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    Me and the wife are taking in a long weekend of Tigers baseball late June. Thought this was a cool schedule so I wanted to share: Thursday, June 20 - Lehigh Valley Ironpigs @ Toledo Mudhens, 7pm Friday, June 21 - Erie Seawolves @ Akron Rubberducks, 7pm Saturday, June 22 - West Michigan WhiteCaps @ Lake County Captains, 7pm Sunday, June 23 - Detroit Tigers @ Clevelend Indians, 1pm Four levels of the organization all in one weekend, just an hour or so apart from each other. Not excited about being in Ohio for 3 1/2 days but what the heck!
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    I have come to this same realization. In many ways, Trump has been good for me personally. He has made me realize just how fragile our democracy is. I can now at last completely understand what happened in Germany back in the 30's. The eye opening I have had the past 3 years may not have happened if Hillary had won. And frankly, I am so disappointed in so many people. Education is not valued in this country and it definitely shows. And these evangelical "Christians" are absolutely no different than ISIS.
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    Bert, I feel like your posting is on a different level this season. You've been in the cage with Lloyd, haven't you?
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    Anderson: You're going to need to K everyone; these guys cannot field.
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    Bert is having a breakout year. You can’t help but notice how quick he is this year, always one step ahead of the moment. He’s constantly making adjustments to take advantage of the opportunities as they present themselves. He worked hard in the off season to delay Father Time’s calling. Truly this year’s Renaissance Man.
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    Clearly a sign that Flynn will be rescinding his guilty plea any minute now...
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    well...the exchange rate is II to V so you should be ok.
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    Now they have someone to interview. I'm happy for the kid.
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    I think the TV press conference at the end of a game like this is indecent. It’s like asking Charles Lindbergh how his baby is doing.
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    Well, Turnbull's ERA is in good shape.
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    I say this all the time and have for years, the Tigers seem to be the only team in baseball the consistently uses the "contact play." I will ask again - as I always do - what is the strategy? Are the Tigers gambling the that a major league infielder will boot the ball? Throw it wildly? There is an extremely low chance of that happening. Even if the batter singles cleanly up the middle there is no reason for the contact play as the runner from third would score easily on such a hit.
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    Thanks to Shep for letting us know that MLB is a different level than AAA.
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    Turnbull, Norris & Boyd - our rotational law firm.
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    That is a really evil way to break up the no-hitter.
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    My favorite Matt Olson fact... In 2017, he hit 24 home runs... ...with two doubles.
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    These are all good points. Hopefully, when it's done we will also be able to say that the country was strong enough to survive just fine under the "leadership" of an ignorant douchebag with no morals.
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    How about bringing back this guy?
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    I go off on this tangent about once every 2 years, but I am going to go off on it again. I don't care that the rules do not allow judgment on a hand pass. If it clearly is a hand pass, you have to disallow the goal. At some point doing what everyone knows is just / right is more important than slavishly following the rules because nobody foresaw the possibility. It reflects worse on the sport allowing a team to win on a clearly bad goal than making an executive decision counter to the codified rules in the interest in fairness. I know this is not a popular opinion.
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    I’ve given up on winning. I am now satisfied with simply avoiding a visit from the scary pincushion face guy from hellraiser.
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    Thankfully the two leading candidates for the Democrats, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, are not baby boomers.
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    Just a general observation over 2 years in.... If Hillary had won the election I"m not sure our country would be in a better place today than it is now. What's the alternate history? Endless investigations for 2 years? WIthout Trump as the bogeyman would the House have flipped? Would Kennedy have retired? Would McConnell have rushed Garland to the court before Hillary was inaugurated? Would we have even had a 9th Justice? In some ways I think things could have become worse... One positive Trump has done for me is exposed a lot of people that i used to think highly of and in a Hillary presidency I might have still been ignorant to the real them. Maybe Trump was the ripping off the bandaid that we needed.
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    "FLOTUS & her daddy!" That's priceless!
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    The fact that you would have to do this to know whether or not it was enough in her character to do what she did should tell you something. I think obvious mistakes are worth pointing out, for sure. I just don't care enough to hold fiction/fantasy to the same level of story-telling as a real-life drama. If the writer makes somebody do something, then that is now within their character. Not to take shot's at a wounded animal, but I think they handled it much better than the writers of TWD would have, which you seem to never hold to this level of scrutiny, but I could be wrong. I abandoned that show and thread several years ago. I'm pretty satisfied with it. It's created some pretty good discussion though and that's not a bad thing.
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    Ronnie is a great hitting DH for a Shortstop.
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    When you're losing Pat Robertson...
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    That's how he's operated his whole life. File bankruptcy and let someone else clean up the mess.
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    It seems like every time the Democrats do something, I get to hear the media tell me about how that's a bad idea for them because it will motivate the GOP base for Trump. Anyone hear any analysis that suggested banning abortion would motivate the Democratic base? Why does the media never try to cow the GOP by claiming their actions will rile up the opposing base? It's because they're biased.
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    Cakes have been baked in 27 cities across North America hoping he attends that party......
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    I'd rather draft a bunch of starters and convert some of them to relievers if they prove not to be starters at the higher levels
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    Any half-way intelligent person can prepare a side by side list of heads of state Trump admires, and those he disdains. Then, take a good look at that list, and if you can’t ( or won’t) extrapolate what it tells you very plainly, you might as well just buy your brown shirt right now.
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    Looks like Gardy did the rational thing and took Turnbull out after four innings and 85 pitches. This game is lost already so you might as well not overextend one of your few good starting arms. Brad would’ve definitely left him in.
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    Wait until you are old enough that the pain all over never goes away.

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