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    manning getting knocked around. thats it. rebuild is a failure. fire avila.
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    It might be. My opinion is $1M arm and nickel brain.
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    I myself haven't used the word "disgusting" yet, per se. But lately, whenever America does something terrible to people and people say, "that's not us, that's not who we are", my reaction has been more and more, "Not true. That is us. That's exactly who we are. And we have an entire history proving it."
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    uh duh It's not me & my ilk that grant personhood to corporations and now you recognize a serious problem with capitalism
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    I don't have a problem talking with Kim, but I rather not send the village idiot to talk with him.
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    Boston has nothing of value for Boyd. That said, Avila's stupid *** will probably trade Boyd to Boston...
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    3 weeks isn't a lot of time. Sounds like Boston is interested in Boyd. They have to start with Jarren Duran and Triston Casas. I prefer Casas over Dalbec, but both are kind of 1b prospects playing 3b. They also need to throw in Mata.
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    The only downside in trading Jimenez to TB is that they'll no doubt turn him into an elite pitcher immediately. That might be too much to handle five minutes after Avila was granted an extension.
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    There's a rumor going around Buffalo wanted him at 7 too, but who knows. After seeing him play at the prospect camp I'm very excited for the pick.
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    To me, that we have an entire history proving it, and we keep adding to that history, is even worse.
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    I hate fans. I saw a discussion about the possibility of trading for Bradley Beal. Everyone said they wanted him but most said Doumbouya is off limits in any trade for Beal. GTFO with that nonsense.
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    Riley Greene has moved up to Connecticut. Last year, the main signs were Jose De la Cruz and Adinso Reyes. The previous years, players signed were Alvaro Gonzalez and Carlos Irogeyen, both SS. All are similar players. None are particularly athletic, or known for their foot speed. The Tigers are spinning their wheels by signing similar players who are decent athletes, but have a limited physical toolset. They need to shoot for the moon once in a while, and try to sign players with more physical abilities, imo. When you're signing a 16 year old, they need to have good feet. They also haven't drafted the quickest players either. Riley Greene is a corner playing centerfield, and their next two picks were 3b? That makes no sense to me. Other teams are killing it, like TB, who have Vidal Brujan and Wander Franco coming up, yet they're loaded physically at the major league level, too. The Tigers can't compete with them.
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    Now that is how you rebuild properly.
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    will never forget Deivi's photograph from his rookie baseball card.
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    Deivi Cruz has a son...his name is Isaac Paredes
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    Bert has raised his game in inverse proportion to the Tigers trajectory.
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    Here's what it was like for people at that station. Criticism launched at Lions on the air. Someone from Lions calls station management to complain (usually Bill Kennist). Bill or someone from his staff demanding to be put on the air. Back in 2009 when Corey Smith disappeared from that boat in the Gulf of Mexico a listener sent a text in that Corey Smith was so desperate to get away from the 0-16 Lions that he drowned, Valenti laughed and that sent the Lions off. They wanted him fired immediately. It was a mistake by Valenti, no doubt, text should not have been read on the air. A couple years later someone with the station arranged for Ndamukong Suh to do a phone interview on the show. Valenti called him out on the stomping incident which had just happened and Suh gave his stupid foot slipping excuse and Valenti called him out on the B.S. of that, so Suh hung up. After that it was basically a war between the Lions and the station and it was merely a case of playing out the contract. Trust me on this, their PR team, led by Keenist, wanted to control content and they were relentless and annoyed everybody and I am pretty sure champagne corks were popped when the Lions announced they were going to WJR. Tom Wilson of the Red Wings & Tigers (formerly Pistons) has never tried to control content like that. If a comment was made that was personally way out of line, he'll call and tell them to be fair, but other than that, he doesn't pester media like Keenist did. Bill is now the Lions "historian".
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    warped mind + mad photoshop skillz + propensity for all things potato = IdahoBert. nicely done!
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    Is this really your area to judge?
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    except this isnt 1975.....its 2001. and we just extended randy smith.
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    Yeah. I'm actually more worried about Avila there than drafting. His track record with $$ isn't stellar.
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    Jim Callis: If I'm Jim Thome this isn't a bad guy to have up at the plate down by tw... Batter launches a 450 foot 2-run dinger.
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    Change up were in the dirt because he's used to pitching on the shorter mound. Everyone knows you don't move to 60 feet until you get to AAA
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    Good to see bad blood with the Indians developing early.
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    Insert “old man yells at cloud” image here.
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    How many people have the Clintons killed now?
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    I am not a fan of Valenti, but the criticism he’s dished on the Lions is more than deserved. They are a clown show organization and have been for decades — if they want people to say nice things about them, they need to STFU and start winning.
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    I'm struggling to build up any hate for this trade. I think a decade of ineptitude has made me pretty ambivalent towards this organization.
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    him being the same player he is now is the problem. it would be fun to watch russ and andre fighting over themselves and pushing teammates out of the way for meaningless rebounds...
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    As if I needed another reason to like Manning.
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    Skubal passed with flying colors today. 5IP 1H 1R(unearned) 11ks.
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    Is it too late to appreciate this one?
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    I gotta think Valenti brings them way more revenue than broadcasting the Loins on Sundays. Screw the Loins, they should just stfu and win some ******* games, problem solved.
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    It isn't fair to this guy they put his mugshot on the...wait...oh damn. I would jump too.
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