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    Thanks for watching it, that puts you several steps ahead of me and Stan.
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    Pretty comical. Oh you're correct. Looks like American banks have started doing business with him again. All the biggies: JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs... Oh... wait. Here's the funny part... what did you say, cat got my tongue? He lost control of his casinos due to his bankruptcies and had to sell off assets. IE: He was forced to give up 50% control of the Taj Mahal in his 1991 bankruptcy. As well as was forced to sell his Trump Airlines and his mega-yacht (Trump Princess). This is what you call a "normal" and accepted part of the real estate business? That's been your contention all along. And we can highlight the details of his other bankruptcies if you want to go through full disclosure. The Tax info may not reflect cash management, but a bankruptcy definitely does. Trump lost bigly here. And your contentions otherwise ("bankruptcies are normal/ fine") are patently and objectively FALSE. I've asked for your comment specifically on his loss of management control and the sell-off of his assets in his bankruptcy. And called you out for BS on your position. You haven't responded. Why haven't you responded Stan? Cat got your tongue? Actually... there's two questions in there you haven't answered, both relating to bankruptcies. Loss of management control. And the forced sell off of assets. Since you've answered neither... what's wrong Stan? Cat got your tongue? Say, you haven't responded to my questions on why Trump had to be bailed out by his family either. This is what a good businessman does, right Stan? Beg from his family? Receive ~$400 million over his lifetime from his father and **** it up? Oh yeah, and his father bailed him out with an illegal loan (purchased $2 million casino chips at one point and never cashed them in. Trump never declared this as a loan. Illegal.) But let's just put that aside. His family bailed him out numerous times. Is this the sign of an awesome businessman? You don't seem to want to respond to this question. Why not? Cat got your tongue? I think there was a couple other factual issues I asked for your comment on and you haven't responded. I'll check back in a minute... You don't offer FACTS Stan. Let me rephrase that: you offer facts ONLY if they fit your narrative. If facts go against your narrative, you offer BS, bluster, sycophancy, and sometimes outright... Lemming.
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    I always thought that the DFA was like a trial separation where you're free to date other people while an outright release was more like a divorce because she got a little too "friendly" with the UPS guy
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    Nick Ramirez unconditionally released, Heinie Szymanski called up from Class D Deming Durangos.
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    It's already been established that he committed bank fraud and insurance fraud. Those cases are currently being built. ABSOLUTELY a credible allegation to investigate. Wrong again Stan.
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    If Vaughn in available and they pick Greene instead, that is basically the equivalent of drafting a TE in the top 10 twice in the past 5 years.
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    The Aubrey Huff of MTS Posters.
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    Three things: In this clip, Nadler says it was Ken Starr who made it clear that the grand jury material is protected by 6(e). Nadler did not make the statement as such. Nadler does not take a position in this clip for or against Starr's contention. Nadler says here that the material must remain secret unless contravened by a vote of the House, so apparently, 6(e) is not absolute under all circumstances. I assume that would also be true, at minimum, for the Mueller Report. Swing and a miss, Stan.
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    Ha! He deleted the original tweet (complaining about protestors) but I remember this hilarious comeback.
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    Maybe this and maybe not this, but for sure to sit there and definitely to not solve any problems.
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    the kind who is laundering money for people
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    I'd ask why you just didn't close the service valve at the meter, but I think I don't want to know the answer......
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    You touch on another difference as well. Trump has been far more involved with negotiations and, in some cases, has sidelined experts in his negotiations with the Norks in favor of his own foreign policy expertise (ie. None) We are supposed to trust the guy who has lied more than than 10000 times in office with high stakes negotiations. And give him a trophy for trying.
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    Is he trying to disarm them, or is he trying to build a hotel there?
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    Angels Stadium is probably the most boring, nondescript baseball stadium in the majors. The view, like the stadium itself, is neither beautiful nor ugly, engaging nor off-putting: it's just... there. The Big "A" is like the stadium you'd see in a baseball video game that wasn't licensed by MLB.
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    LOL! I expected this. Just for fun;
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    well, Norris can keep you in a game. Turnbull and Boyd can win you one - the other two spots are just disaster waiting to happen each time through the rotation. If either or both of Boyd & Turnbull slump at all it will be instant losing streak for sure.
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    According to this SABR article he he was once offered a contract with the Memphis Chickasaws (Chicks). He never played with the team but the nickname stuck https://sabr.org/bioproj/person/b3ca47c0
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    I can't tell you how many times I've paid good money to see us play in Anaheim and had nightmares the following evening. Even when we were competitive. I witnessed the extermination of Porcello a few years back. I hadn't even finished my first dog before he was gone. I imagine that this was as much fun to watch - and in the cold wetness. They have my respect for being there.
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    I hope the Lakers or Knicks don't win the Zion lottery. The conspiracy theorists will be insufferable.
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