMs you get saying how hot you are on the same account you use for work.
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    I think young people today are more open about their mental health in general. There is probably more good than bad in that.
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    Don't post pictures of yourself in a bikini in your "professional" social media accounts if you don't want your looks to be a topic. Don't post like a fan of you want to be taken seriously as a journalist
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    It's so Baseball can avoid the horror of playing baseball on November 1, which in most northern cities averages about five degrees warmer than March 26.
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    glad to know Trump claims we have been violating the same arms control treaties that Russia has when we have not been. He is the King of talking out of his ***.
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    I once took a 30-second elevator ride with a guy who was a vegan runner with a degree from Harvard.
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    There’s also been some bikinis shots too. So yeah... either you are a girl who wants to be acknowledged for being pretty and all that or you are a journalist in an industry that traditionally has given females a hard time (Jack Morris) and are fighting through it. Perhaps a separate social media account for the personal stuff and another for the professional We make fun of all of the writers and their style. To not do it to her would be patronizing and that’s worse. We treat her like one of the boys and that’s a compliment.
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    I don't think it's bullying to be amused by a journalist that writes poorly or to make the point the it's hard to take a journalist seriously that takes such a personal advocacy approach. To the degree people have gone beyond that, I agree with you, but only to that degree. I would also note that is unprofessional for a female journalist who wants to be taken seriously to post full breast close-up shots of her tee-shirts and them moan about how hard it is to be woman in baseball. After all, it's much harder to even take the selfie than just shoot the shirt on a hanger. She had to make a positive decision to do it that way. That may not justify the flavor of some responses to her, but real is real, it certainly invites it.
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    Oh, OK, I see the disconnect now. You must be talking about black people resisting police while in the commission of a crime who get shot. That's a different scenario. But nobody is marching in protest of people who resist while committing crimes getting shot by cops. They're marching in protest of innocent black men (and boys) being killed by cops, during what should be routine encounters, in numbers way out of proportion to their population. Even if a reasonable line of reasoning can be drawn from "black people are known to commit more violent crimes per capita" to "cops are more suspicious of black people as a result" to "cops are more likely to shoot if the person in front of them is black than if white", this definitely should not lead to "we should be accepting of cops shooting innocent people because they're black, and black people should be understanding of that." Yet many white people—not you, of course, but many white people, some I know and maybe some you know as well—would in all seriousness make that argument. No wonder people of color march against police shootings of innocent black men, holding their hands up while saying "don't shoot". They don't want to just be accepting or understanding of the situation. I don't blame them.
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    Don’t worry, we’ll get to the men part. I’m still unclear on what you mean regarding the race part. Are you saying that the innocent black men, who are not committing any crime at the moment they are shot dead by police, are nevertheless still doing something that requires such deadly force?
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    I’d like to clarify the race part first, if you don’t mind. I appreciate your helping me understand your thinking. OK, so, black men, innocent of any crime but shot dead by police anyway, deserve such deadly force because ... why, exactly? Because other black men before them have done things that required force? Am I getting closer?
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    So, you're saying blacks in general deserve force because of their race? Oh my.
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    I want to see him struggle. It will make him a better hitter.
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    The worst part of the schedule release is the confirmation that the Detroit tigers baseball club will be playing in 2020.
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    The last 5 games might have critical match ups to determine the 7th, 8th, 9th slots in the conference.
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    Family reunion here tomorrow + local lady selling wild picked blueberries + brother in law that loves blueberry pie. = me baking for the 1st time in months. I've been on a diet so have been avoiding the temptation of baked goods. Anyway - as usual for me, not very pretty but I'm hoping tasty:
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    Don't know why, but I laughed about Mike Schmidt being the all time HR king.
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    Ken Cuccinelli: "Give me your tired and your poor who can stand on their own two feet"
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