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    I'd prefer it if Mize never struggled. I don't see why him doing poorly is somehow a good thing. I mean, it's just a thing I imagine most prospects go through, but I don't see why it's good that it's happening to him.
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    I want them in my home.
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    If Mar-a-Lago was a human trafficking hub and resulted in the rapes of dozens of women...where would it rank on the impeachment priorities?
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    The worst part of the schedule release is the confirmation that the Detroit tigers baseball club will be playing in 2020.
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    That's why they're millionaires and we're not.
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    Hey, any time you can win 15 more games than the previous season is a good season, right?
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    Chutes and ladders is damn tough. Everytime I move two spaces I got down one of them ******* chutes and have to retrace my progress
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    It isn't like you are there for the water.
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    Maybe Western Electric didn't want people calling them up asking them how to get their new adding machine to work...
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    Thank goodness the Tigers survived a 4 game series against Kansas City without facing Bruce Chen.
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    If anyone on this team hit like Suarez, they would very likely be playing only one position. How many of these guys are likely to be a starter for any period of time on a 0.500 or better club? The fact they are getting moved around is a clue the team does not view them as a likely starter over the long term. Also, if ever there was a team and a time to try players at various positions to get an understanding of where they would best fit as well as better understand where they could sub for a week or two in case of an emergency, this is the team and the time.
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    I completely disagree. I think Biden is the dems best chance. Progressives may hate him, but assuming the progressives don't eat themselves and the party, their hate for Trump will trump the fact they don't have a progressive candidate and the progressive base will still be energized still. Independent minded folks that chose to vote for Trump didn't care about gaffe's. Biden also reminds folks of Obama. I think that's a big bonus for him.
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    Some people might find this creepy.
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    Leading us to the World Series
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    "Mein Kraft" is excellent. So is the photoshop, if that is what it is.
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    "Pheadras! Hurry up with that Hemlock!"
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    this meme made me think of this.... offering without any editorial perspective
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    Did anyone else see the interview where they asked him about the chances he would come back to the Twins? He said "for real? VERY slim." He held his fingers together to show the chances. Then when asked what it would take to keep him he said "PAY ME!"
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