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    No need to be modest. It was more than just tens of millions who voted for Trump. It was, in fact, nearly 63 million people who voted for Trump, high enough to rank as the second most votes any candidate received in that election.
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    You advocated shooting people who tried to immigrate to our country. Calling it hateful is being kind. You should be thanking Sue.
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    WTF is wrong with you. What a hateful post.
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    It’s also worth mentioning that the tigers didn’t really make it to sell mode until right around when they traded JD. As bad as the 2017 team ended up being, it had a fair amount of talent at the start of the year, and had a decent chance of competing. They barely missed the playoffs in 2016.
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    You are too modest. This is to cat pictures what the Mona Lisa is to selfies.
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    Trading a young starting pitcher for fear of injury is exactly what the Diamondbacks did with Scherzer. Spoiler alert: Scherzer never got a serious injury due to pitching mechanics.
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    We definitely don't pay them to laze away their days under torture by the North Vietnamese.
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    Lol. You’re not only a troll, you’re a cowardly troll. If you said and meant “shoot and blow up”, then own it.
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    You’re a trolling foreign invader in this thread. Jerky behavior. Period.
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    Elijah just learned that Gordon Beckham made the team.
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    In terms of interest, this is going to be the toughest year for the hardcore fan base. The majority of the top prospects traded for and drafted since the white flag trades are going to be pushed slowly, as they should. The farm system, despite the trading of all the movable pieces they had in 2017 and a draft class that had us drafting first, is still firmly middle of the pack, which points out that this rebuild will likely take several more years. And now the top young player they foolishly retained is out for a year and his career in doubt. Our off season additions included the worst starting pitcher among qualifiers last year, a journeyman SS expected to get 500 AB's, and a second baseman also expected to get 500 AB's that had a .285 obp last year. He might lead off. Next year we'll probably see many of the best young prospects start hitting Detroit, the top draft classes will start to pile up, and hopefully AA will find a diamond in the rough somewhere. Given how weak the central is, we could be a .500 team in 2021 with a couple of breaks. How long until they have a championship type core in place remains to be seen.
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    It is also possible there are some sealed indictments
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    AOC and her ilk of extremist freshmen were very similar to the 1974 class.
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    Melody, I can say with some certainty that Max Rose’s campaign wasn’t about anti-Trump, as Staten Island is pretty MAGA territory.
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    Mueller turned a profit tho Maga doesn't understand profit tho
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    The confusing thing to me about the victory declarations is that I thought it was generally accepted fact that a sitting President couldn't be indicted. Probably seems wise to just wait and see the report
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    This is what maga considers victory?
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    Who's gotten a total of zero votes from my or any tribe. ?
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    They may have won by bringing out the anti-Trump vote, but they didn't (on the whole) campaign solely against Trump. There was certainly a policy forefront.
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    Harrison, Niko, Cabrera, Castellanos, Stewart are probably a better block of consecutive hitters than they were able to send up last year after Miguel went down. Of course Castellanos could be gone at any time. Still a couple more hitters away from average.
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    Saw this in the SI MLB Preview issue I got in the mail today—that’s right, I get magazines in the mail still, don’t judge me—and the first article is about the rapid embrace of technology by teams, featuring our friend as a case study within: Justin Verlander is 36 and broke into the big leagues in 2005, two years before the iPhone. Yet since he joined Houston in a trade on Aug. 31, 2017, he has become as enraptured with technology as any millennial. Immediately after the trade, the Astros had Verlander throw with the Edgertronic and Rapsodo, tools he never had with the Tigers. The camera revealed that Verlander was “showing” his slider to hitters too early by having it pop up out of his hand. He changed his hand position to stay behind the ball longer, creating the desired effect of having his slider look like a fastball as it left his hand. The Rapsodo device revealed that the metrics on his two-seam fastball—spin, break and path—were so poor that it recommended that Verlander stop throwing the pitch. Verlander immediately ditched the two-seamer, which is designed to favor movement over pure velocity. In 48 starts with Houston, including the postseason, Verlander is 27-11 with a 2.41 ERA. And that’s why Verlander is getting two more years at $33 mil per year.
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    Did his girlfriend make the trip with him, or did she just weigh in online?
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