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    If you take a closer look at the numbers unemployment is down only 0.9% since Obama left office. More jobs were created during Obama’s last two years in office that the first two years of Trump’s presidency. Like everything else in his life Trump has taking credit for what was handed to him.
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    The fact that Trump is President defies conventional wisdom in the first place, yet we are supposed to believe that conventional wisdom ("it's the economy, stupid") will hold despite all evidence to the contrary (such as poor polling numbers).
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    I also don't think employment rates somehow justify or make racism palatable, and I suspect minorities feel likewise. So I guess I don't understand how it is a mic drop.
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    Trump has long gone beyond the point where he deserves the benefit of the doubt on anything he says.
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    Bran sounds just like Jahlani Tavai
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    So if you aren't gay or a woman in TX you have a shot?
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    Mize debuting for Erie tonight...game is at Altoona (6pm). Projected game time temp is 59 degrees.
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    I really hope everyone but me is right about Stafford and that last year was some fluke. Otherwise, this contract will an albatross for the next two seasons for this franchise. More than any draft pick, it is Stafford bouncing back to whatever he is that will make or break this team.
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    What Harden has or has not done in the past isn't interesting to me at all. I just want a properly reffed contest. And I say that as someone with money on GSW.
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    I'm not confused, maybe you are? All I said is that I don't know why one nitpick would ruin an otherwise great episode and would turn somebody off to the rest of the show completely but everybody has a right to their opinion. I don't see what's so complicated about that stance.
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    Yeah but the question is, do those 3 teams win because of their scheme or because all 3 have future Hall of Fame QBs? If they plugged Stafford into those schemes, would they be anything more than an average team like the Lions have been for years? I know that football is a team sport but it sure helps a scheme when you have an elite QB behind center.
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    I can take the joke and laugh and all, but it does seem some have a problem with the idea of taking guys who fit our system. It would just be silly to take a Lavonte David style LB, zone/Tampa 2 corner, wide 9 edge rusher etc. to play here though IMO. If its truly elite talent you make it work sometimes, of course, but probably 2/3- 3/4 of players in the league fail to transcend system.
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    He doesn’t fit the system. ?
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    I have to note that Morris did exceed my expectations of him talking about Harrison the other day. He made the observation that as a pitcher, when a guy moves OFF the plate, that meant he still wanted to pitch him inside as moving off the plate indicates a hitter that doesn't handle the inside pitch. That even though you might intuitively think a guy set up off the plate can't reach the outside pitch, guys who set up out there dive into the zone - and sure enough Harrison immediately demonstrated. One of his better bits of analysis, which isn't saying a lot so far - but progress.
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    He's the Dem version of Kasich. Needs to run in the other party to succeed.
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    Please Fox, if there are reshuffles to be done, don't ever let Trevor do another interview. Even with a guy as easy with the media as Gardenhire, he can't help betraying how stupid he thinks Trevor's questions are. You can see Gardy chaff at Trevor's questions, then brighten whenever Trevor shuts up long enough for him to take a question from someone else. He's fine doing his inserts, just stop letting let him try to talk to people.
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    They were hosed today. All three of these were called all year. Why stop in the playoffs? https://streamable.com/8n6m9
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    Boston clinched the day before Milwaukee did. They looked like a team who had no answer when Giannis had the paint taken away from him. Zach Lowe had something interesting this week. The entire gameplan of the Bucks defense is to take away the rim and three point shot, giving teams the mid-range. Guess what Bostons offense does really well?
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    When you get away from White House sound bites and look at a trend chart, you see that this is an 8-year trend. (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)
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    Sorry. But that was some bull****.
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    The Giants player was not killed, his college teammate was. He was injured in the shooting but not seriously. I thought for sure he'd be drafted. But no teammates showed up for his birthday party so.............
