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    In Cedar Rapids Iowa now on the way to KC for the game. Went to Field of Dreams and a MWL Kernels game today.
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    Not understanding the relevance of the question.
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    They are the 1997 - 2002 Seattle Mariners of basketball.
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    The bakery employee was quoted as saying "what can I say except 'You're Welcome'".
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    Tigers at Royals  Game 86 28-57 Remember him? Seth Greisinger Years with Detroit: 1998, 2002 Tigers highlights: 118 Strikeouts You may remember him from: Atlanta Braves, Minnesota Twins, Yomirui Giants Baseball Reference Link and Stats:
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    Nailed it. "House is insignificant at this point". Except for that whole global economy thing. Here are my demands: 1) Tax returns from Trump (just to rub it in) 2) Ending family separations & concentration camps NOW 3) Some deal that stems the flow of hack judges onto the federal bench.
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    And according to the inmates .. most of them are not guilty.
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    I’m not sure what stage in the acceptance of death I’m at right now but as much as I enjoy seeing Jacoby Jones prosper and defy our previous assessments, I’m also OK that he can’t play until Sunday. Before I would be anguishing about this. I’m pretty much OK now for when they take me to the vet to give me the shot. I am at peace.
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    Biggs, don’t you know relevance sometimes isn’t necessarily relevant. ?
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    The Tigers had a 4A outfielder named Frazier a few years ago. Whenever they demoted him, you had to be pretty quick to get in here first with "Down goes Frazier! Down goes Frazier!"
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    One thing I would clarify in your “pro” section is the use of the word “they”. I don’t think there was a “they”. It was him. Only him. The Tigers were owned and run by Mike Ilitch. It wasn’t a family run business like the Red Wings were I don’t like Chris Ilitch I don’t like what they’ve done to the downtown areas they own They get too much credit
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    The negotiator is over at my place playing pinochle with a couple of my men. He's happy, they're letting him win
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    What did you expect, Ks are up after all.
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    Yes, because the situations were exactly the same. It seems like you're more interested in ranting about how unfair Pistons fans are than addressing my points.
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    we have his heart and three of his limbs, the 4th is as yet still in question.
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    And the same people who want the Pistons to trade these 3 guys simultaneously keep telling us the Pistons have no assets. So Dre & Reggie are awful, but we can get a haul for them? And Blake's contract is untradeable, but we can get a treasure of assets? Also, in terms of the fanbase, there is next to no optimism about anything. People aren't going to LCA and those who are don't have delusions of contention.
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    I see people praising the haul that OKC got for their stars and the way they've rebuilt when faced with the knowledge that the team wasn't going to succeed in it's current form. Yet the same people are giving Stefanski a pass and saying that he's just dealing with SVG's leftovers, and he needs more time, and talking about the "Blake window". You either buy into the "Blake window" and aggressively seek out another star to put next to him, even if that means moving Doumbouya, Kennard, or whatever. Or you don't, in which case it's time to rebuild and we need to stop making excuses for this franchise failing to do so. OKC was in a bind too, especially with the Westbrook situation because everyone knew he wanted to be traded, he has a huge contract, is tough to get along with, and has major flaws in his game. Same for NO with everyone knowing they were being held hostage by Davis' trade demands. Yet, they managed to get it done and get a nice haul. Blake is coming off of his best season in recent history, Dre is basically on the last year of his contract, and same for Reggie. If the aggressiveness is there, the Pistons could rebuild with a haul of picks and young players in return for this "big 3" (Blake, Dre, Reggie). The fact is that they won't or can't (because of Gores). Either way, it's not acceptable and we need to stop making excuses for them. They're trying to play both ends of the game and it's a terrible strategy. Why are we all accepting that? It's full on Stockholm Syndrome in the Piston fanbase.
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    I like your optimism that there will be fans in attendance.
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    All I can tell you is that at 52 years old, if someone got me a Moana cake, I'd be thrilled. This is coming from a guy who buys Rainbow Dash electric toothbrushes too so there's that. Flame away......
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    Similarly... https://www.buzzfeed.com/daniellaemanuel/little-girl-birthday-cake-fail
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    Are you going to Arthur Bryant's or Gates? Let me know so I can place my mail order with you. ?
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    With success, unlike Blake/CP3.
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    While the center piece should certainty be bat. If piece 2 is a pitcher, that's fine. Look at our pitching prospects this year. Mize and Manning seem to be fine, the rest kind of meh. If someone like the Padres give us a SS and then a 50-ish range pitcher, I'm OK with that.
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    every player on that list is more valuable than russ. even blake.
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    If the Tigers somehow manage to get Bohm, I'm claiming 'Bohm goes the dynamite' everytime he homers.
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    MLB Trade Rumors‏ @mlbtraderumors 1h1 hour ago More 3 Twins Prospects Reportedly "Off Limits" In Trade Talks This was a tweet. I didn't read the article that was linked with it, so I have no idea if the Twins are interested in Boyd, or Greene, or any other Tigers. However, every time I see a quote like this, I like to imagine Al Avila saying to them: "Ok, fine, Matthew Boyd is off limits to the Twins. However, we can make Jordan Zimmerman available to the Twins, for some of their lesser prospects."
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    How many players on that list do you have as more valuable than Russ? How many of those might sign here? The Russ slander is absurd.
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    Damn, maybe getting Russ was as excited as I've let myself get about an unlikely acquisition in a while.
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    Thank you basketball Jesus for not letting the Pistons trade for Russell Westbrook. We will be lighting prayer candles and saying Hail Isiahs in your name tonight for the gifts you have bestowed upon us.
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    I want you to know I read all of these and really appreciate the work behind them.
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    What's his user name here?
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    But I’m sure he had that argument with someone in the past 30 years.
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    I was watching It's Always Sunny reruns the other night and put on my favorite episode. I know suicide is a serious matter but Frank trying to hang himself is classic . . .
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    The Seinfeld pilot first aired 30 years ago today.
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    Just finished Curb Your Enthusiasm. It brought me much joy throughout the entire run.
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    I'm glad the Pistons sidestepped that landmine. The same people who wanted the Pistons to trade for Westbrook would have complained in a year or two about how dumb they are for taking on another anchor contract for a declining player after maxing out with a couple of 1st or 2nd round exits. Let somebody else take the headache. This is a 31-35 year old Westbrook you're taking on, it's all downhill from here with him as the contract gets pricier and pricier from Year 1-4. It'll be interesting to see how Russ and Harden co-exist with just one ball to play with and how Russ fits into D'Antoni's fire up threes at all costs system with his paltry 30% and under shooting.
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    Lol. I agree with Yoda. But it’s all subjective, of course. No one is forcing you to watch it, Nas.

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