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    How the Tigers announced their lineup this morning. AWESOME ! MAKE SURE THE SOUND IS ON !
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    Forgot to add speaks in grammatical correct complete sentences
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    The first time I was in the deep South and was served grits I realized why Sherman burned Atlanta on his march to the sea.
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    Well Rashida Tlaib, Congresswoman from MI-13, introduced an Impeachment Resolution today.
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    I was there. Most thrilling live sporting event ever for me. (And I’ve been to a WNBA game)
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    Can the Special Olympics just claim to be a charter school to trick DeVos into funding it?
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    None of this is argument - it's simply random polemics. Respected climatologists do not make local weather predictions so nothing above is relevant to anything. I'd also like to see any evidence that a serious climatologist said the Lakes levels were falling because of climate change. Again - no climatologist would make a specific local long term weather forecast or interpretation. In point of fact I have spent a good deal of time with a commercial boat operator on Lake Superior and the fact is that the primary argument about GL levels in this generation has been about the effects of man made changes to the topology of the St. Mary's channel and whether they had increased flows into the lower lakes. But here is one that is very easy and cuts past all the arguments the deniers like to make while looking out their front windows to what they mistake for the wide world - you can go down to the seashore and look at the markers and check the history for yourself: Where do you suppose that water is coming from?
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    Woo hoo! Baseball's back, Mario and Rod and Mueller are gone, and the Tigers are in first place. A perfect game would have been nice, but it's still a great day so far.
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    ESPN has us 1st, I'll use them as the tiebreaker. ?
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    I don't know, he speaks Maltese so he's some sort of dog whisperer.
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    He's like the gaslighting abusive husband with respect to Puerto Rico.
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    The day mine were installed my wife and I were stricken by food poisoning. The racket of construction downstairs as we suffered upstairs with the effects was most unwelcome. The guy running the project called up to me asking to take a look. I come down and he says: "how are we doing (meaning how did I like the work)? " I respond: "I wish I was dead"
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    That’s just a third of them. I’ve never been much of a consumer and this is where I express that desire. I even read them.
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    A 3rd to move back 6 spots into the middle of the first round doesn't seem like enough.
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    Over $1 billion spent on three players. Free agency is completely fixed.
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    You mean that wasn't real poutine I had at Cheetah's in Windsor? Was that not gravy?
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    Real helmet from someone in F2. Best helmet ever.
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    LOL, they think he should resign? Screw them. Anyone remember when a GOP congressperson resigned because of something a Democratic AG said? Me neither.
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    Now we’re talking! Projecting 65 and sunny here at game time. Sitting out on the terrace with a few beverages should work.
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    Oh, it's probably not over alright...
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    And they throw him in the mental hospital and when Marge calls Patsy Cline "Crazy" is the hold music..........
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    I am smiling because I managed to find a perfect match to the mid century tile at my mom's new (to her) house. It is truly gorgeous tile work in the house, but had ONE piece of bullnose missing. It is such a perfect match that I reordered a few additional pieces of bullnose and tiles from the same seller to have on hand in case of future mishaps. Figure it is $23 well spent. Hurray for eBay!
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    I'd have said 75% sceptic actually. I associate both with loonspuddery.
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    His entire existence on this board has been to troll.
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    Yeah but you guys were ok with that move at the time, no? I hated the decision and said right there and then that it would bite them in the rear. Honestly though, does it really matter? They're going to get embarrassed if they squeezed into the playoffs. I had some hope for them to make the 1st round competitive but getting absolutely smashed by the Nets and Heat showed what they really are. I think I'd rather get a Zion or Morant lottery ticket at this point.
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    On the contrary, I don’t think “to” in those sentences is a preposition.
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    I see a pedestal with two action statues on it..............Tram flipping the ball to Lou with his foot on 2nd base. This needs to happen. You you put Lou up with 2nd basemen from the same era, he's right there. I know he's a weird guy and certainly would never lobby to get in, but come on now - if Tram's in, Lou should be in and they should have gone together.
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    also demanded an apology for the time I walked out his house for insulting John McCain as a traitor.

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