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    UL has no tooth pick. Fake card. 😉
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    An underrated worst is Aubrey Huff, whose tenure here single-handedly cost the Tigers the playoffs in 2009. Plus he’s turned out to be a red hat dick.
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    A video of Skubal from last night, via MILB https://cuts.diamond.milb.com/Homebase/2019/2019-07/19/3a596c7d-bfd25998-ce4abe32-csvm-diamondx64-asset_640x360_29_960K.mp4
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    This team has quit. And I like it. #Tank2019 #TankforTork
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    Everybody seems very angry tonight, so here is a baby eating a watermelon
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    Jack Morris who harassed a female reporter into leaving the profession and was a notorious me first guy is some kind of litmus test on character. Cabrera can't hit and he's a real easy target because Mike Ilitch gave him a goodwill contract. They aren't going to dump his contract and thinking that will have any kind of chemistry/character impact on the team is fruitless.
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    I think I might rather see Christian Stewart in the minors and Victor Reyes in left field.
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    If I owned this team I would literally clean house at this point or at the deadline. Zimm Casty Miggy Any others to cleanse the clubhouse of the old - bring in 4A guys that will bust their guts even if they lose while doing it. Zimm and Miggy are wasted $$, why keep them around?
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    Here's an example of how Trump can try to undo the send her back chants.
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    Maduro has usurped Constitutional law in Venezuela using fraud, political retribution, and worse, etc... Has created a dictatorship around himself and massive payoffs to the military brass to support him. Not unlike Putin & his oligarchs. Venezuela used to be an actual Democracy. I haven't even gotten to Chavez and his takeover of their National Oil company PDVSA, and their political and financial rape of this company, to line their own pockets, payoff the military, etc... Oh, well, I guess I just did... Maduro needs to go. Just my 2 cents.
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