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    The Lions have had lousy coaches and a lousy front office for decades. As a result, fans suffer from something like “battered fan syndrome.” All the various regimes blend together, nothing looks like progress, every pick that is not immediately endorsed by Mel Kiper’s Minions is suspect. Give us a few players that ESPN will talk about, and that’s good enough as long as the team hovers around 8-8, and sometimes falls bass-ackwards into the playoffs Anyway, I have no idea what “they value scheme over actual talent and production” means. After a horrible start to the season, the defense finished in the top half of the league in PPG and the top third in YPG. Does that count as production? Or do only individual counting stats, like sacks, matter? Does “actual talent” include the ability to play multiple roles on the football field? Or does it only refer to times in the 40 yard dash? Anyway, I’m pretty sure Patriots fans, and Steelers fans, Seahawks fans, for instance, don’t mind that their teams have a certain scheme that they play, and certain styles of players they like, because over time the schemes have worked. And it’s not like the scheme the ex-Pats are trying to install is all that complicated... it’s just a base 3-4 with big bodies up front to clog running lanes, and with a diverse secondary to match up against a wide range of receivers. Maybe the ex-Pats will fail, but they’ve come closer to instilling faith in me than any other regime that has blown through town.
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    Welcome to Donald's Trump's America where if you're not a straight, white, non-disabled, Christian, male or female (or a closeted televangelist portraying a straight white male) you are going to be labeled the enemy and chided by the President of the Untied States.
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    Exactly. The excuses get really tiring.
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    How do you know what he was referring to? He just wings it and says what his base wants to hear. The fact is one person was killed and several were injured when a Neo nazi crashed his car into the crowd. The President of the United States can't figure out how to address that? That's his defense?
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    Good sized All American guard from a school know for O-line play doesn't get drafted. Go figure.
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    Milwaukee with a Pistons shaped hangover. They weren’t ready for the actual playoffs. NBA finals starting right now at Oracle.
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    Mercedes is the Lou Holtz of F1. Remember when Holtz had things rolling at Notre Dame? If you only listened to his interviews you would think his teams didn't have the talent to be on the same field with their opponent. Then every Saturday they would win by two TD's. Every other week you hear Mercedes talk about how strong Ferrari is and how they hope to keep up with them. Also worried about holding off a challenge from Red Bull. Then they go out and finish 1-2 in every race.
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    I always want to join the Freemasons when I watch a Denver game with their center court logo.
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    They play a base 3-4 two-gap defense. They want to take up a lot of space in the middle and push RBs to the edges, where big linebackers can finish them. Size is more valuable than speed to Matt P. As nearly as I can tell, there were 42 LB prospects at the combine; only 5 weighed 250 or more. One was Josh Allen, who is about as physically freaky as it gets. Of the other four, we picked one in the 2nd round and another we signed as UDFA. There are very few physical freaks. They get picked early. By contrast, a DB who runs a 40 in the 4.4 range is not a freak. Looks like 54 DBs ran the 40 at the combine, with 26 running better than 4.5. Why did what’s his face get picked in the 2nd round? Positional value. If your team needs LBs>250 lbs, who have additional skills to go with size, you’re going to have to pick them early. There will be a dozen more DBs to choose from later. http://walterfootball.com/combine/
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    I'm really looking forward to watching Kawhi guard Ben Simmons this series. I think it might get ugly for Simmons.
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    I chatted with Virgil's daughter on facebook. It was a fan page for Tedeschi Trucks Band, Derek is his nephew. When you get BB King to say "That's about as good as I've heard it" then you can just quit on top.
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    If Jon didn't go and get himself trapped north of the wall, odds are the NK would still be waiting. He had no way to bring down the wall until he got his hands on Viserion.
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    Director John Singleton had a stroke and will be taken off life support today. Youngest person and first black guy nominated for a best director oscar. Boyz N the Hood was one of the greatest movies of the 90's. Maybe top 5 if talking influence and importance. He's only 51.
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    Some more of Don’s “very fine people”
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